I'm a person
  • I'm a transgender male. My genitals don't matter, the way I have sex doesn't matter, who I love doesn't matter, my surgeries don't matter, my hormones don't matter, my clothes don't matter, my past doesn't matter, my hair doesn't matter, my voice doesn't matter, my religion doesn't matter, my political views don't matter, my social views don't matter, and if I pass or not as a transgender person DOES NOT MATTER.
  • What matters is I AM a person who LIVES, believes, fights, trusts, cares, hopes, LOVES, and doesn't give up. I AM a person, and being transgender does not make me less of a human.
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A few weeks ago I was convinced that I hadn’t gotten strong enough to dead lift 90lbs. I wasn’t consistent in the gym like I needed to be and I felt that I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough. About a week and a half ago I said fuck it…if I can’t do it then I’ll keep working my way up. Surprisingly enough I was able to deadlift and squat it…now I’m able to get through an entire set of 10, so I have to add more weight to keep challenging my muscles. The point of the story is don’t doubt yourself, we all think we’re not enough of something, but you never know until you try and most times we surprise ourselves with what we’re able to do. Keep pushing, go hard and never give up. #deadlift #trainhard #fitblackwomen #ebonyfitnesstoday #fitchicks #livewell #challengeyourself #gohardorgohome #dedication

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When I say these bitches hurt!!!! All worth it! It’s a marathon not a sprint 😊 still got work to do. #teamlookgoodnaked #livewell #blackgirlfitness #fitblackwomen #ebonyfitness #pushharder #bethebest #fitlife #livewell #fitchick

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When niall first wake up in the hospital after Syria, did he have anyone he knows next to him? Or he was completely alone? Im finally reading ANBAHD and im just in love and heart broken too

He was alone for a while, because the first hospital they sent him to was in Germany. Then he was moved from there to London once he was stable enough, and the first person he saw that he actually knew was his father’s assistant, who delivered the news that Bobby was dead. She also put him in contact with Maura and Greg, but you know how that went. Niall was basically alone for about 6 months, until, 3 therapists later, Louis came along. He had no friends because he’d spent his whole life with LiveWell, and that had moved to New York. He had no family because Bobby was dead and the rest rejected him. Even his court-mandated therapists kept passing him off. Niall met up with Bressie before Louis came along, and Liam even earlier, but he didn’t really start to open up with them until Louis.