I’ve been a @lilfuture9 for about 2 years now. I’ve watched the growth. Y'all know in down with the kids, but this guy is special! A lot of them have skill and talent. But when it comes to being great in this sport one skill is on top of all The others. The best skill he has is LISTENING! Gave me goosebumps. The synapse between what he hears and what he does is superb! The path is clear. The will is strong. The intent is direct. His championhood is eminent. Shout out to @madscientistofboxing for putting everything good about you into this kid. This is true example of #FATHERHOOD. Who cares about them Jordans you bought him? All those Halloween costumes you bought are worthless. So your son is 8 and he has a Ferragamo belt. None of that material stuff will add up to what you teach him! #RespectMyPower #RespectTheElders #HonorTheAncestors #BlackPower #SupportYourOwn #BlackExcellence #TeachTheBabies #TheBabiesAreTheGreatest #BeBetter #boxing #Boxeo #SweetScience #HealthIsWealth #FitnessIsLife #Fit4Life #LiveWell #fightgame

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My daughter
my necklace of precious stones
you are my blood
you are my color
you are my image
now listen!
now understand!
you are alive
you have been born
Nopiltzin our lord has sent you to earth
here on earth there is heartache
a wind blows
it is obsidian
it is sharp
it is cold
we are burned by the sun
we are burned by the wind
but our lord has given us
he has given us strength
he has given us laughter
my daughter
watch for the dawn
raise your face
raise your arms to the sky
wash your hands
cleanse your mouth
take up the broom
begin to sweep
do not be idle
do not sit there close to the fire
help your little brothers
what else will you do?
you will prepare the food
you will prepare the drink
you will spin
you will weave
you will learn what is Toltec
the art of feathers
how to embroider in colors
how to dye the threads
my daughter
now listen!
now understand
you are noble
you are precious
you are turquoise
you have been shaped by the gods
see that you do not dishonor them
do not act common
do not become ordinary
you are noble
you are precious
you are turquoise
my daughter
pay attention
be strict with yourself
you were not meant to sell
handfuls of chilli
pots of salt
in the doorways of the houses on the street
you are noble
you are turquoise
you will learn to spin
you will learn to weave
you will learn to prepare food and drink
you are not common
you must not cheapen yourself
you are not for every man
only to one give your love
choose your life companion with care
you must go to the end of life together
do not leave him
hold to him
even though he may be a poor man
only a very small eagle
only a very small jaguar
do not neglect him
my daughter
with these words
my duty is done
may the gods give you a long and happy life
my turquoise one

-Nezahualcoyotl, King of Texcoco

I'm a person
  • I'm a transgender male. My genitals don't matter, the way I have sex doesn't matter, who I love doesn't matter, my surgeries don't matter, my hormones don't matter, my clothes don't matter, my past doesn't matter, my hair doesn't matter, my voice doesn't matter, my religion doesn't matter, my political views don't matter, my social views don't matter, and if I pass or not as a transgender person DOES NOT MATTER.
  • What matters is I AM a person who LIVES, believes, fights, trusts, cares, hopes, LOVES, and doesn't give up. I AM a person, and being transgender does not make me less of a human.
  • @cats-are-shady

We not playin no games round here! Get it in or go home. 😆😆😆 #thuglife #gymlife #fitblackwomen #ebonyfitness #fitblackgirls #fitchick #livewell #pushharder #bebetter #dobetter

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