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I might be crying because of how beautiful this is??? @wrexie did this WONDERFUL commission of my self insert and my favorite flame husband because I am getting so freaking excited about my upcoming Grillby/Reader fic and I just needed this in my life. I love my tiny skeleton but MAN there’s something about Grillby that warms my heart :D 

the thing about dan’s livestreams is that although they’re full of stupid jokes and so many dumb moments and “me and phil”, there’s always this one bit in every livestream where he says something strangely profound and gives genuinely good advice that will stick with you for a long time? that makes his livestreams so enjoyable

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Have you had a chance to watch the director's commentary of the Date Markiplier stuff? It was apparently part of the livestream yesterday and it's so cool to hear all of their thoughts behind it all.

I did! I was kinda multitasking while the stream was going, but I did catch most of the commentary. That was really cool, getting to hear some of their process and background info. :3

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“Is dangerous being alone in the night Yaku-san, I am going to protect you!”
“Yeah, no, you have a Hello Kitty tattoo on your neck”
“Is stupid”
“You don’t find it at least a little cute?”
“not even a little?”
“… is kind of cute”

Today livestream was really cool!

If you had seen my Tanaenno motocyler + rich boy AU, this one is part of that AU.

the metro fad is over but we are still more gay than u 

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I was actually thinking a Wheatley from Portal situation, except detaching from the maintenance rail ACTUALLY does kill them! Mostly a joke, but it'd be funny so that no oNE GETS NUDE ROBOTS. NO. Glasses are fine, but don't you dare remove those pants google, or ur a ded

sounds awesome, i like it!! 

just some thoughts i had.. naturally, google’s glasses are the ‘google glass’ glasses (except way more stylish), while bing’s sunglasses are like the periscope (i think???) glasses and he enjoys livestreaming while he does his cool skateboarding tricks 💚

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do you know if anyone's upload the a certain tda group dance by vlad's dance company? i saw the group on the livestream and it was super cool. Im not sure what the dance is called but i think it was to the coldplay song "the scientist" and the dance used poles that they attached to the lead dancers & basically the dance was about a car crash



This is a 24hr livestream of Jellyfish, it can be really relaxing watching the beautiful stingy guys from the safety of your computer. Also I love the music.

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I am still so giddy over those new quotes from Nolan about harry, gahhh I can't wait to see him in this movie, I think he's gonna be amazing. And seeing him right up front next to Nolan during the livestream was so cool, right where he belongs lol😋 I can't wait for more promo, the premiere on Thursday should be a lot of fun and who knows what else may be lined up over the next couple of weeks, I hope we get to see harry and fionn all over the place 🤗

Harry sitting next to Nolan & Nolan gushing about him……….. my dreams came true!!!!!!!!!!! 

“right where he belongs” yes!!!! listen, Nolan is totally head over heels about Harry, he’s a full blown harrie now, and I can see him casting him for his next movies, making this the beginning of an amazing and prolific collaboration…..  I, for one, I’m GRATEFUL for it!! *so blessed, so moved, I can’t believe this is my life now*