50 Unique Motivational Quotes

1. Makeovers start from within

2. Live the life of your dreams, it’s never too late to start it

3. Live life how it’s meant to be lived

4. Be enthusiastic about the success of others, learn from them use it

5. No words ever spoken to you should change the way you feel about yourself, be strong

6. Live out loud

7. Everything that can be solved will be solved, if it can’t be solved why worry about it

8. Know your limits, then surpass them

9. Only the lazy get bored

10. Look at the bright side of life, it’s short, why should you be grumpy?

11. Your work should enrich your life, if it doesn’t do something that does

12. Learn from your mistakes

13. Life is beautiful

14. You know that one thing you’ve always wanted to do? DO IT

15. Be around people that make you smile

16. Dreams don’t work unless you do

17. Be all that you can be

18. Be yourself, always, it would be a waste of your life trying to be someone else

19. You are unique

20. We are all born with the same capabilities, you too can achieve unimaginable success

21. You can always make room for happiness

22. Live a life of love and adventure

23. Use your body, enjoy it, it is the best machine you will ever own

24. Surprise others, be compassionate, it will cause you joy

25. Some things need to be said, free yourself from them

26. A free man is someone that follows his dreams and turns them into reality

27. How is what you are doing today getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?

28. Be better than you were yesterday, keep moving forward

29. Don’t ever look back, yesterday already passed

30. Think about your future, but don’t forget to live your present

31. If you make an oath, keep it

32. Dream then Do

33. Change is good, it keeps life interesting

34. Boredom is a choice

35. Life is not an emergency, slow down and enjoy it

36. The time that just passed while you were reading this will never come back, enjoy every second

37. Life’s greatest moments occur when we are awake

38. Live fully, live for yourself, live for others, live your life, enjoy it

39. Amazing things occur when we are awake, don’t waste your time in laziness

40. You don’t live to work, you work to live and enjoy the things you desire most

41. Spend wisely and remember, experiences benefit you more than material things

42. Think Positive, Be Positive

43. Motivation is a gift, share it

44. Believe in the beauty of your dreams

45. Do what you love

46. If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life

47. Have faith in yourself, always

48. What you think about yourself is all that matters, remember, you are AWESOME

49. Even slow progress is progress, don’t you dare give up

50. Be happy.

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