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Haii! I'm trying to do a low carb diet but I think I still don't really get it. Like how much carbs should I eat in a day and how would I know? Should I still count my calories too? And is it okay if I just do minimal workouts? I'm sorry I have too many questions 😞 but I'm really looking forward from this diet cause I'm a country with carb as a staple food and I thought that maybe if I restrict it, I'll finally lose weight again. Sorry again! And thank you!

When i started the low carb high fat pattern of eating, i did ZERO exercise! And lost 7 kgs about 14 lbs in three months. I did not count any calories. I have now been my target weight for over three years and i eat till full at every meal.

As i have said in previous answers we all have a level of tolerance to carbs, you need to establish what your limit is.

The first thing i bought was a blood glucose tester, the same device that diabetics use then you can see the effect of carbs on your metabolism, and see how your body reacts to certain foods. The target is to keep your blood glucose as close to the normal range through the day.

If you are trying to slim down getting your body to utilise stored fat is the goal and ketosis is the best way to do this. Then as close to no carbs would be your target.

Personally I got my weight down this be eating lots of fatty cheeses, fatty meats, fatty fish, coconut cream leafy green veggie smoothies. Heavy cream and butter in coffee. avocados, berries. nuts except peanuts and always unsalted (vegetable oils are used to make the salt stick). The natural fats are an awesome appetite suppressor. I avoided fruit initially as these are mostly sugar.

The side effects of Low carb high fat initially: if you loose a lot of weight quickly toxins which are locked away in your own fat tissue is released into your blood stream and you can feel crappy for a while.

Low carb also makes your kidneys more efficient at flushing, so don’t fear salt make sure you use good quality sea salt.

Once you reach your goal weight, you can re-introduce carbs in the form of sweet potato, potatoes, white rice etc., monitor your weight and when you start to gain again you will have established what your tolerance level is. I always add butter to my carbs to reduce the glycemic load.

Cooked, cooled and reheated starches become resistant starch and have a lower glycemic load as the cellular structure is changed. This is a whole other subject, but at least it widens the menu.

Stress: this can stall weight loss no matter how well your diet is dialled in, so deal with this first as best you can before beating yourself up that you can’t do this, or are not getting results.

These days for me i avoid refined carbs and grains except white rice with butter occasionally.

Diet Soda: Sorry avoid this, theres is now plenty of anecdotal evidence that a sweet taste on the lips triggers insulin response, even without a blood glucose rise. we think we are so clever creating a chemical cocktail with fake sugar. insulin remember is the body’s “fat storage hormone”, this is why low carb works so well.

Workouts are great. Exercise is great for so many reasons, fat loss is not a good reason for working out. Working out will make you hungrier which is ok if you are not consuming carbs.

If anything is unclear let me know. Would love to know how this works out for you.

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