livin life like im in a dream

so i made this piece of shit crawling with sperm and cigarettes ( my life tbh ) because i really don’t want to do my actual homework which is literally the same thing. don’t question my logic lmao. but hi i’m harold, i still like ass like… a lot. i’m 21, i art and sleep and drink, livin the dream jonas brothers edition. okay but for real, i want to make this about the people i’ve either admired from a distance or literally crawled up their asses so here we go..

sorry for intruding your anus :

@winder-side molly we’re gonna make it big one day, our strategic planning and lovely ideas for colouring books is gonna literally turn us into millionaires. you’re like definitely one of the few people i can always go to and know we’re gonna end up laughing over something, it’s fucking great. tit tit boi. xxxxx
@nohomolarry sha, you’ve been my #1 for like 10 thousand years and i’ll love you forever and ever, you my bitch. shit one me. choke on a strawberry. i love you. fuck okay. get some. xox
@vintagewine i still love you lmao.
@friidayschild hello my sweet lil shit, you’re like the nicest person ever and i wouldn’t trade you for anyone ever. thank you for always being so chill and understanding; im hoping i’ll run back to finn and im hoping you’ll be there too. anyway, i love you xx.
@trumcn HONESTLY, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH OKAY? like you’re my fave and we understand the hardships of not being sugar babies. also 10 stars for the vatty porn in japan, im gonna leak the sex tape tbh. also i can’t wait for our orgy lmao. 10/10.
@punkcurly im highkey still crying bc you’ve been my pal from the start of this shitty ass blog back in like 1806 and you’ve always been so supportive and god you’re the sweetest little angel and i want you to know that for forever. i’m honestly always fonding over you and i think you should know that because im gross and whenever i see you pop up on my dash its just like BAM FOND. anyway, i love you, thank you for sticking around, you’re aMAZNIG. xxxxxx

i wouldn’t mind intruding your anus :

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okay, now i bet you all feel like i’ve popped your bubble and i’m kinda sorry but whatever, l8r. i love you, thank you, you’re amazing. bYE.