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A/N:  I said I would write this for one of @bucky-plums-barnes fuffly Friday anons asking for a Lance x Plussize!reader.  So… here ya go!  Hope you enjoy!

Lance x plussize!reader

Word count: 2056

Summary:  You’re pretty much over not being thin, you’re beautiful just the way you are!  But words can still hurt…

Warnings:  Lance being a dick, accidental bullying (body shaming), insults, mentions bullying, mentions of sex, drunkenness, FLUFFY APOLOGY AND ENDING

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One Year Later | Halston & James

Halston finally finished packing her the last of their stuff. She was really looking forward to going home. She was done with work for a while. She zipped up her suitcase and picked it up. “Okay, I’m all packed.” she said, dragging her heavy suitcase into the living room.

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Can you make the drabble about Dan and Phil being protective of their teenage daughter when she tells them she has a boyfriend?

Your trivia prize:

“What’s this I hear about a boyfriend?” Dan called into Livy’s room. The teenager removed her headphones and met him with a confused look. 

“What?” she asked innocently. 

“Boyfriend?” Dan supplied. 

“I hope you don’t have one. Dad would be really upset,” Livy replied cheekily. 

Dan rolled his eyes. “I don’t have one… but you do.”

Livy appeared to be counting her words before she finally said, “Don’t tell Dad.”

“I won’t.”

Livy smiled. 

“Lauryn might though.”

Livy knew that once her little sister got a hold of any information, especially something as good as this, trying to keep it a secret was a lost cause.

“Is Dad home yet?”

The front door slammed just then so Livy got her answer. She flew off her bed and into the hallway. Phil saw her and tried to greet her even though he grasped the post in between his lips– his hands full with shopping bags. 

“I have to tell you something,” Livy informed Phil, Dan watching in the archway of the kitchen. “There’s this guy… His name is Arjun and we’re dating now so that’s it. Bye.”

Before she was able to make a 180 degree rotation, Phil said “Livy” in a way that left no room for interpretation. 

“Yeah?” she said fumbling with her fingers. 

“Who is Arjun exactly?”

“This guy I met at college. We met in my geography class.”

“How old is he?” Phil continued, wanting to know everything. 


“He’s older.”

“Only by a few weeks. My birthday is next week.”

“I don’t like it,” Phil told her honestly. He really didn’t like the idea of his young, sheltered daughter dating. He feared that she wouldn’t be able to make the right choices when it came to boys, dating and– shudder– sex. 

“I really like him.”

“But do you have to date him? You can admire him from afar.”

“That’s not the same and you know it. He’s my first boyfriend and after everything that I’ve dealt with in the past few years, I think I’m mature enough to handle this sort of thing.”

“She has a point,” Dan added. As a her step-father, he felt a little out of place in this conversation. Personally, he saw nothing wrong with a seventeen-year-old dating. But, he understood that Phil was her father and therefore saw her the same way he has since he held her for the first time. Livy was a child actress, a successful one at that. She had won awards and recognition internationally. Her bank account was filled with her money and no one elses. It was fair that she saw herself as an adult now. 

Phil glared back at his husband. “How long have you been… with him?”

“About a month.”

“Month?” Phil exclaimed. “Why are you hiding him? What’s wrong with him?”

“Nothing! I just knew you would be like this.”

Dan raised his brow line as indication that she had another valid point.

“Be like what?”

“Overprotective… You didn’t want me to act either, remember?”

“That’s different!

Dan winced and shook his head. Phil shot him another glare. 

“It is not! Dad, you always do this to me. Because of you, I almost lost out on a huge opportunity. I would still be performing at the play school theater or struggling to find a job just to get a little money of my own. If it wasn’t for Dan, I would have missed out.”

“If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have met Dan,” Phil argued. 

Livy took a deep breath. “Daddy, you were able to find love and date the guy you liked. Imagine if you weren’t able to to? You got to try and you got to fall in love. Why can’t I?” 

Phil knew none of his protests made any sense. Also, Livy was independent and quite brilliant. If she wanted a boyfriend, he would not be able to control her, without actually locking her up in her room. 

“Can we meet him? I want to know who has my daughter so worked up.”

Livy smiled knowing she’d won. “He can come over sometime this week.”

Phil nodded, ignoring the smirk on his daughter’s face. As Livy returned to her room, he turned to Dan and said, “I already hate him.”

Dan kissed Phil’s forehead and replied. “I expect nothing less.”

The Life They Knew Ch14 - AU Olicity Fanfic

AU - Olicity - Felicity loved watching the happy life that her best friend had built for herself. Oliver watched his best friend reach every milestone he himself feared. An unexpected tragedy thrusts their lives together in a way neither could imagine. Could they over come their hate for each other to help fulfill the last wishes of their best friends. (Inspired by the movie - Life as We Know It)

Ao3 & Ffn

Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, Ch 6, Ch 7, Ch 8, Ch 9, Ch 10, Ch 11, Ch 12, Ch 13,

Chapter 14 - Oliver

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#12 - Parenting Series (Baby) - Babbles
  • Louis: Grayson and Quincy sat on the floor of their nursery as she folded laundry just a few feet away from them. Quincy reached over and gently patted Grayson's face. " careful." You say softly as she stares at you. Grayson made a screeching noise and you laughed softly as he stared at Quincy. Quincy turned her attention to him quickly and screeched back. They sat there continuing to "talk" to each other for a good thirty minutes before Louis walked in, "What are they doing?" He laughed. You shrugged as you put the tiny baby clothes away. "They're just chatting." You laughed.
  • Niall: "Hey, I know you're upset baby, but I don't know why." Niall sighed, bouncing Sophie up and down gently as she continued to cry loudly. He sighed and moved his index finger up to her mouth and gently moved her bottom lip up and down, calming her down immediately. She stared up at him with curiosity and he chuckled. She lifted her hand up and touched her own lips, trying to make the noise. "See, we're calm now." He smiles. She stares down at her hand and furrows her eyebrows before Niall kissed her head and sat her down, watching as she continued to try to figure it out.
  • Liam: Ben sat up against your pillows in your bedroom as Liam changed his shirt. Ben watched him carefully and Liam laughed, "What's the face for, buddy?" He asks as you walked in. "There are my handsome boys." You smile, laying down in front of Ben. "Hi bubba, don't you look so handsome today." You smiles, pinching his cheek gently. He giggles and started babbling, staring up at you. "Sounds like you've had an interesting day with daddy." You laugh, climbing off the bed and moving to Liam. "Missed you." You say softly before pecking his lips. "We missed you too." He grins.
  • Zayn: "C'mon little one." Zayn says softly as he lifts Caroline up and rested her on his chest. "I missed you today baby girl." He whispers, kissing her head as she looked up at him and blew spit bubbles. "How was your day?" He smiles. She grinned at him and started to babble, making soft noises as she stared up at Zayn. "Oh yeah?" He smiles, rubbing her back, "Me too...Daddy had a good day too. I'm glad you had a good day with mummy." He says softly as she continued to babble, "You're just a little chatterbox today." He laughs, "That's okay though, daddy doesn't mind that."
  • Harry: Both you and Harry sat on the couch in the living room, watching as Olivia crawled around the living room. "Livi, what're you up too?" Harry smiled. She grinned up at her father and clapped her hands, giggling loudly. "Am I that funny?" He laughs, crawling over to her. "Is daddy that funny?" He laughs. "Daddy!" She grins, staring up at him. Harry freezes as do you as you stare at your eleven month old that sat in front of you. "D-did she just say d-daddy?" You ask slowly. "Daddy!" She shouts again, staring up at Harry. "Oh my God, Love bug!" He grins, picking her up and hugging her to his chest tightly. She giggles and claps her hands, "Daddy!" He pulls back and smiles at you, "Yeah, that's right. I'm daddy."
improvedreplicas replied to your post:Pump arrived to knock at the door, looking…

At the sound of his name, Pump took a step away from the door to see who was calling. He waved back with a smile. “Hello, Plant. I came to check on everyone and help out if possible.”

A look of pure relief appeared on Plant’s face. Help, finally. He could use that. “Thank God.” With that he rushed to get inside so he may open the front door. He even ran through the liviing room to get to it faster, unlocking and opening it to the older Reploid.

“Come on in.” He stepped aside to let Pump in.