livid is an understatement

The Arrangement: Chapter 11

Author’s Note: SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG!! I’m going to start writing the next chapter tonight because you all deserve it haha

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Fuming was an understatement. You were absolutely livid at this point.

You paced up and down the Command Shuttle, mumbling profanities under your breath as your marched.

Fortunately, the other two on board had known better than to bother you when you had stormed up the ramp.

You couldn’t believe what Kylo had just done. How dare he treat you like that? Certainly, as his apprentice you were not yet equals. But what right did that give him to lash out on you quite like this?

You were seething as you kept replaying it in your head. The memory of Kylo’s tight Force grip around your throat felt as real and as painful as you had experienced it .


The sound of Kylo’s voice snapped you from your thoughts. You hadn’t noticed him enter. You quickly dismissed him, continuing to pace.

Princess.” His helmet was on now, and his voice sounded infinitely harsher as he addressed you.

“I have a name, you know,” you snarled as you turned to brush past him.

But before you could, Kylo managed to grab onto your arm. His grip was gentle– far more so than it had been around your throat a few hours ago.

Don’t,” you warned him, snatching yourself out of his hold and shoving by him.

You furrowed your eyebrows slightly as you sensed him trailing behind you. You made a beeline towards the ramp, ignoring Hux’s expression of disbelief that you were willingly going out onto the ice planet’s surface at night.

Y/N,” Kylo’s voice was cautionary as he followed you outside.

She must hate you after what you did, you fool.

“I don’t hate you, I just don’t want to be anywhere near you,” you mumbled angrily as you trudged through the snow.

“You can hear my thoughts.” It wasn’t a question. Kylo could feel your presence in his mind, even if you hadn’t realised it yourself.

You stopped. Your eyes narrowing as you folded your arms over. The sudden pause in movement was now making you feel the full extent of the freezing cold.

You grudgingly realised he was right. But how? “You must be projecting your thoughts.”

“Why would I do that?”

“You’re letting me into your mind, then.”

Kylo scoffed, “Do you really think I would grant you such access, Princess?”

You rolled your eyes, the tone of his voice reminding you of why you had stormed out here in the first place.

“You’re right. All you’re good for is trying to kill me,” you snarled.

“Kill–,” Kylo let out an exasperated sigh, “You think I was trying to kill you?”

“You think you weren’t?” You retorted, “If I hadn’t have pried your grip from me when I did then I would’ve stopped breathing!”

“I would never have… I didn’t mean to…,” Kylo stopped, rephrasing his next words, “I–I, um… Well, then I’m… I’m sorry.”

You raised an eyebrow. Kylo Ren saying sorry? This was certainly a first. You spun around to face him.

“Sorry for having the temper of a five year old or sorry you weren’t successful in choking me to death?”

He removed helmet to reveal a frown, “The first one– I mean… I’m sorry for hurting you. Truly.”

Something tugged within you that made you believe his apology was genuine. But that didn’t mean you had to let this go as easily. “…And are you sorry for lashing out like a child having a temper tantrum?”

“A child wouldn’t Force choke someone if they–” Kylo stopped as he took in your annoyed expression and nodded, “I shouldn’t have reacted in that way. I didn’t mean to harm you and I trust this goes without saying, but I… it will never happen again. You have my word.”

“Hmm,” you simply said in response, your arms still crossed defensively over your body.

A moment of silence passed between you before you cleared your throat, getting ready to walk back to the Command Shuttle.

“Where are you going?”

“Where do you think I’m going? I have nothing left to say to you.” You were surprised at how calm you sounded.

“Well I need to discuss something with you.”

“I’m sure it can wait until the morning.”

“Y/N, it’s important.”

“First you choke me for asking you too many questions, and now you’re all too eager to talk to me?” You genuinely felt confused by Kylo. Any glimpse into the man he truly was seemed to quickly shut itself off as soon as you got too close. He was still an absolute enigma.

Kylo pinched the bridge of his nose, willing himself to be patient with you. “I told you. It’s important.

“Well I’m tired, and I’m cold. Whatever you have to say… it will have to wait until the morning.”

Typical. The spoilt Princess just has to get her way.

“I am not spoilt!” You snapped at him.

A brief look of surprise washed over Kylo before he let out a sigh, “This is exactly why I need to speak with you immediately.”

“Why? Because you think I’m used to getting my way?”

“That’s just it, Y/N. I didn’t say anything. I thought it.”

Your feet had started to move involuntarily now and you began walking further and further away from the Shuttle. Kylo easily kept up with your hurried pace.

“Look, if this is about me missing two days of training already, drop it. I have an injury, remember?” You asked pointedly as you gestured towards you throat.

Kylo ignored your remark, more focused on where you were leading the two of you as the Command Shuttle appeared more and more distant.

“It’s not about your training. Well, I suppose it is but…”

“But?” You waited for him to continue as you slowed down your pace, deciding you had probably walked far enough.

“But it involves something far bigger than that. Than both of us.”

“What are you holding?” You asked, pointing towards his hand. You sensed an unusual pull towards it.

“You feel it too, don’t you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you huffed, “This planet is clearly playing mind tricks on us.”

“Or it’s trying to show us something.”

You groaned, “I think I’ve had enough of you being cryptic,” you mumbled as you noticed Kylo hide his hand in his robe.

Though he hid it well, Kylo was struggling to talk to you. How could he bring up the subject of his past again?

“I… I haven’t been entirely honest with you, Y/N.”

“Oh, you haven’t?” You said with mock surprise, “Here I was thinking that you and I shared everything.”

Perhaps it was your annoyed expression, or maybe the tone of your voice. But in that moment, Kylo hesitated to tell you the truth about his past. He couldn’t dance around the subject when you were clearly still angry with him.

“Is this conversation going somewhere? I don’t know about you, but standing in the middle of a frozen planet with no sun isn’t exactly my idea of fun.”

Kylo looked up at you, clearing his throat slightly, “What do you know about Force bonds?”

You seemed confused by this. What exactly was the point of this discussion? You began moving further forwards, unconsciously putting distance between you and Kylo.

You ran your hand absent mindedly across the front of your shirt as you responded, “Not much.”

Kylo waited for you to continue. You hesitated slightly before speaking again, “Um, well from what I’ve heard it’s a– a particularly powerful bond between two Force users…?”

Kylo seemed vaguely amused by your response, “Essentially, yes,” he said as he fiddled around with his robe pocket before producing what looked like a small stone, “And do you know what this is?”

You shook your head. The sight of it stirred something up within you. A strong pull towards it.

“It’s a Kyber crystal.”

Your eyes widened slightly in surprise, “I thought they had all been harvested from this planet?”

“Apparently not all of them,” Kylo said, handing it to you, “Take it.”

“W-why?” You suddenly felt nervous to touch the crystal. Afraid of what it might unlock within you if you did. Its power was radiating throughout the cave, and you could feel it reaching out to you.

“I want you to have it. It calls for you.”

You gave him a puzzled look, “How do you…” you trailed off as you realised your hand had involuntarily opened to take the crystal.

“I can feel it,” he said.

“You’re drawn to it too?”

“Not exactly,” Kylo started, “I can sense its pull to you.”

“Why are you saying it like that’s not normal?”

“Because it’s not,” he sighed, dropping the crystal into your hand.

You staggered back slightly as you made contact with it. The sheer intensity of its power taking you aback. You looked up at Kylo with a shocked expression.

“Did you feel that too when you touched it?”

He nodded, “But I shouldn’t have. This crystal calls out for you, not me.”

You finally understood what he was getting at, “We share a Force Bond?… But I thought that only occurred between Jedi Masters and their apprentices. You’re hardly a Jedi–” You stopped as you Kylo’s expression twist into a scowl.

“I don’t understand it either. But it’s like I can feel every thought and every emotion that courses through you… it’s why I was drawn to this crystal,” he studied your expression carefully.

“Is that why we can hear each other’s voices in our heads?” You asked.

He nodded, “The Supreme Leader can confirm it when we return. Whatever this bond is, I believe it will help your training, not harm it.”

You toyed with the crystal, still in your fingers. A thought suddenly sprung to your mind. “Stop it.”

“Stop what?”

“Stop lying to me.”

“I’m not lying to you!” Kylo’s voice raising slightly out of frustration.

“You only tell me half of what’s really going on, Kylo,” you sneered, “There’s more you’re not telling me… And don’t you dare try to deny it because you wouldn’t have snapped at me earlier if there wasn’t.”

Kylo knew you spoke the truth. It took everything in him not to confess his entire life story to you in that moment. But he was surprised it had taken you this long to get angry at him again. He knew you well enough to decide that withholding the truth was the best thing for you.

“I’ve told you everything you needed to hear. Until the Supreme Leader confirms it, for all we know, it could be this could be this planet toying with us.”

You huffed, “Then why did I hear your voice in my head when we were sparring in front of my family?”

Kylo frowned again. Damn her curiosity.

“I don’t know, Princess. I’m as in the dark about this… this bond, as you are.”

“I doubt that.”

Kylo narrowed his eyes, “I need you trust me.”

“Well I need you to be completely honest with me, but we both know that’s not going to happen,” you said as you shoved the crystal back into his grip before moving again.

“Now where are you going?” He groaned as you tried to get your bearings.

“Back to the Shuttle,” you snapped, “I would rather speak to the General. At least he tells me the truth.”

“Well you’re going the wrong way.”

You blinked a few times, trying to brush the snow from your eyes as you turned changed directions. You let out an involuntary shudder.

“You’re still going the wrong way… And you’re freezing.”

“I’m fine.”

“Take my robe, you’ll be half frozen to death before we reach the Shuttle.”

“I said I’m fine.”

Kylo rolled his eyes before shrugging off his robes. You watched him from the corner of your eye as he gestured it towards you.

“Don’t be stubborn, Y/N. Take it.”

You shook your head at him.

Kylo mumbled something incoherently before wrapping his robe around you himself.

Despite your initial protest to his actions, you couldn’t help but let out an involuntary sigh of contentment at the feeling of the sudden warmth that engulfed you.

“I’m fine,” Kylo said, mimicking your voice as he turned around and began walking.

You ignored him and instead, trailed behind him towards where you could only assume the Shuttle was.

You dragged your feet through the snow, clutching Kylo’s robe tighter as a cold wind began to blow against your skin.

“I can’t wait to get off this planet,” you muttered. I’ll finally be able to put some distance between me and you, you wanted to add.

“You know, one day you’ll understand why I keep things from you, Princess,” you heard Kylo say quietly as he walked in front of you.

“Let me guess. It’s ‘for my own good’?” You asked mockingly.

“It’s for your protection.”

“You want me to trust you and yet you keep secrets from me for my own protection?” You scoffed, “You’re unbelievable.”

“The day that I am entirely honest with you will be the day I lose whatever trust you might have in me, Princess.”

“You don’t know that.”

“But I won’t risk it,” he countered, “I would rather have you angry at me for keeping things from you than to have you hate me all together.”

Kylo had seen the consequences of your anger. He couldn’t quite fathom what would happen if you found out about the past choices he had made.

“Well that’s ridiculous,” you remarked as you saw the outline of the Command Shuttle appear in the far distance.

“I’ve told you before that I care about you, Y/N,” Kylo said quietly, “The sooner you start believing it, the safer we’ll all be.”

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Theft isn't victimless and yes I did take it personally.

(warning: long story)

This was about 2 years ago while I was living at my buddys place. His place wasn’t in the best part of town, so theft happens all the time and for the large part most of these crimes are met with a “sucks to be you” attitude from the police who then create a report and forget anything happened entirely.

OK, so i wake up early on Thursday morning with a call from my roommate who was running to work at 5AM and he explains the detached garage has been broken into. The thief broke in through the window and stole a bunch of stuff with highlights being Milwaukee drills, motorcycle jackets, and the receiver and the sub from one of those “surround sound systems in a box” packages deals but leaves the speakers around the rest of the place. Saying I was livid is an understatement, I work hard for my things and have no intention of replacing them so some dick can sell them for a very small profit. So for roughly then next 4 days my focus is entirely on this and you’ll see why shortly.

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I’m trying to get back into this writing thing if any of you have ever read the book audrey wait (aka one of my fave books ever) its kinda based off that :)

Dodging an ex after the breakup was always hard. It was even harder when your ex-boyfriend was in a world famous band. At first you’d avoided listening to the radio so there would be zero chance of you hearing any of his songs and you’d dodged grocery store checkout lines so you wouldn’t see his picture on the magazine covers. But as they say time heals all wounds and about six months after the relationship ended, you didn’t even flinch when you were in the grocery store and the radio announcer’s voice came over the speakers, “And here’s the brand new song from 5 Seconds of Summer!” A few months ago you would have left your cart in the middle of the aisle and walked out just to avoid hearing the song, but things were better now so you remained right where you were, in the freezer section surveying the ice cream choices. You were trying to decide whether or not to splurge on the name brand or buy the store’s knock off when you heard the chorus of the song come over the speakers and you finally started paying attention.

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You are Stiles’s older sister and you love Parrish and Stiles teases you about it.
•••Requested by @sybil-howlett •••

To say you were embarrassed would be an understatement. You were livid. Were it not manslaughter, you would’ve strangled Stiles right then and there.

“Are you two actually going to start dating or are you just going to make eyes at one another for the rest of your lives?” Asked Stiles as soon as he entered the Sheriffs Station. He was accompanied by his friend, Scott, whom stood to the side wearing a smile.

“Shut up, Stiles.” You hissed, jumping up from your seat and marching over to him. “What are you doing here, anyway? Aren’t you supposed to be in school?”

Stiles shrugged and swung an arm around your shoulders. “Stuff happens, classes get missed. What am I supposed to do?”

“Get an education.” You grumbled.

“Don’t be like that! You know you wouldn’t know what to do if it weren’t for me playing matchmaker.” He said, running a hand through his hair and giving you and Parrish a sly smile. “I’m determined Parrish fathers my niblings.”

“What are niblings?”

“Nieces and nephews.” Parrish told you, a blush crawling up his neck.

Your eyes widened and you lashed out, taking hold of your little brother before he could escape. “There’s no chance of you becoming an uncle anytime soon, Stiles!”

That’s the Business

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Cassidy (OC), Harrison (OC)
Word count: 916

Final part of Outside Looking In

“I’ve been hunting again.” He admitted, making you stare at him in shock.

To say that you had been upset with your husband would be an extreme understatement. You were so far beyond livid that you were close to looping around and passing it again. Sam wound up getting Harrison dressed and taking him out for the morning, knowing that you weren’t about to let it go. There were tears, swearing, glares, and in the end you’d walked away.

Sam had found him sitting at the kitchen table, head in his hands, gripping his hair. Harrison simply ran in, tugged on Dean’s shirt, and he was back to Daddy-mode.

“Dean, talk to me.” You sighed. “I don’t want you going off to some strange place just the two of you.” Sitting on your bed, your phone between your shoulder and your ear. Harrison was 10, your middle son, John, was 8, then your daughter, Mary, was 4, and your youngest son, Jeremy, was 2. Dropping the shirt that you were folding, you licked your lips. “Call in Cas, or something. I don’t care. You are not leaving us without you, and Sam is not leaving Cassidy and their girls without him!” You were using that voice that let him know that you were not to be challenged on this.

Mary ran into your room, screaming, as John chased her with a worm. “MOMMY!” She squealed, making you wince at how high pitched her voice could be. “John is being gross.” Her small hands gripped your shoulders as she attempted to hide behind you, making John laugh even harder.

Taking a deep breath, you shook your head. “Please, be careful. You hear what you’d be leaving behind. I love you, too. Bye.” Hanging up, you pulled Mary to your lap and tickled her, making her squirm and giggle. Your eyes went to John when you stopped, holding Mary’s back to your chest. “John, please. Stop torturing your sister. She’s the only sister you have- play nice.” You gave him a small smile.

“What about Julie and Christy? They’re like my sisters.” He scrunched his nose.

“I know, but they’re your cousins. You’re close, but Mary is you’re only sister. Play nice. At least until your father is home.” You smiled, knowing that meant Dean would be the one they would go to him.

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Celestial Crown - Emperor Kylo

Originally posted by trashwilldo

Request: “This is going to sound complicated and following the previous but: Ben Organa having a little secret romance with one of Leia’s apprentices, the he turns to the dark side and everything happens, he becomes an Emperor while that girl is the Senator of Naboo and Emperor Ren asks her Queen for her hand in marriage/as a slave (its up to you) in exchange of peace on Naboo.“ 

 Summary: Kylo Ren, once Ben Solo-Organa, has officially become the Emperor by the First Order, embracing the Dark Side. As he’s gaining territory across the galaxy quickly and forcefully, a sudden change comes along in his overthrow plan when he arrives at Naboo. He decides to strike them a deal, for the right price. The lovely senator as his bride.

“Ben stop!” the girl giggled as she squirmed away from his touch playfully.

He leaned his neck further towards her, brushing his lips on her neck. She gave in and came back towards his touch, leaning her head so he had access to her the expanse of her neck. 

“Ben, we’re going to get caught." 

He smiled as he continued kissing her, "I don’t care (nickname)." 

"But your, ah! Your mom." 

"She’ll get over it. Just stay here with me.”

“Mmm, if you say so.”

He closed his eyes in bliss as he continued placing sweet kisses over her neck, his hands holding her close by the waist. He waited for these moments with such anticipation every day, when he’d get to simply be in her presence. Have the chance to hold her close, feel her skin, hear her laugh.

“I wish we could do this forever,” he mumbled out between kisses, his hot breathe hitting the nape of her neck.

“…but you know we won’t.”

He stopped suddenly, realizing her tone had gone morbidly serious and monotone from her previous tone of bliss. He pulled away slowly as he felt her move out of his grip, his surroundings of sunshine becoming suddenly dark and dreary. As his eyes wandered up he was startled and horrified. His sweet (Y/N) had disappeared only to be replaced by Supreme Leader Snoke. He backed away fearfully as Snoke followed his steps, a menacing smile on his face.

“You have sealed your fate Kylo Ren, you sealed your heart to the light. Embrace it.”

Snokes voice started echoing through his head as he dropped to the ground, the sky behind Snoke turning an inky black. 

“No! No!”

“Embrace it!”

Kylo jolted awake, as he shot straight up in his bed. His chest heaving from his frantic breathes, sweat sitting on his brows and forehead. He looked around the room, the same all black, dark grey, empty room. With a sigh he relaxed his posture and stared at the wall in front of him. 

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anonymous asked:

“Yes. I might have given you rabies. But in my defense, that’s ridiculous and I didn’t.” With Nikki Cross please!

That. Fucking. Bitch.

She drew blood! 

On your left shoulder, there was a perfect imprint of Nikki’s teeth, little scabs marking where her incisors had broken through the skin. Livid would be an understatement for how you were feeling. 

Eric Young had moved to stop you, but hesitated once he saw the blood curdling snarl on your face and the aluminum baseball bat that you were carrying.

“Nikki didn’t mean it y’know. She just sometimes gets carried away.”

You saw red. 

“I’ve probably got fuckin’ rabies now! She broke skin!”

There was a screech from behind Eric and he had to pivot to catch Nikki by the waist, who had her hands outstretched to strangle you. You raised the baseball bat into position, ready to knock her head off.

“Easy Nik, easy. You did break skin.”

And just like that, the Scotswoman relaxed and scoffed. 

“Yes. I might have given you rabies. But in my defense, that’s ridiculous and I didn’t.”

It was your turn to screech and lunge at the other woman, Eric inserting himself between the two of you while shouting for help.

Pretty Lies - Part Four

Originally posted by jungkooz

Genre: Angst

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six // Part Seven

Word Count: 2,214

Summary: You knew the truth, but still clung onto the pretty lies he told you.

Jungkook massaged his eyebrows, praying that the headache would disappear. Checking out his surroundings, it took Jungkook a few minutes to figure out where he was and what had happened. 

He groaned as all the memories flooded back in; the alcohol, following Areum home, ignoring your calls. God, what had he done?

Jungkook had always thought of himself as a faithful guy, not ever one to sleep around. He believed in cherishing one woman, and one woman only. So how did he tangle himself into this mess?

“Oh sorry, I didn’t realize you’d be in a call,” Areum murmured sheepishly, eyes trailing over his bare body. “Who was it?” 

“Y/N.” Areum forced a small nod, already knowing that was who it was. She glided over to the bed, taking a seat beside Jungkook. Her eyes met his, trying to gauge his feelings on last night. While last night had been special to Areum, she wasn’t sure if she could say the same for Jungkook.

“Hey!” Areum greeted, standing up to embrace Jungkook. He gave her a smile before the both of them seated themselves at the bar counter. “I’m glad you could make it, wasn’t sure if you had practice or not.”

“Well, when you said there was a great new bar, I figured I could take a break for a while,” Jungkook chuckled, flagging the bartender down to order. Areum blushed- she honestly hadn’t expected Jungkook to agree to come to the bar with her.

She knew all about Jungkook’s girlfriend, Y/N, but still couldn’t stop herself from trying to make moves on Jungkook. Her mind knew it was wrong but her whole body craved for Jungkook. When Jungkook had said that things were getting complicated in his relationship, Areum had pounced at the opportunity to divert Jungkook’s attention to her. 

It had been harmless at first, just asking him to hang out with her at the practice room and to dance together. They both had a passion for dance, unlike Y/N. Jungkook had always wanted to learn couple dances, but you weren’t very confident on your feet so Areum had suggested the two of them do them together. 

“It’ll be completely platonic,” Areum lied as she browsed the internet for some interesting ones. She didn’t want to admit it, but she was looking for a dance that had more close contact so she’d have an excuse to touch Jungkook. “Your girlfriend can’t get mad at you for wanting to dance, right?” 

Jungkook stayed silent for a second, pondering what your reaction would be. Areum was right in a way, it was just dancing. “Alright, let’s do it.”

After spending so much time learning dances together, and having a fair share of moments where it seemed like it was going to lead to something else, Areum finally found the courage to invite Jungkook to the bar. She didn’t word it as a date, but made sure to put emphasis on how it would only be the two of them.

Areum’s eyes followed Jungkook’s movements, how he’d gracefully tip his head back slightly to drink his liquor. While he was still drinking, his eyes flitted over to Areum, catching her gaze. He smirked against the glass, setting it down and turning towards her. “Got something on your mind?”

“Yeah,” Areum giggled, leaning her face on her palm as she shamelessly examined Jungkook. “Just how a guy as perfect as you can exist.” Jungkook seemed slightly taken aback, but the smirk still remained.

He had to admit, he liked the attention he got from Areum. He wasn’t sure if it was anything serious, but he liked her forwardness. You were more soft spoken, unless provoked, and liked to wait things out. Areum was the type to dive straight into whatever had garnered her interest, even if she’d regret it later. While you never outright complimented Jungkook, you showed your love for him through actions. Areum was the opposite and showed all her affections verbally which was a pleasant surprise for Jungkook.

“I guess it can’t be helped that I’m so perfect and handsome. It truly is unfair,” Jungkook teased, signalling the bartender for another drink. It wasn’t often that he drank but it was a nice stress reliever. 

“Yeah, it is,” Areum agreed, eyes dropping to her heels. She gnawed at her bottom lip, contemplating whether she should say what was truly on her mind. It would either ruin Jungkook and her, or Jungkook and Y/N. “It truly is unfair that you’re taken.”

Silence. Areum didn’t even want to look up. She just ruined any chance of Jungkook and her remaining friends and he’d probably leave right away. 

“I, uh, never knew you felt that way.” Areum wanted to cry. Now she had to listen to him go on about how she was an idiot and reject her. “But I do agree, sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if I was single right now.” Her head shot up, surprise painting her features. 

“D-Do you really mean that?” Jungkook’s eyes glimmered as he gave her a cheeky smile. His drink had arrived and he busied himself with gulping it down. Areum’s cheeks lit up as she wondered if this was her chance. 

“I guess we’ll see.” 

The two continued their flirty banter, while Jungkook kept downing drinks. It wasn’t until Jungkook was almost stumbling that Areum thought of stopping him- too caught up in trying to get him to laugh more. 

“Let’s take you home, hmm? You’re pretty wasted,” Areum mumbled, paying for the drinks before helping Jungkook up. He let out a low whine, face smashing into the crook of Areum’s neck. She almost dropped him, face burning red at the thought of how close he was. “U-Uh, w-what’s the address for your dorm?” 

“No!” Jungkook suddenly jolted up, almost sending the both of them stumbling. “My hyungs… hate it when I drink,” he slurred, face returning to her neck. She could feel the ends of his lips turn up against her skin as he whispered, “Take me to your place.” 

She knew it was wrong as she drove Jungkook to her dorm. But in a way, she had wanted this to happen, even expecting it to. She had made sure her other group members weren’t at the dorm for the night or the following day, even taking her time cleaning up the whole place in preparation for Jungkook’s visit. 

As soon as the front door had been locked, Areum brought Jungkook up to her room, settling him onto the bed. Before she could pull away, Jungkook’s arms locked around her waist, preventing her escape. “Stay with me.”

“O-Okay,” she stammered, moving closer to Jungkook. Jungkook grinned, lips finding her shoulder. 

“You smell amazing,” he murmured against her skin, placing kisses along her shoulder to her collarbone. She knew she should’ve told him to stop then; taken him back to the door despite his protests, but she couldn’t. Even if it was only one night, she wanted to believe that Jungkook was hers. 

“I love you,” she blurted out, knowing that in his drunken haze he wouldn’t even register it. Jungkook just chuckled as his hands began to shed his coat. He threw it to the side, his phone skidding out of his pocket slightly. 

As if you knew what was going on, it lit up immediately with your caller ID. Areum casted one last look at your name and photo before turning back to Jungkook. ‘I’m sorry, Y/N.’

“I-I should go…” Jungkook trails off, grasping for something to say to smooth over the situation. Areum nods, a frown making its way onto her face but she had expected this much. 

While she had been completely sober the night before and had chosen to sleep with Jungkook, he had been flat out drunk and not in a good position to make good decisions. But she had still hoped that he would’ve stayed with her since he never shut down her approaches.

A small part of her always knew that Jungkook still loved you, even if Areum had caught his eye. She just hoped that with time she’d earn a spot in his heart.

“Wait, Jungkook.” He turned around, tugging on his clothes from last night that had been discarded around the room. “We’ll still see each other later to practice the dance, right?” Jungkook hesitated, eyes not meeting Areum. 

“We’ll see,” was the vague answer Jungkook settled for, not wanting to get her hopes up. He didn’t want to hurt Areum so he added, “I’ll text you later.”

She watched with dull eyes as Jungkook rushed out the door. In a way, she felt like Cinderella. Her perfect night with her prince was up, and she wasn’t sure if she’d ever see him again.

To say Namjoon was furious was an understatement. He was livid. It was almost four and no one knew where Jungkook was. Namjoon had spent most of the day pacing the house and waiting for Jungkook to show up. 

The door creaked open and Namjoon bolted from his seat on the couch to see who it was. Jungkook slipped in, being very gentle when closing the door to not alert the other members. While Jungkook was busy taking off his shoes, Namjoon cleared his throat to announce his presence. “Where have you been all day?”

“Oh, I left early this morning to go work out,” Jungkook lied, praying that Namjoon didn’t see through it. “I’ve just been running some errands and practicing. Sorry that I didn’t answer my phone, it died a few hours ago and I had to run around looking for a charging station.”

Namjoon glared at Jungkook skeptically. He had gotten home a little after midnight, after he had moved Y/N to her room, and Jungkook’s bed had been empty. Namjoon couldn’t be sure if Jungkook had really come back late and left early since he was such a heavy sleeper. Not to mention Seokjin always woke up early to beat the washroom lineup and had claimed that he hadn’t seen Jungkook leave. 

“How come you were ignoring Y/N’s calls last night?” Jungkook froze, his palms becoming sweaty. 

“How do you know that?” As far as Jungkook knew, you were alone last night.

“She called me to pick her up from the bar last night. She said you were ignoring her calls while I was there,” Namjoon explained. A small tinge of jealousy sparked at Namjoon’s words. It was unreasonable, but a part of Jungkook wondered what had happened between the two of you when he wasn’t there. With all the recent events, Jungkook wasn’t sure if something had changed between the usual relationship you had with Namjoon.

“Well, I’m gonna go to my room now, hyung. See you later.” Jungkook brushed past Namjoon and into his room. With the door shut and any wandering eyes gone, Jungkook collapsed against the door. His emotions were running rampant and guilt was threatening to swallow him whole. What was he going to do?

‘Now you’ve messed everything up,’ Jungkook scolded himself, running his hand through his hair. ‘How am I supposed to fix this?’

The easy solution was to break up with Y/N and start a relationship with Areum. Jungkook wouldn’t be outed for cheating and couldn’t really be blamed for becoming tired of his relationship with you. But he didn’t want to do that.

It was selfish and unreasonable, but he was sure he still loved you. Whatever he had with Areum was no longer important and all his thoughts were on you. What was he going to do if he lost you? 

‘No, I can’t lose her,’ Jungkook muttered angrily as he got up. Heading for the bed, his eyes fluttered over to the pictures of the two of you on his wall. 

You guys always took a photo whenever the two of you went on a date and made sure the both of you had a copy of it. While you stored all of yours in a neat album, Jungkook preferred to let them cover his wall. His goal had been to fill the whole wall with just photos of the two of them, arranging them in order from the first to the most recent photos. 

His fingers drifted over the most recent one. The photo marked how close he was to filling the wall with photos. The photos were halfway to the bottom and Jungkook didn’t want to stop now. 

“What am I going to do now?” Jungkook whispered as his fingers landed on your smiling face in the photo. The both of you were in the practice room. Jungkook had been practicing and you had surprised him with food that day. Despite not having a passion for dance, you had still watched him practice and offered advice on how the dance looked. 

‘When was the last time we went out together?’ The latest photo was dated over a month ago. He was ashamed of how he had just pushed you off to the side to chase some attraction. 

His eyes started tearing up. They fluttered shut, trapping the tears in. ‘God, I’m an idiot.’ 

He couldn’t let it end like this. There had to be a way to fix this.

‘I won’t lose you, Y/N.’

a/n: so i had planned to post this on jungkook’s birthday but i couldn’t get it finished in time. hope you guys enjoyed it though!

drabble #18

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◇ 14. “Shut up, okay? I’m getting you out of here. We’re going home.”

◇ Baekhyun x reader

◇ vampire!au


Baekhyun was furious. No, actually, furious was an understatement. He was livid. He was ready to tear someone’s head off - and trust me, that would be way too easy for him.

He can hear his brothers’ footsteps behind him as he storms towards the house that you had been taken to, eyes pitch black, fangs drawing blood against his bottom lip and fists clenched. The vampires who did this weren’t going to live to see tomorrow - and that was if they were lucky.

He slams the heavy wooden doors of the mansion open - he realizes that they had been bound by some wood to prevent him from getting to them, and Baekhyun almost laughs at the weak attempt to prevent him from finding his mate.

The foyer is empty but Baekhyun can hear the air pumping through the vampires’ lungs, and he knows exactly where to go; he strides around the ground staircase to the door behind them that led to the ballroom, and the marble doors to that room are too flung open in his anger.

Where is she?” His voice sounds more animal than human, echoing throughout the vast room and making every one of the pieces of scum that had stolen you shiver in their shoes, lunging forward and wrapping his hand around the neck of the who he knows is the leader, pinning him to the wall behind him. “Tell me what you did to her, you disgusting excuse for a vampire.”

The man chokes, clawing at Baekhyun’s hand, but Baekhyun’s too far gone in fury to feel any pain. He can hear his brothers restraining the other men in the room, no doubt planning to place them in the Courtyard for the rest of eternity.

The man in Baekhyun’s grasp suddenly wheezes - and Baekhyun realises that the animal is laughing - he must realize that there’s no hope for him - but before he can pull his arm from his body, the man spits out, “I’d say it’s too late for your human. She can’t take the pain she’s in. Top floor, east wing.”

Once Baekhyun realises that the man had hurt you, he visibly trembles with anger - but a part of him reminds you that you’re hurt, and waiting for him, so he decides to fling the man towards one of his brothers. “Keep him for me. The Courtyard will look like heaven in comparison to what I have planned.”

And he doesn’t spend anymore time conversing with the low-lives, running out of the ballroom at the speed of light and up to the top floor. As he nears, he can start to hear you; your heartbeat is fast, your breaths are erratic and he can smell something metallic: blood.

He breaks down the door that he can hear you behind, scanning the room quickly for any sight of you, and there you are, sprawled out onto the floor, red surrounding you and your face scrunched up in pain.

“My love,” Baekhyun inhales sharply at your condition, most of his anger seeping away at the mere sight of you as he falls to the ground beside you, moving you carefully so that your head lays in his lap. “You’re okay, my love.”

“Bae - Baekhyun,” you whimper, voice ridden with tears and unusually quiet, the gash in your chest impossible to not look at, “I-it hurts, Baekhyun…”

He feels tears prick at his own eyes as he sees how in pain you are, running a hand over your hair as he checks your condition. If he gave you his blood while your injury was too bad, you could die anyway - but you’d come back as a vampire. If he brought you home, you could get a potion that would help, but that could take too long.

“Am I… am I gonna die, Baek?” Your voice breaks, and your eyes screw shut. Baekhyun shakes his head desperately, grasping your face gently in his hands. “It hurts so badly…”

“Shut up, okay? I’m getting you out of here. We’re going home,” he chants over and over again, deciding to throw thought to the wind, sinking his fangs into the delicate skin of his wrist and holding it to your lips.

He sighs in relief as he sees your injury start to heal, but before you can have too much, he has to stop you from drinking. Your injury is still there, but it’s not fatal anymore and Baekhyun can bring you home to get the right potion.

“There, there,” he soothes gently as he scoops you into his arms, holding you tight as you both disappear into a swirl of black smoke, “We’re going home, my love. I won’t let you go again.”

Blowing Off Steam

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 2629

Pairing: BalthazarxReader

Summary: You and Balthazar had never gotten along. The minute the two of you were in the same room together WW3 broke out. Only this time it’s different. This time the tension breaks and suddenly your sexual frustration isn’t so frustrating anymore.


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Smoulder Chapter 24

Summary: Confessions are made, akumas are fought, and feelings are had. Here we go guys! The big one…

*cue ‘in the rain’ music*

Read on AO3/ FF.Net

Smoulder Chapter 24

There wasn’t enough time.

Chat Noir watched Marinette transform into Ladybug, saw the familiar pink glow he’d gotten used to seeing from behind closed eyes. His eyes were open now, gazing in wonder as light surrounded the body of one of his first ever friends, as she transformed into his first love and became a perfect blend of the two. Like two colours merging on a canvas to create a masterpiece, like the notes on his beloved piano blending into a chord unheard by anyone else, like the girl herself- the result of cultures combining, of distance and separation overcome in the name of love.

Indeed, his eyes were open, but he didn’t have enough time to truly take in what he was seeing.

Marinette had discovered his identity, and Marinette was Ladybug.

He’d been right.

He’d been right!

Ladybug stood in front of him, tilting her chin in defiance, as if she was worried about his reaction- daring him to disapprove. But, why would he? How could he possibly think anything was wrong about this situation?

Was he stunned? Yes. Did he have questions? Of course, he had a million of them. Was he about to have an aneurysm? Most likely.

Still, out of all the thoughts and feelings cascading through his mind like an endless waterfall, one emotion stood clear above the rest. It caused his heart to float to the sky, his body to feel as though it were dancing on the moon and his soul to glow with the light of stardust. It was stronger than fear, more powerful than the shock he’d received, a feeling that would outlast all the others.

His mouth was bone dry and, as his lips parted, he tried to speak and found that he’d forgotten all the words he’d ever learnt. He closed him mouth again.

Ladybug shifted her gaze, nibbling her lip.

“L-like I said, it’s not ideal,” she winced, peering around him as the sounds of smashing became louder. Sebastian (she refused to call him Nice Guy, it was too ridiculous) was almost through Chat’s makeshift door lock. Her stomach felt like it had been put through a spin-cycle, her face turned to stone with how hard she grit her teeth. “I’m sorry, and I promise I’ll explain everything once we beat this guy ok? Superhero hats on, as Tikki would say.”

Superhero hats on?! What the hell are you saying Marinette! She cringed as her face burst into flame. If only she’d been able to stick to Operation: Dork Love’s script!

She was going to kick Sebastian’s ass from here to kingdom come and she was going to enjoy every. Single. Second. Probably more than she should, being a hero and all.

Unable to understand a word Ladybug said, for he was too tangled in the web of revelation, Chat simply nodded in response and hoped for the best. His limbs moved of their own accord and, before he knew it, his hands were cupping her face- his lady’s face- his Marinette’s face.

His Marinette…

Ladybug hadn’t noticed him moving closer until his hands were on her. Her breath hitched and she found herself caught in her own web, but one of euphoria and adoration instead of shock and awe. His hands were acceptance. Whatever tiny doubts she’d had were obliterated the second his calloused fingers skimmed against her skin, sending whispers of love wherever they touched.

“Chat,” Ladybug’s voice trembled as they grew closer, alarm bells in both their heads. They shouldn’t be doing this. They had bigger priorities, more pressing issues, and here they were pressing up against each other instead.

“Marinette,” he whispered back, in utter reverie if he was to be completely honest. He watched as her eyes began to close, their breath mingled, their lips about to meet.


The sound of the door of the men’s changing room finally caving in caused them to jump, and their foreheads smacked against each other’s. Both of them cried out in equal shock and pain, grasping their wounded heads- the moment completely shattered.

When Chat looked at Ladybug, she saw her face consumed by the same colour as her mask.

Livid was an understatement.

“My- my Lady?”

Ladybug span on her heel, stomping away, her feet slamming on the tiled floor with almost enough force to shatter it. I have had ENOUGH of being cockblocked by this asshole!

“Grab your baton and let’s finish this, Chat,” she growled and, when he didn’t reply, her darkened expression lightened. After all, it wasn’t Chat she was angry with. “The sooner we get rid of this akuma, the sooner we can- well- talk.”

Judging by the look she sent his way, talking wasn’t the only thing on her mind. At least he hoped so. God, he hoped so.

It was then that the realisation truly, truly hit him. His arms pinned to his sides, even his tail seemed to take on a life of its own- standing on end.

Oh my god I’ve been kissing MARINETTE. Oh my god I said ‘top notch’ in front of MARINETTE TWICE…and she STILL wants to kiss me!

Bad luck? What bad luck?! Bad luck could go suck it! He had the best lucky charm in the world and she was currently waving a hand in front of his face in total exasperation.

“Kitty, focus!” she said, torn between amusement and disapproval. A part of her couldn’t help but feel bad, at least she’d had some time to process things. “Bad guy first, remember?”

Chat erased the love-sick look from his face with a rough shake of his head.

“Yup. Bad guy first. Stuff after. Things. Yeah. No more Mister-Nice-Guy. Gotcha,” he nodded, his voice far away and his eyes somewhat glazed over.

His ability to pun, even in the midst of what appeared to be some sort of stroke, was truly something to behold. Ladybug was genuinely impressed.

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Who Cares? - G-Dragon (Smut) Warnings: Sexual Content, Strong Language, Light BDSM

Reader’s P.O.V

“Is your mum always like that?” 

I sighed at him, “Ji…it’s not like that.” We had just come back from visiting my mum because she wanted to meet ‘the boy who stole her baby girl from her.’ Her words, not mine. To say that Jiyong’s pissed is a huge understatement. He’s fucking livid. Mum had given him one glance and had denied him permission to continue to be my boyfriend, she didn’t even bother to talk to him or address him. She had kicked us out after that, saying that ‘no daughter of mine will go out with such a scruffy looking scum.’ Again, her words, not mine. 

As soon as we left, Jiyong had wrecked pretty much all valuable items in the boys’ dorm, thankfully, Seunghyun wasn’t home, if he were, I don’t think even the boys could hold him back from breaking Jiyongs’ face in for tearing his favorite painting apart, not that Jiyong cared, or at least not now. Under different circumstances, he would’ve swore like a sailor and would have done everything he could to attempt to put the pieces back together. Now, however, in this state, he couldn’t give two shits about what he broke and who it belonged to. 

“Then what is it like?” He asked, eyes ablaze from anger, “Is it me? Am I not good enough?” He suddenly stopped his pacing, turning to face me with panic stricken eyes, but it still had the flame. 

“What? No! Of course it’s not you! My mum just has…” I paused, trying to find the right vocabulary, “Specific types of men that she’d rather see me with?” I asked more than I stated. What I had said is true though, mum always had strict rules of what type of man I should date and what type I shouldn’t. The basic five were that he can’t be a smoker, druggie, drinker, womanizer and most importantly, he can’t have tattoos. Which, unfortunately, covered most things that Jiyong is, not that I minded. I love Jiyong for who he is, if he were to change one day, I wouldn’t really know what would happen from there.

“Oh? What kind?” He said, mockingly.

“Look, Jiyong, that isn’t-” I tried, not wanting to add fuel to the flame.

“What. Fucking. Kind, (Y/N).” His glared at me, daring me to try and change the subject now. 

“W-Well, she prefers non smokers,” He scoffed, knowing straight away that he was already off the list of men that would be ‘suitable’ for me. “Non drinkers,” He frustratingly ran a hand through his gelled up hair, another thing that he definitely wasn’t. Jiyong was an alcoholic, not to the extreme, but he still drank quite a lot. Often resulting in 2am calls from Taeyang, telling me to get my ‘asshole boyfriend’ home before something regrettable happens. “Druggies are definitely forbidden, as are womanizers, which I think she sees you as…” I mumbled the last part, but Jiyongs’ ears heard every word. I gulped nervously, not wanting to say the last preference, knowing it would set Jiyong off again. “A-And…w-well, she doesn’t really…what I-I mean is, she doesn’t…” I too frustratingly ran a hand through my hair, sighing at the difficulty of the situation. 

“She what? Let me guess,” His lips curled up in a sad, but mocking smile, “She doesn’t like men that are covered in ink. Am I right? Tell me I’m wrong, (Y/N).” His dark eyes stared into mine, I nodded hesitantly and mumbled a yes. He scoffed and then laughed. “Come.” Was all he said, as he grabbed his car keys. I blinked in confusion…what? 


“I said come, we’re gonna pay your mother another visit.” With that, he lightly pulled at my wrist, tugging me along with him towards his car. 

Once we arrived, he was already flying out the car, running towards my side to open the door. “Thanks.” He nodded in acknowledgment. He shut the car door and locked it, he then headed for the door of the house/temple like place she lived in. Had I forgotten to mention that she’s an extremely religious person? She carried a rosary with her everyday and prayed everyday, if she committed a sin, which was hardly ever, she’d fall onto her knees, desperately praying for forgiveness. 

Jiyong knocked on the door, knock knock. He waited patiently, a few minutes had passed and he decided to knock again. He waited again, then walked to the window next to the door. The lights were off, maybe she’s sleeping? I mentally prayed that if she was in the house, she wouldn’t open the door. God knows what would happen if she did. This time, Jiyong rang the bell, but the same answer came, nothing that is. 

He turned to look at me with a mischievous smile, “Looks like she’s not home, what a shame, what a shame…” I arched a brow as I watched him take out a bobby pin and a credit card, this motherfucker. He inserted the bobby pin into the hole of the door’s lock and twisted a few times and slid the credit card in through the cracks, a few twists here and there and the door unlocked. He smirked, silently applauding himself. “Come on Jagi, you’ll catch a cold out there.” 

I walked in cautiously, he shut the door behind us and re-locked it. “Jagi?” I looked at him, “Are you okay?”

I stared at him in disbelief, “Are you fucking kidding me, Jiyong? We just fucking broke into my mum’s house.” 

He shrugged, “Who cares? Now, which way to your mum’s room?” I stared at him, what on earth is he up to? 


He innocently replied, “I wanna spend the night here, we’re gonna need somewhere to sleep. Besides, it doesn’t seem as if she’ll be back for a while.” 

“This way…” I walked slowly, going up a few stairs and turning a few times until we reached my mum’s room. 

He whistled, “Nice…” He walked around the room, kicking off his shoes and putting his possessions on a nearby table. “Your mother’s religious right?” I nodded, not seeing where this is going. “Then I apologize to the gods in advance and beg for your forgiveness for my sins.” 

“Jiyong, wha-” He didn’t give me time to finish my question as he crashed our lips together in a lustful kiss, not that I minded. 

“Shh, Jagi.” 

He pulled away to look me over once, before pulling me back into a lustful kiss as he pushed me towards the bed against the wall. He pushed me lightly till I was laying on my back and he was hovering over me. He removed his lips from mine and started pecking slowly down south until he reached the hem of my jeans, he glanced at me once then popped open the button and pulled down the zip. He took his sweet time to drag them down my legs, making sure to mark his territory on his way down. After discarding my jeans, he moved onto my pants, making quick movements to rid of it as well. Once he had done that, he flipped me onto my front and brought his face to my core and without warning, he started sucking. 

“J-Jiyong…” I moaned, clinging onto the sheets with dear life. Something about Jiyong’s new dominance was something particularly new. Jiyong was rough, like really rough in bed, but this…this was unexpected. 

Suddenly, I yelped out at the hand to cheek contact with my ass. Jiyong growled lowly, “Wrong name, baby girl. Try again…” He continued to suck, but more teasingly. I groaned slightly, wanting more friction. 

“O-Oppa…” I tried to ground my core against his mouth, but he only slapped my ass in response. 

“I like it…but try again, baby girl.” This time, he brought his tongue into play. He licked an agonizingly slow strip from one end of my core to the other, until he reached my clit. He lightly toyed with it, making me moan out. 

“D-Daddy?” I moaned out, sounding unsure with the word, but I’d do anything to just at least gain more friction.

I could feel Jiyong smirk from beneath me, “Atta girl…Now all you have to do is listen to daddy, and daddy will reward you.” Having said that, he picked up the speed with his ministrations. “By the way…no cumming.” 

“W-what? N-no, please!” I yelped again, feeling his hand once again, come in contact with my ass. 


I groaned when he picked up his speed again, the little shit knew I couldn’t hold it. I bit onto my arm and moaned loudly when I felt a knot in my stomach, it was burning me from the inside out. I wanted release, but Jiyong refused to allow me to do so. But that didn’t stop me. Soon enough, I came, not being able to hold it in. 

“Jiyong…” I moaned out. 

“Tut tut tut, baby girl. I told you not to, and on top of that, you used the wrong name. I think you should be punished, don’t you?” He removed himself from his position and grabbed something from his pocket. He pulled out a key chain, attached to it was a mini vibrator. Jiyong smirked at me as he inserted it and flicked it on, I moaned at the feeling. “It’s quite simple, what you have to do, baby girl. Just keep it in for ten minutes and I’ll reward you.” 

At first, I had thought of that less of a punishment…but then he took off his belt and tied my wrists above my head and pushed my thighs together. “Ten minutes, okay?” He pecked me lightly on the lips and left the room. I had no idea where he was going, but he had left the vibrator on the lowest setting and it was killing me internally. 

I couldn’t help but writhe around, trying to gain friction. I was moaning constantly and I could just barely hear Jiyong getting himself off to my moans in some other room. I was fidgeting around for a while, I’m not sure how long, but soon I was about to cum again for the third time. I moaned out louder than usual at the feeling of my third release about to rip through me, when all of a sudden, a just audible enough ‘fuck it’ could be heard. And then, the vibrator was ripped from inside me and replaced with his cock. 

He slammed inside of me, groaning lowly into the back of my neck. He lifted his hands to grab my neck to pull my face upwards and roughly kissed me as he pounded into me from behind. He fought with my bottom lip, demanding entrance into my mouth. I then found my wrists being released of its restraints, but soon after replaced with Jiyong’s hands as he held me down and continued to fuck me. It didn’t take long for me to almost reach my third release, which made me clench hard against Jiyong. 

He moaned into my ear as he leaned over me, his release hitting him unexpectedly, but he kept going. He reached round and furiously toyed with my clit and I came for the third time. His thrust became sloppier as the time passed, riding us both through our orgasms. He then pulled out of me, once he stilled completely and laid beside me. He looked absolutely sinful. But then again, so did I. 

“I think it might take a little more than an apology for the gods to forgive us for our sins…” He joked, wrapping his arm around me and pulling me into his chest. 

“You don’t say…” 

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 Hey guyysss, sorry for the late post! I’m currently revising and ish for GCSE’s so it’ll take longer for me to write requests. But anyways, here’s the long awaited request :)

(Requested by @cookiemini4 )


It wasn’t a well thought out drawing  and not my best since I started when I saw I had reached 200 today but I hope you guys like it! XD

This is part of my AU of Lucy being a mermaid and Natsu a mermaid hunter heh


Lucy swam as fast as she could, she didn’t care where she was going, she just needed to get away and swim. Tears welled up in her eyes but they were washed away in the water as she swam. She quickened her speed with every minute passing by until finally she came to a halt, panting loudly. 

“Why does father have to such a jerk…why does he have to force me to…control me…I hate him! I hate him for bossing me around. I hate him for keeping me locked up and watched every minute. I’ve had it!” Lucy harshly yelled. She sighed loudly and sat on a big boulder that was laying around, wiping her tears away. 

Lucy had just had another fight with her father, yet this time it was worse than the others. Her father, King Jude, had arranged a ball for Lucy, the blonde clueless as to why until the final speech at the end of the ball. An arranged marriage. They were celebrating her engagement to one of her father’s allies, a sickening old man who had her sick to her stomach whenever he looked at her with a creepy glint in his eye. To say Lucy was angry was an understatement, she was livid. She didn’t care if she made a scene when her father announced this engagement, she didn’t care about the looks people gave her when she yelled at her father and stormed out. She had it. This was the final straw. 

“I want to be free…to explore…I can’t do that if I’m engaged to this old man…gosh what has father done? he truly hates me if he has gone this far.” Lucy mumbled to herself and sighed. From the corner of her eye, she saw an object floating down the water. 

“What is that?” Lucy thought to herself. She swam closer to it and gasped when she saw what it was. A scarf? No…a human scarf.

Lucy cautiously touched the scarf, the soft fabric new and pleasing to her fingertips. Every mermaid clothing was made out of a special seaweed and shells material, rough and textured, yet she had seen that the human clothing were different, they looked soft, different. She always wondered what they felt like and now she knew. 

She inspected the scarf closely and wondered where it had come from. She couldn’t help but feel something special about it, whose scarf is it? Where are they now? For an unknown reason, a smile touched her lips as she held the scarf tighter. “If the scarf is here, maybe they are close by” Lucy whispered. She couldn’t help the butterflies that came after as she said that.

 “Will this be my new adventure?”


“Oye Happy! No my scarf!! It’s flying away!” Natsu yelled as he ran after his scarf trying to catch it. Erza grabbed Natsu by the shirt before he could fall off the boat. “Easy there Natsu…we’ll get it don’t worry” Erza told him. Natsu couldn't look away from his scarf as it flew farther away until finally dropping down in the water. 

“Okay Gray! Turn over the boat, we have to get Natsu’s scarf” Erza ordered. Gray steered the boat around and as they started getting closer to where the scarf fell, Natsu couldn’t help but get butterflies as they got closer, and no, it wasn’t  from the motion sickness. 


Ah so there you go, another snippet to my AU of Lucy and Natsu hehe. I’m not a good writer but I hope you guys liked it! 


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Mini Series ➢ The King is Coming Pt.10

Woah, so finally the last part is here. Enjoy!

                     Parts III III IV V VI VII VIII IX X

“Wait!” Klaus called out to you, so desperate and full of emotion. The confusion and emotions whirling in your brain were enough to make you faint. You allowed him to catch up to you, needing his warmth and comfort despite the situation. 

Upset was an understatement. You were livid and hurt. You wanted to know how he had possibly forgotten to mention he had a daughter. The excuse that it would change things in your relationship was simply what you called it, an excuse. He should know you well enough by now to know that would never be an issue. Hell, you had complained for weeks after your transformation that you would never get to have one of your own.

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julijulep  asked:

Hi! I would like to ask how would the mukami Bros. react if their lover died by giving birth to their child? (Sorry for bad englich and by the way your blog is amaze!)

(*Your English is fine! :3 *)

Ruki: “…Livestock…?” Doctors are pushing past him to try and get the baby out safely, wall nurses are trying to push him out of the room. It takes him a moment to fully understand what just happened, before he become absolutely hysterical.

Kou: He’s in denial when the nurses push him out of the room into the press filled hallways, reporters pointing their microphones at him trying to get their stories. Azusa’s trying to calm him down as he sobs, wall Ruki and Yuma try to clear out the press. 

Yuma: He understand what happened the moment it happened, and calling him angry is an understatement. He is absolutely livid. He smashed the monitor, broke a doctor’s arm and most likely broke a nurses nose. He’s beating on your chest, trying to keep your heart beating. 

Azusa: He’s curled up on the floor outside of the room, crying. Kou is trying hard to calm him down, saying “at least you have the baby” but that only makes Azusa more upset. What point was having that baby if you weren’t going to help him raise it…? 

Meet Me?

Pairing: Jongkey (ft. gross otaku taekai)
Rated:PG-15 (for now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
Part ½(?)
❤ Sequel to THIS and THIS (i changed the second part a lil bit but whatever~)

Kibum was anxious. This day would be different from any other meeting he had ever had. No one was going to study him and judge whether he would look better in this or that, nor would anyone tell him which direction to look at or where his hands should be. No, this meeting was for a very special person, and for that reason, it left a different feeling than all the other times he was nervous. He felt nauseous, dizzy, jumpy, and his heart felt like it was trying to run away from him. He was anxious because today, he would be meeting the man he had come to like – to crush on, even – a porn blogger named Kim Jonghyun, who couldn’t wait to meet the model for their date.

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hello hi I’M BACK WITH ANOTHER IMAGINE, this one I genuinely think is shit af. so this is supposed to be based around the song towers by little mix BUT I got excited and tbh I don’t even know what I ended up writing. ANYWAY I REALLY HOPE YOU LIKED THIS CLARISSA! 


“We need to talk.” Those four words enough to rip my heart to pieces. I wasn’t stupid, I knew what was coming.
I sat down on the black leather couch in my tiny living room, pulling my knees up to my chest and hugging them. The minutes waiting for my boyfriend of 2 years, Matt to get here felt like hours. I should’ve known it was coming, ever since we both moved to L.A it hasn’t been the same between us. We only live 5 minutes away from each other but we see each other half as much as we did in Virginia.
He’s moving forward with his life, making his dream a reality and I’m at the same point I was when we were first going out, the same point I’m probably going to be at forever.
How do you confront the person you love and tell them they don’t treat you right, knowing it will turn into a fight?
I was disgusted with myself. How could I become so weak?
I let Matt treat me however he wanted to because I was too scared to approach him in case he ended it with me.
Why can’t I just let go of him, why.
Everything had turned to shit and I still held onto the smallest bit of hope that we would be okay again.
I closed my eyes, picturing a time when our relationship was perfect, everything was perfect. I felt a tear roll down my cheek before quickly wiping it away.
“gosh, pull yourself together Clarissa, he hasn’t even come over yet”
I was pulled out of my thoughts by a soft knock on the door. The feeling in the pit of my stomach was indescribable. I walked towards the door, sucking in my breath.
I opened the door to see Matt leaning against the door frame.
“Hey baby” He tried to smile, but it didn’t meet his eyes.
He pressed a quick kiss to my forehead before taking my hand and leading me back to the same couch I had just been sitting on.
His hands felt so warm in mine, I could almost feel his heartbeat racing through his fingertips. It felt like time was passing slower than ever, they say that’s what happens when you’re dying. I guess that’s how I looked at this, like a part of me was dying and I knew there was nothing that could be done, I knew what was about to come.
His voice flooded the room, with a delicate charm that I hadn’t heard in a while.
“I feel like you’ve noticed that recently things have been different and that’s what they have been, different. I feel like we’ve become different people, we’re both living different lives and it’s as if we’ve forgotten how to include each other in that. I’ve felt like this for a while I just haven’t known how to say it.” He said slowly, studying my face for a reaction.
I looked at the floor, before taking a few deep breaths and looking back up into his unreadable eyes
“How long is a while?” My voice coming out barely audible.
He let’s go of my hands and looks at the floor, not replying.
“I said, How long is a while Matthew?” The anger starting to show in my voice.
“Around 6 months” He muttered, still not looking up to make my contact with me.
The anger was rising inside of me, I felt as if I was about to burst.
“6 months? are you fucking kidding me? 6 months? wait, let me get this right” I shot to my feet before continuing, “So you’re telling me that you felt this way before you dragged me to L.A?”
“Yes.” He replied softly, his head still facing the ground.
That was it, the bubble of anger in side of me popped.
“You made me drop everything and pack up my entire life, I left all of my friends, I left every single member of my family so that I could come to L.A and support you in everything you wanted to do and you knew you weren’t happy in this relationship. How selfish are you? You watched me, I have been absolutely miserable this entire time and you haven’t been here for me once. I stopped my life for yours and moved to a different state and you knew you would be breaking up with me?”
Angry was an understatement now, I was livid.
“i’m sorry Clary, I just-”
“Sorry? you think sorry is going to give me back the time and money I’ve wasted on you?”
“No! It’s not like that -”
“Tell me what’s it like then because from where I’m standing it seriously seems like you bought me all the way over here for some sick game.” I was yelling, pacing back and forth in front of him. I looked like a psycho, I knew I did. But for once I didn’t care.
“I thought bringing you here would bring us closer, I swear. But it’s torn us further apart and I’m so sorry that this has happened the way that it has.” He stood up, trying to grab my hands to hold them again.
“Oh there you go, saying fucking sorry again. If you were truly sorry you wouldn’t have pulled me away from my family, you wouldn’t sit there and let me be upset and never be there for me the way you have been the past 5 months we’ve been in L.A” I pulled my hands back from him and took a step back.
“You know what Clarissa? After the way you’ve been acting tonight, I’ve realised I should have gotten rid of you a long time ago. At least i’m going somewhere with my life. I bought you here because I thought you needed the support that I could give you but clearly don’t deserve it” He snapped at me, taking a step back as well.
“Actually you know what Matt, you don’t deserve me.”
I had never felt this sort of anger towards anybody before. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that someone who I thought of so highly was so pathetic. I never thought Matt had a bad bone in his body.
“Oh please,” He laughed bitterly before continuing “I could have 100 girls like you, better than you in a snap of a finger so you should consider yourself lucky.”
“Yeah well good luck with those 12 year old girls who throw themselves at you. Get out of my apartment Matthew. Never come back. I never want to see your disgusting face again.” I snarled, I had never spoken to him like this and I knew that behind his strong front he was shocked and my reaction.
“You don’t have to ask twice.” and with that, he walked out and slammed the door.
I stood in the same position for a few minutes, the anger inside of me slowly dying out.
It hit me that this really did just happen, and that Matt wasn’t coming back. I sunk to the ground before letting a tear fall, and another, and another. I let the sobs take over my body as I sat in the middle of my floor crying my heart out.
I never wanted to fight with him, but the pain he left in my chest was something I couldn’t handle.
Funny how in the 2 years we were together, this moment, right now. Me sobbing uncontrollably on my floor was the moment I needed him the most.


HOW WAS IT?! MESSAGE ME WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF IT BE HONEST SERIOUSLY IF IT WAS THE WORST THING YOUVE EVER READ MESSAGE ME AND LET ME KNOW. ofc theres gonna be more parts, I think there might be around 3 or 4 parts maybe??? so thank you Clarissa for inspiring me. Same dealio as before whoever reads this and wants an imagine message me your name, the guy you want and a scenario or song you want it based off. I’ll be posting 2 or so imagines a day because after wednesday im finished school for the year. also im sorry if tthere are any spelling/ grammatical errors my computer doesnt have autocorrect or anything atm  



Fool Like Me // Michael Clifford

Yeah I know that I’m a grown ass man, who still acts like an idiot
But Lord he must have been in a good mood the day
He let a girl like you choose to take a fool like me…

Requested; no

Word Count; 3k

Summary; Your husband Michael is late for dinner with your parents and shows up with a surprise, little did he know you had one in store too.

You were going to kill him. Usually those words held idle significance but this time you meant it, today was an important day. After a lot of convincing, your parents destined to fly out from your old hometown to your new place to visit you and their new son-in-law.

From the moment they first met Michael they did not approve of him, they disliked everything about him, everything that made him… Michael Gordon Clifford, the love of your life. 

They disliked his unnaturally dyed hair and tattoos, his carefree and spontaneous personality. But most of all they disapproved of his strong passion for music, his work, a career that was not highly demanded nor made a lot of money. So when they found out their child wanted to settle down with him, they were not thrilled whatsoever.

“Jesus (Y/N), where is Matthew, it’s getting late and we need to get back to the hotel.” Grunting in annoyance, your father shifted rather uncomfortably in the yard sale bought recliner chair.

“You guys aren’t staying the night?” Firing up an argument with your old man was the last thing you wanted to do and you were well aware that he was only misnaming Michael to piss you off so you dismissed his comment.

It was only in those rare moments when he would have the nerve to do it in front of Michael that you lashed out on him.

“Of course not!” He snapped looking at you incredulously as if you had suddenly grown two heads.

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anonymous asked:

Billdip prompt: dipper laughing at something someone said (or someone is flirting with him and he is oblivious) and bill being a jealous jelly bean.

Only something short. Also, the twins are 17, and Bill is aged down to 17 as well.

Bill was angry. Angry was an understatement, he was practically livid.
His hands gripped harshly onto the wood of the counter, his teeth gritted tightly and his eyes turned a shade of dark red. Anyone with common sense would avoid him like the plague when he was this angry. An angry demon was a merciless demon. And mercy was the last thing Bill was going to give this girl.
This pretentious snob of a human. Holding her nose high, and constantly flicking her hair that fell against her shoulders like a golden waterfall. Bill would tear every strand out. One by one.
A growl rose in his throat as the girl reached out, placing a hand on the boy in front of her. Stroking his shoulder in affection. Though, the lanky brunet didn’t seem to notice, continuing to laugh along with her.
Bill bit the inside of his cheek, attempting to resist against tearing the flirtatious girl apart where she stood.

No hurting other people unless I say so. I mean it, Bill. I don’t care what your excuse is, no hurting people.’ The demon repeated in his head, trying to calm down. However, as the girl across the room clung onto Dipper’s arm, his scowl hardened. The taste of copper began to overflow in his mouth as he tore the skin from inside his cheek.
That girl was dead. So dead. When Bill gets his hands on that pathetic meatbag, he was going to-

“Hey, Bill? You okay?”

The blond whipped his head around, shining a grin that look a little too forced to a girl with flowing brown hair and a vivid orange sweater with a happy pineapple.

“Absolutely dandy, Shooting Star.” He almost hissed. The female Pines raised an eyebrow, giving an unconvinced look at the blond demon. Placing her hands on her hips.
Bill briefly glanced at her, and continued grinning, trying to convince her enough for her to just leave.
“Why do you ask?”

“Well, you’re about to snap the counter in half with just your hands and you seem to be glaring at that chick over by Dipdop.” Mabel explained, making Bill immediately release his grip on the counter. He nervously chuckled, brushing his hands against his own yellow sweater.

“Glaring? Oh no, I’m merely zoned out.” He lied, waving a hand in front of Mabel’s face. Mabel scrunched her nose, pushing the demon’s hand away.
She sighed, turning back to her brother. Watching as he laughed with the blonde girl who was holding onto his arm. Mabel’s eyes widened as the boy next to her began growling, glaring daggers at the girl again.

“Oh my god, Bill. Are you….are you jealous?” Mabel sniggered, giggling as the demon gave her a look of shock.

“I am not jealous, Shooting Star. That girl….she just….makes me angry.” He snapped. Mabel continued to laugh, doubling over as her lungs began to ache from the lack of air. Bill glared at the 17 year old girl, before shaking his head in disbelief.

“B-Bill…haha…ohmygod, Bill. That is jealousy. You’re totally jealous! That’s adorable! You’re heads over heels for Dipping-Sauce!” The girl cooed, grabbing Bill’s hands and jumping up and down, much to the demon’s dismay.

“I am not adorable.” Bill hissed. “I am a being of pure energy with no weakness. Controller of the mindscape. Lord of nightmares.”

“Well, Lord of nightmares, I’ve got some news for you.” She prodded his chest. “You are heads over heels for Dipper and you’re jelly that he’s talking to some girl rather than you.”

Bill blinked several times, letting the information slowly process in his mind before scoffing at the ridiculous statement, despite knowing how true it was.
“Sure, Shooting Star. I have news for you. I do not have feelings for Pine Tree and I am not jeal-” He stopped as he saw the girl push herself against Dipper. Her lips pressed against his own. Dipper stood wide eyed, a furious blush across his cheeks.
Mabel gasped, stunned and unable to stop Bill as he leapt over the counter, walking over to the two on the other side of the shop.

“Oh hell nah! That’s my Pine Tree, you bimbo!! My. Pine Tree.

Prince!5SOS // Part 11 // An Unexpected Leave

If you’re new to this series:

Prince!5SOS Fairytale AU Part 1


“Wait Levry please!”

You tried to pull your hand away from your best friend but she just wouldn’t relent, and if it was any more possible, you could have sworn she had even gripped your hand tighter. You knew that Levry knew her tightening grip wasn’t needed though, because in such a weakened state of yours, you doubt you could even pull away even if you exert all of your current strength.

To say your lady-in-waiting was outraged was the biggest understatement you could ever muster. She was livid, pissed, furious, everything in the scale of murderous actually, and as much as you wanted to tell her that she should calm down, she had good reason not to do so.

If anything, she could even make it possible for your kingdom to declare a war against Wisteria for one of its people plotting to murder you. As a plus, you were in the royal castle too, the one considered the safest place in all of Wisteria and yet this happened.

You thought your mother wouldn’t be happy about this too, she was extremely over-protective of you after all, but on the bright side at least you didn’t die right?

You’ve always wanted to go home but not like this, not after Levry told Prince Calum and Princess Mali-koa in the gardens just minutes ago that she would take you home right away and from the sound of disappointment and subtly concealed rage in her voice, you figured that Levry wouldn’t allow you to step foot in Wisteria ever again.

You thought you could play things off longer by pretending to sleep too but no, of course Levry would see through your act. She had to, considering you and Levry have been together since you were about eight years old.

So it wasn’t long before she was pulling you across marble floors and carpeted steps to journey towards your bedroom in the castle and probably have your bags packed.

“Lev, please!” You shouted, with your voice a little hoarse and there was still that small aftertaste of blood but you didn’t care.

At one point of you calling her name and pleading to let you stay, you had to stop and cough, the pain in your lungs and throat bringing you to crouch by the end of a wide corridor as tears streamed down your face. It was enough to have Levry stop her rushed footsteps and attend to you silently, your best friend then using a silk handkerchief to wipe away your tears as you weakly tried to push her away.

“(F/n) do not test me.” Levry seethed when you kept trying to push her away.

“Lev they didn’t know anything…” You murmured, gripping the blond girl’s hands and giving it a shaky squeeze. “Please…”

“(F/n) this is what’s best for you. This could be temporary, who knows.” Levry sighed as she gently pried her hands away from yours and brushed away your tear-stricken sheets with the handkerchief. “You will go home this day though, and whatever you say won’t stop me. What would have happened if I arrived any later? Besides, if the queen’s sickness is anything like yours, I have people to investigate.”

“I can stay—”

“You almost got killed goddammit! this place is not safe for you! You’re lucky I have not declared a war against Wisteria the moment I bashed a lamp on that woman’s head!”

“Please I…” You murmured, voice cracking at the end and you found Levry biting her lip as she gauged your teary face.

A few seconds passed between you before Levry shook her head no and stood up.

“Let’s go, Princess.”

She pulled you to stand gently as well before she held your hand and walked towards your bedroom at a much slower pace.

And this time you followed her defeatedly, distant rushed footsteps coming to a stop making you turn back to find Princess Mali-koa and Prince Calum looking worriedly at you but you were pulled to your bedroom before you could do anything else.

You were sat down in bed half an hour later, eyes trailing your best friend as she moved about your room to pack your things up, you just drinking up some tea a maid brought in and something your best friend tested herself before you were allowed to drink it.

You wanted to plead more or tell her you wanted to stay.

The good thing was that you were alive, right?

But you knew no matter what you said or how much you tried to convince the girl to stay, your words would always fall on deafened ears so you just sat there and drank silently, just looking at your best friend as she scuttles about, your ears just automatically picking up her ranting that hasn’t ceased for the half an hour you two had been here.

Levry was always the chatterbox when she was nervous or angered beyond reason after all.

So from your intent listening you picked up that it appears that your castle attendant (that was in Wisteria’s dungeons as she spoke by the way) here had been part of a group plotting to kill you for months now, even when your royal visit to Wisteria were still in its planning stages.

And with that in mind, Levry was speculating that whatever cult this was that planned to kill you, they might have had contacts in your kingdom too, and possibly had been poisoning your mother, the queen, as well.

Levry just didn’t have the time to investigate back home because she knew better than to leave your mother for even just five minutes with all the conspiracies going about in the castle and not knowing who exactly she could and couldn’t trust.

Levry had been talking to her mother secretly though, through a trusted messenger of her mother’s and the duo agreed that once her mother was able to, she would travel to your kingdom so Levry could finally scope out the castle staff. It was just a coincidental event she received a letter from Princess Mali-koa and had to stop by Wisteria to see how you were doing.

Of course, Levry wasn’t exactly expecting to see you being choked to death though.

It wasn’t far-fetched after all though, considering there had been far too many assassination attempts in the past but all had been deflected because your mother knew better and Levry, despite being that prim and proper lady in front of other people, you knew your best friend could wield a sword like it was just a natural extension of her limbs.

There was no doubt Levry’s favorite blade had been stained red on many occasions too, but she was careful never to have killed anyone, especially because you told her when you were young that you never wanted to kill people under your rule like your ancestors and other royal kingdoms have done to punish law-breakers.

You could tell that if your best friend had her blade earlier though, no doubt your castle attendant would be minced to pieces in less than minutes.

And it wasn’t that long at all when you were following your lady-in-waiting towards the front castle gates, maids and butlers of the Wisterian Castle giving you apologetic looks as you walked past them.

By the main entrance though, you stilled in your tracks after Levry’s as you saw the prince and princess of Wisteria, waiting by the carriage you’re sure came from your kingdom, but the royal crest it once had on the door was covered by a long sheet of leather—some safety measure you presume.

Their parents were still nowhere in sight and you assumed they weren’t done with whatever business they had for the day, and it was odd but the king and queen not being here soothed you to some degree.

Without even asking for permission first, you ran towards Calum and hugged him by the waist, your limbs all tingly and painful from still being weak as you threw yourself at the prince but you didn’t give a damn at the moment as you buried your face by his chest.

He was whispering little words of comfort by your ear and promises you’d all meet again soon, and then he pulled you away so he could give you a small peck by the lips, his thumbs then wiping away the tears that you couldn’t help but show.

“You know this is only temporary right?” Calum whispered against your lips, and yours only quivered in response because you weren’t so sure if it was.

From behind you, you could hear Princess Mali-koa talking to Levry, their conversation low enough that you couldn’t hear the words but you knew they were talking. Calum had cupped your cheeks to distract you from your useless eavesdropping though, his brown eyes staring at yours deeply before he kissed your forehead.

“I love you, okay?” He muttered, and you just nodded sadly.

“Goodbye, Calum.”


You sat by the steps leading to the altar, your sword in hand as your eyes trailed the polished titanium, a side of it a little reddened from the blood of your ex-fiancé, and even though you put out quite the show earlier, you wouldn’t deny that your legs felt like putty at the moment.

You were never one for real violence after all, and while you weren’t an amateur in wielding a sword, the only times you were allowed to ever hold those weapons were in fight matches with your brother and other professionally trained instructors, and country-wide fencing contests, both of which were only for fun and never meant for real bloodshed.

After your brother confirmed an hour ago that there were indeed poisons laced in your wine, things have been pretty much chaotic.

Palace guards suddenly burst in the church doors while guests began shouting collectively about possible sentences that could befall the group, and your father, well you’d just say you never seen him so angered than you ever did that moment as he ordered the guards to arrest your ex-fiance and his family.

Everyone was so riled up while you stayed behind, hands never stopping from shaking as you tried to calm yourself down from the feat you’d just accomplished.

No one was at the church at the moment, well except for five or so guards patrolling the vicinity around the church, no doubt by the orders of your mother for your safety.

The wedding, obviously cancelled—of course—for it’s not like you could go on with a wedding where the groom planned to kill his bride. And all the wedding guests were busy banishing your ex-fiancé’s family and other guests from his kingdom, out of your country and possibly forever out of your lives.

No war would be held, thankfully, but your family having a great influence in the royal sphere meant your ex-fiancé’s kingdom will be shunned for a long time and you’d guess they’d lose a huge chunk of reputation plus get a huge blow on economy.

Your mother doesn’t want any more drama on this case and a war might’ve just wasted more lives than necessary, but that didn’t mean she would let your ex-fiancé off the hook.

Ixtovia, your country, was predominantly the place kingdoms from even seas over would get their weaponry after all, plus your country shipped quite the good lot of crops too so between your kingdom and that of your exiled groom’s it was pretty obvious who most of royalty would stand up for.

You had the reputation of Ixtovia’s Pearl too, your previous royal visits to other kingdoms even spent with you getting to know the townspeople of those lands and them being attached to you as well.

You actually got a few kingdoms under your belt as close allies despite you being the youngest of your royal family and having no responsibility to actually join the politics until your brother left the household.

This wedding was large-scale in all reasons, and despite the one month prep time it took to start setting everything up for this supposed special milestone in your life, your parents managed to invite so many of your allies’ royalties and that alone came with their personal entourage of guards to protect the monarchy of each far away kingdom.

The wedding was opened for the people of Ixtovia too, this being only proper because they were your people and it was just right that they get to see the wedding of Ixtovia’s only princess if they wanted to see it.

So knowing someone had the audacity to kill you in front of so many witnesses, your ex-fiancé had done nothing but successfully ruin his kingdom’s already suspicious reputation and even his people might turn from the monarchy, maybe even immigrate to different kingdoms too.

Sighing, you sheathed your sword back and looked towards the long red-carpet leading to the opened church doors, the place looking every bit as beautiful as it was when you began your bridal procession, except the seats were empty and there were stains on the carpet near the altar.

When your eyes trailed back to the entrance of the church this time around, you saw someone that made you drop the sword in your hands, the weapon clattering by the floor and before it stopped you were already running, colliding with the strong build of Amaryllis’ eldest prince.

Ashton’s arms reluctantly encased you by your waist, and you nuzzled your face against him, not caring if your hair or the placement of your veil was ruined because this wedding was a whole disaster from the start.

“I was scared…” You trailed off, Ashton’s hum letting you know he was listening as he squeezed you tighter. “The tables would’ve turned if I wrongly accused him… I was so close to even poisoning the chalice myself just to make sure I could get away from this.”

“That actually sounds like something you would do.” Ashton whispered, and you pulled away from him, your lips drawn into a pout and quivering, your eyes moistened to the point where if you blink maybe the tears would start falling.


“I was just joking (F/n).” Ashton chuckled before he wiped your teary eyes with the pads of his thumb and he leaned down to peck your forehead. “It’s stupid but I’m glad whatever you were planning ended without a hitch, even if you did risk your life for it.”

“What’s going to happen from now on…?” You murmured, thinking your parents definitely wouldn’t be accepting of a new romance now that your previous one just ended in the most disastrous way possible.

“I… I don’t know actually.” Ashton sighed. “Amaryllis has been having some problems since the time you left and I think we can’t just announce being together with everything that just happened earlier.”

“That’s true…” You sighed back, pulling away from Ashton and wringing your fingers together as you trained your sights on the purple stain by the hem of your wedding dress.

“I don’t think you people would be so accepting of a new fiancé after the last one tried to kill you too. We… I think we should distance ourselves for a while.”

“I guess so…”

“But you know I love you, right (F/n)? We can probably talk via letters.”

“Sure.” You murmured with a sigh, and the two of you just stood there for a few more minutes of you not wanting to look at Ashton’s eyes until the prince had enough of the awkward atmosphere and held your hand, the two of you then going out of the lonely church and oversee the blunder going about.

The streets were quiet though, and containing not much of the chaos you were expecting. You could hear the distant shouting though, the calls for execution which you were hoping your mother and father did not accept.

The next best thing your parents could do was have your ex-fiancé and everyone in his family present at the wedding rot in the dungeons of Ixtovia’s palace.

But then you were guessing your brother would probably want them banished from the country which you would like better because you don’t think you could stomach the fact that someone who wanted to murder you lived just floors under your bedroom.

Whatever the case you and Ashton continued walking towards the palace, some guards standing feet away from you ensuring your safety (they were left by the church when you decided to sulk there for a while), far enough to give you comfort, but near enough that if harm were to befall you, they’d be there to deflect the hit or land some.

Along the way you and Ashton agreed to keep your relationship as friends until this whole fiasco dies down, and until the prince could settle the sudden problems arising at Amaryllis that begun when you were thankfully safely out of the kingdom.

You didn’t get to know the entirety of it all because Ashton didn’t want to needlessly worry you, but you managed to squeeze it out of the prince anyway that it seems there was a serial killer on the loose in Amaryllis or something of that extent, and the people were more or less scared about what was going on.

Ashton reassured you that he had a speculation on who was causing the murders though, something like an old cousin who was exiled from the kingdom after a few cases of corruption in one of the towns he handled. He said he has a friend working on the case too and was known to be a good detective.

So as it stands, until everything was fixed, you and the prince would remain friends.

And later that night when you said your goodbyes to your guests and to Ashton, you only hoped things would be fixed faster because you were already missing being encased in Ashton’s warm embrace.


As soon as the words left Rian’s mouth, Michael was quick to head for the door but you stopped him with a hold on his sleeve, eyes filled with the terror and panic you were currently feeling.

You didn’t want him to go. Michael was the only thing that made you feel safe now. You clung onto the prince’s sleeve like a lifeline because Michael probably was the embodiment of that abstract element right now.

You weren’t trained in anything.

There was no denying the fact that you would die if whoever attacked the palace had spotted you, they most likely came in a group too as the crashes of glass which you assumed came from windows happened simultaneously which meant more than one person has infiltrated palace walls.

Much more than you dying though, you promised you would protect Michael and if he went out into the halls you weren’t sure you could do that anymore.

Rian was already gone as soon as she announced the news of the castle being under attack, probably to inform more people and you weren’t sure she was safe too. What if the intruders had gotten to her as well? The sounds of breaking glass that you heard earlier seemed to have come on this floor, how near or far it was, you couldn’t determine but you were betting it came from the end of the hall near the main castle stairwell.

“Don’t go…” You said, shaky hands grasping onto the prince’s in a futile attempt to keep him in your room with you.

You weren’t sure you’d be safe in your room in the long run but being together just eased you and made you think things would be okay.

Michael had his green eyes trained on your form, wanting to keep you with him and listen to your pleas of staying but when another distant crash resounded and this time he heard shouts from what looked to be the servants quarters, he knew that as the prince he had people to save and it didn’t only concern you.

Of course he was going to protect you along the way too, it was blatant that you were his number one priority right now. He needed to keep you safe but there were other people he needed to protect as well.

“(F/n) you need to stay here.” Michael said, and when you kept shaking your head and murmuring to him no he’d just cupped your cheeks and forced you to look at him.

“You’re sick and…”

“I can manage myself.”

“Michael please…”

“It’s alright (F/n), I just need you to stay here. You’ll be safe.”

“I don’t want you to go!” You raised your voice, quickly regretting it in fear someone may have heard but a few moments of silence in the halls told you there wasn’t anyone near at least.

Michael had sighed in relief before he pressed your foreheads together and kept repeating he needed you to stay. You tried shaking your head no again but Michael pressed his lips to yours and parted, his green sight darting towards the door Rian had left slightly ajar, the sounds of far shouting and metal clinking alerting Michael that at least the palace guards had been alerted and were scouring the halls for the possible group of intruders.

“I’ll be back soon, go hide in the closet and lock the door.  I believe Rian is headed to ring the bell to alert the kingdom of an attack, she’ll be here to stay with you after. Don’t make a sound.”

And that was his last words before he ran out of your room, taking the extra few seconds to close your door before the prince’s rushed footsteps were thudding across carpeted marble, his destination being his bedroom where he could get his sword before delving right into the madness that was brewing about.

Now left alone at your room you just tried to quiet down the sobs you couldn’t help but show, your hands clutching your velvet blankets before you slowly got out of bed and into your walk-in closet like Michael had ordered you to do so, and then you locked the knob as instructed before backing away from the door.

You made sure to make as less sound as possible and once inside the closet you kept the lights closed so as not to gather any attention too. Barefoot, you walked through the spacious little room, guided only by the moonlight from a window by the middle part of the room lined with dresses and other paraphernalia that belonged to you, most of which you found out not long ago from Rian, were gifts Michael had bought for you or had especially made for you by the royal tailors.

You’ve never been to this closet at all as it was always Rian who went in and assembled your attire for the day, night, and any occasion in between. Your castle attendant was always like a shadow too now that you thought about it.

Rian never left your side the moment you woke up, only then leaving when you were gone to bed or you were with the prince and she left to give you two, some time to be together. There were the rare cases she had to go off and do some chores during the day but she was quick with them enough to be by your side again in half an hour or so.

And now she was out there too, and you only hoped Rian wasn’t bleeding to death in some hallway as well.

As much as you wanted to go out and help you knew you might only make things worse. Rian from what you’d heard from Michael, was trained in a couple forms of defense and a professional in swordsmanship too, hence why she was tasked as your castle attendant in the first place.

Just like Michael had said, you heard the distant ringing of a bell, probably that one large bell you saw hanging inside a tower-like structure jutting on the east side of the palace structure. That only meant Rian was done with her job and might be returning to your side soon.

You found yourself relaxing at this realization, your tensed limbs losing a bit of its stiffness but that didn’t last longer than you hoped when you heard a door being opened and a crash, too near that you were sure it could only come from someone breaking into your bedroom.

There were about two or three sets of footsteps that followed, too rushed and clumsy, heavy sounding too that you were sure it wasn’t Rian’s. And you frantically looked around you for some form of escape when your eyes landed on a lone window a few steps away, next to glass displays of tiaras and necklaces.

It was the shape of a circle with its glass stained on some parts to form the image of a black and gray rose pattern showing the view of what you were willing to be was one of the castle gardens on the other side, perfectly large enough for you to fit in, and low enough that you could slip through it without much of a hassle.

You heard rushed whispers from your bedroom door, the voices sounding mostly male though you were sure you could catch a tinge of a female sound too. They sounded foreign, not from this kingdom definitely, and it didn’t match the Edelweiss accent too so you were sure these people came from other kingdoms.

And from the way you could hear cloth ripping or drawers opening you guessed that this attack was somehow linked to you. You weren’t sure if it was really about you though, but there was this feeling in your gut that told you so, and then your eyes widened at the realization that maybe someone outside of Michael’s kingdom had found out you were the cursed princess and they were probably out to kill you.

Then all of a sudden as you stepped back, you managed to bump a nearby vase and it crashed to the ground, all noises in the bedroom stopping and you quickly cursed at your stupidity before you ran towards the stained-glass window and tried to undo the latch with shaky hands.

Just as the door to the closet burst open you had flung the window open and jumped, not even thinking about the fact that there might not be anything under to stop your fall only until you had taken the leap.

You thought this was the end, closing your eyes shut as you struggled to breathe with the speed you were falling in. Your room was pretty high up the castle too, and you bit your lip to keep yourself from shouting until you finally hit something.

And all around you felt pain, the sounds of clatter within castle walls being the last thing you heard before everything went black.


Following your discovery of you being the lost princess of Viscaria, you were a complete mess of a person for understandable reasons.

You zoned out of the conversation as soon as you were told you were the youngest princess of Viscaria but Yvonne, Luke, and your mother—you decided to still call her that even if it wasn’t biologically true—had continued on talking, mostly the prince and princess asking if this was a joke because it was quite a shock.

Luke at one point had left the room only to return with a book and when Yvonne gasped you shifted your eyes to the opened pages to see a drawing of your necklace, the one lost in the waves of velvet sheets somewhere in the bed, Yvonne even going to search for the necklace before she had it laid side by side to the drawn replica, everything looking like a reflection except the one on paper was made of black ink and not the silver and purple amethyst of the real thing.

In the inscription of the page it read something like:

The heirloom necklace given to the youngest child of the Viscarian Monarchy.

As soon as you read the inscription you then averted your gaze from the page before biting your lip because you just didn’t know what to do anymore.

You were standing in a line between feelings of what? You couldn’t tell. Did you feel betrayed? No, that wasn’t the proper word. Used? How were you used though? Angry? That wasn’t it either. Should you be thankful your ‘mother’ raised you despite the fact she could have left you alone to die? Thankful now that you knew your real identity?

No, you just didn’t know.

All this time you were (F/n) (L/n), daughter of a castle maid and one of the hardest workers at a castle where she was taking refuge of after her country was destroyed. You weren’t Princess (F/n) (L/n), the title just made you cringe and you doubted you would ever get used to it.

And you suddenly remembered all the times you did something other kids in the marketplace found normal to do like climbing walls or jumping the small distances between store roofs but your mother would often scold you that it was unbefitting, though she let you enjoy your life however you wanted anyway.

All the times clicked when you would be home a bit later than usual after playing with friends or selling sewn pouches and your mother would be waiting outside the door of your little house and hurriedly rush you inside or hug you as if she was worried something might befall you.

The times the woman was so adamant to not have you work because she said she couldn’t let you even if you were perfectly able. And sure, you managed to convince her with your stubbornness but it was only now that your eyes could see the meaning every little detail of your past that you didn’t think much of before.

Now all the times clicked when your mother told you that you would always be her princess.

Hell, if you only knew your mother meant princess, as in the real one like Yvonne was. The princess in those storybooks that you used to envy with their many riches, easy-going lives, and little tea-parties and evening balls, and yet now that you were being told you were one, you couldn’t help but not want any part of it.

It was like everything you thought you were, it wasn’t you, but you begged to think of the opposite that you weren’t this princess from a fallen land. You couldn’t be. It was just so absurd to think you were a princess when you didn’t come close to one.

Well sure, you didn’t have the proper training because your kingdom was burned to the ground but no. This just couldn’t be. You and the youngest princess of Viscaria were different people because that quaint and proper little girl Yvonne had always told you stories of, she sounded so surreal there was no way she would be you.

Yvonne said she loved daffodils which were plenty in the Viscarian castle gardens but you didn’t even know what those things looked like, heck you didn’t even know what a viscaria flower looked like either and that was supposed to be the symbol of your land.

Had your mother not given you the necklace your ‘father’ which you now know as your real father, the king of Viscaria, had given you

Everything you were told of, the stories of your past, and your family, someone just up and told you that everything you’ve known the past few years was just that—a story—something that existed as a work of fiction and nothing more than that.

Some time into your thoughts you heard quiet footsteps and the door closing and when you turned to face the doorway you found that you were alone, well except from Prince Luke who was standing by the nightstand in the room where the book he brought was now resting closed on top of.

Wordlessly, the prince got on the bed and positioned himself so that you were sat between his legs, his arms drawn to a hug and clasped with his interlaced fingers, his legs resting just on either side of your own limbs and he rested his chin by your shoulder.

“Are you okay?” Luke murmured, and you shifted for a bit so that you were leant back against his chest, the faint drumming of his heart soothing you and giving you that little oasis in the desert of your jumbled thoughts.

Actually, Luke alone was that oasis you needed, but there was still the churning in your gut that even the prince couldn’t settle.

There was the need to just sleep this off and hope you’ll wake up soon to find this was just one bad dream, but you’d been pinching yourself on the arm for a while now and from the pain you could feel from each pinch on that same spot in your arm getting harder than the last, this was all too real and you couldn’t help but suddenly bust the waterworks.

You weren’t sad no, you were just confused and everything seemed to be hurtling at you all at once that you didn’t even get to recover before another land sent you sprawled back on the ground.

“I don’t know…” You said, the sentence ending in a whimper and making Luke kiss your head.

“It’s a bit too much, even I can’t believe it.” He sighed.

“It just hurts… I don’t know. To think my mother…” You chuckled as you shook your head no. “She lied to me about everything—”

“Hey…” Luke left you and shuffled about until he was kneeling in front of you seconds later, his hands coming up to grasp your shaking ones before he brought each of your hands to his lips and pecked your wrists. “She might’ve lied about you but she loved you, that wasn’t fake.”

“I just…”

“Besides, even if you were a princess or not I love you and that’s not changing.” Luke shushed you and squeezed your hands before he cupped your cheeks and wiped away your tears with his thumbs. “Also, I think Miss Eloise was right in hiding your identity.”

You looked at Luke with furrowed eyebrows, finally exchanging a sight of the pale blue cloth of your night gown for his deep blue eyes, and the prince just smiled as he continued to brush away your tears.

“Think about it (F/n). Viscaria just fell and she barely managed to escape. Those that plotted the murder of your real family… for all they knew, they have successfully killed everyone in Viscaria’s monarchy, not knowing you were just in the next kingdom. They might’ve gone to kill you if they knew and I…” Luke ever so slightly gripped your cheeks tighter before he let out a shaky breathe. “I might now have met you if that happened. I wouldn’t be here with you right now, talking to you like this.”

As soon as he said those words Luke pressed a kiss to your cheek before he stood up, murmured about needing to write about the news to his mother and giving you some time to yourself, though he promised he would be back as soon as he was done writing.

Left alone you just sat there, your eyes darting towards the necklace on top of the book by your nightstand and you squeezed your eyes shut.

You needed time to think, and a few minutes alone wouldn’t do anything.

So with your mind set, you spent a few minutes in silence before you slipped away from Yvonne’s room, thankful there wasn’t anyone by the hallways as you padded barefoot towards the castle entrance, your thoughts remembering the note you left slipped under the necklace:

I’m sorry, Luke.

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