livin up

me and mihara r discussing bts after bts and yoongi will b living out his dreams in isolation on his cabbage farm which jungkook visits occasionally and hobi lives next door n picks yoongis cabbages and rapmon n jin will b livin it up together sleepin and eating all day…. tae actin n shit…. jimin as a variety host who makes flop music bc he is old n senile…

@ people asking where i’ve been lately : all technological devices have decided to consistently crap themselves in a 3 miles radius around me wherever i go, leaving me stranded with this antique laptop which for the past 9 years has been my faithful, if increasingly senile companion. this piece of shit can’t even do emojis someone save me from this hell  □□😂□□👌□

anyway Legacy and Cookie are put on hold until i get my shit repaired because these are no proper working conditions, in the meantime i’m experimenting with node.js and just livin’ it up amish-style

thank you for your patience and may the Consecrated Clintrump Conglomerate have mercy on us all