Today I almost got in a really bad car accident. I lost control of my car and was in the way of incoming traffic. I completely froze. My dad was screaming at me, I heard a horn, and I starting having a panic attack. This one car almost slammed into us head-on, going at least 50mph. If the car had hit us, it would have stricken directly into the driver’s seat. My seat. I could’ve died today. I could’ve been severely injured today. I could’ve walked away with scraps, who knows? But after my crying and panicking, I realized that my life could have ended or it could’ve been changed in a negative way.

Appreciate your life. Tell the people you love that you love them. Talk to your friends and laugh with them. Do what you can today. Do what makes you happy. Hug your parents and your siblings. Treat yourself to something nice every once in awhile. Be caring and forgiving. Life is the only thing that is truly ours and we need to treasure it while we can.

Smile everyday.