Boys playing love Live with they S/o? (If none of the moda now what love Live ia about Just ignore my ask) Also Sorry for the bad english

These were funny to imagine. Thank you for requesting this one!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • He’s rather curious to see what the game you’ve been playing is
  • When you tell him the basic premise of the game, he isn’t that surprised
  • After all, the idol industry has been a big influence on Japan’s music and entertainment for the past-
  • You hand him the game before he can continue
  • You start the song and after about 20 seconds, he hands your phone back
  • He didn’t get a single point
  • It’s only then that you remember that his hands are covered
  • You suggest that he simply take the bandages off
  • And he gently tells you that it takes a solid 8 minutes to wrap each hand in the morning
  • And that he’d have to remove his shirt just to find the end of the bandages
  • You both decide it’s too much trouble

Rantarou Amami

  • He’s already into rhythm games, so he’ll try Love Live
  • He gets this really cute look on his face when he’s concentrating really hard on a song
  • You can tell when he misses that one note at the beginning of a song
  • Because he puts his cheek in his hand and doesn’t even bother with more than one finger anymore
  • He tells you that he really enjoys it!
  • He ends up downloading it onto his phone and plays it whenever he has to wait around for something
  • Occasionally, he’ll challenge you to see who can get a higher score on a song
  • You two are pretty even

Kokichi Ouma

  • His fingers are surprisingly swift
  • Like, he picks up on how to play really easily
  • But he just can’t talk and play at the same time
  • Could you get back to him later?
  • You try to remind him that he’s using your phone but he walks off with it anyways
  • You don’t see your phone again for several hours
  • He tosses it back to you while explaining that he got bored with it
  • You open the game and see that the LP is at 0, that must have been what stopped him-
  • Wait.
  • Where did that UR Nozomi come from?
  • You look at your club members and everyone is max level and idolized
  • You look at the songs
  • He did not full combo Soldier Game on Expert in one day…
  • He did
  • You put down the phone.
  • You’re impressed and slightly scared.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • Rhythm games aren’t really his thing but he’ll try it for you
  • He doesn’t quite understand the rules at first without the tutorial but eventually he gets it
  • He plays it until the LP runs out while you watch
  • It’s adorable watching him play because you can tell exactly what’s going on in the game just from his face
  • He misses that one note at the beginning of a song and deflates
  • He doesn’t even bother with the rest of the song
  • His face is in his hands
  • Thank you for showing him the game but it stresses him out way too much
  • And he’d rather not get sucked into playing it too much anyways

Kaito Momota

  • There’s a lot of yelling
  • How do you play this?! he says after about 18 seconds of Bokura no Live
  • Well, if he would just stop using his thumbs-
  • How is he supposed to do it then?!
  • You try to show him and he just gets more and more confused
  • He’ll just try a different song
  • It doesn’t help
  • You tell him that he doesn’t have to play-
  • No, he’s not stopping until he passes at least one song
  • After several attempts, he finally beats Bokura no Live
  • He looks so happy
  • You don’t have the heart to tell him that he was only playing it on Easy


  • Congratulations
  • You have a phone that’s scratched up beyond recognition and an apologizing robot

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta’s fingers are too big
  • Gonta’s really sorry that he can’t play the game you wanted to show him!
  • But he’s glad that you enjoy it!
  • As he’s watching you play, he muses out loud if he could get some flies to press the screen for him
  • Or maybe have grasshoppers play the songs!
  • You think the thought’s adorable
  • And then Gonta sees some of the outifts
  • He’s a blushing mess
  • He’s covering his eyes now and he’s apologizing
  • Gonta is so sorry! A gentleman shouldn’t look-
  • You try to assure him that they’re just costumes and bathing suits!
  • Nope, he’s not looking.
  • He’s done.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • Sure, he’ll play your game
  • It’s a little too cutesy for his taste but he likes it
  • He’s doing pretty well but he’s trying to collect all of the club members
  • He tries to play it off like that’s not what he’s doing
  • But you can see how his eye twitches every time he gets the nun after a song
  • He has very restrained reaction overall
  • Except for when one of the girls randomly appear mid-song and makes him jump
  • After about a week of trying, he gives up and stops playing
  • He says it’s not really his kind of game
I'm a person
  • I'm a transgender male. My genitals don't matter, the way I have sex doesn't matter, who I love doesn't matter, my surgeries don't matter, my hormones don't matter, my clothes don't matter, my past doesn't matter, my hair doesn't matter, my voice doesn't matter, my religion doesn't matter, my political views don't matter, my social views don't matter, and if I pass or not as a transgender person DOES NOT MATTER.
  • What matters is I AM a person who LIVES, believes, fights, trusts, cares, hopes, LOVES, and doesn't give up. I AM a person, and being transgender does not make me less of a human.
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