RXD_1724 por Nerijus Dusevicius

Rise and Rule

When life has all but beat you down

And your faith and hope all but gone.

You could give up and wither

Or you could stand up and show life who’s won

One step at a time, new punches are dodged

Your hope returns, and new possibilities come to exist.

Your head held up higher, your strength now stronger

And you now throw the punches with your scratched up fists

A heart of gold, soul of stars, and strength of steel.

So when life has all but beat you down

Hold strong, and fight back through the pain

Now, stand up my queen, and go get your crown.



You can’t shine like a diamond, if you not willing to get cut like one.
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I wish that I didn’t feel so sick so easily and often. I could plan my day out and stick to it, get everything done on time. But sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed, especially after a long night of frequent trips to the bathroom. I get behind on my to-do’s. I’m tired. I wish I didn’t have to take long naps that took away time from studying. I wish I could concentrate on my schoolwork without any breaks. I want to feel okay for more than a few hours at a time, for more than a few days at a time. I wish I wasn’t prone to infections and slow healing. It takes so much time away from living normally and feeling good. I wish I had more of an excuse to miss school, but it’s never anything new–every few days is an off day. It’s rarely bad enough to have to take a sick day. But I’d rather be home in bed. I wish I had more guts and care for myself to say no when I don’t feel well enough to go out. I wish I didn’t feel guilty for canceling plans. I wish I had a better appetite and more energy and more happiness to share. Feeling abnormal is my normal. My good days are amazing but they are fleeting and infrequent. I wish I could have more days where I feel perfectly fine.
—  on being physically unstable

Of Oceans

To the ripples in the sky

From the reflecting oceans below

Ever moving in uncertainty

Yet stuck in a trance from something unseen

Pulsing, rushing, hearts racing

Tingles, shivers rushing over the skin

Swelling up inside, from deep within

Lashing out in a glimmer of white, a smile

Then lost.

And left with but a memory.

Of a rippling sky

From the reflecting oceans below.

-D.P.S for a girl I met and started falling for. But for now, it is but a memory

2016 💖

I know it’s already the 5th of the month but I pray you all have a very blessed year! Whether 2015 was the best year of your life or the worst, you came out of it a stronger person. Why? Because your here now! So aspire to make 2016 the year you go for your dreams and let go of your insecurity! I know i’ll be doing the same! 💖