Just Felt Like I Had to Put This Out There

Yeah, I’m really not scared of many things. But I am genuinely scared of the day I won’t be able to skate anymore. I just… My heart hurts just thinking about it. And I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. But the point of this post:

I feel like instead of thinking thoughts like this, and just getting all depressed and all, we should do something. Skate harder, appreciate skating that much more, because we KNOW that we can’t run from that dreaded day. Skate while you can. Yeah, practice can be really tough sometimes, but just remember, you’ll miss those tough practices more than anything once you stop skating forever. The bitter coldness from the rink, the ache of your muscles… It’s all part of our beloved sport. Practices may be tough, but you’re tougher. Push through. Work your hardest every time you step out onto that ice surface. Always give 200%, even, push yourself harder, and I PROMISE you, you can accomplish anything, really. Just please don’t give up. Every time I see a fellow skater on the ice, not trying his/her hardest, or not even pushing themselves at all, I feel… I don’t even know. A tugging at my heart? Because I know that if that skater is REALLY dedicated to this sport like I am, when they look back on their days spent wasting precious practice time on the ice, they WILL regret it. They will KNOW that they could have accomplished so much more. So if you always try your hardest, there’s nothing to regret. You know you tried your hardest, and you pushed yourself to the best you could possibly be.

So I’m not even sure what my actual point there was, but hopefully you got something out of my little speech there. Honestly, this actually applies to everyone, not just figure skaters. Any situation too… Just try your hardest at everything you do. The worst person to give up on is yourself.