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Lol watch Niall say in an interview that Louis was at his concert but backstage.... Louis' tweet was a bit too obvious tbh. I wouldnt be surprised at all if there is some damage control, aka Niall saving the day and lying about Louis being at his concert...

You forgot that Niall followed a fucking SIMS account (RIP) that basically tweeted larry porn and he followed them when it was livestreaming the Larry wedding, don’t talk about our captain like this.

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Heyy! I'm trying to watch the Lombardia Trophy but the link you posted leads to a youtube livestream that seems to be blocked due to copyright infrangement. I found another link to the livestream, but I don't know how to send it to you because apparently I cannot include a link in the question :/

Sorry, that particular Youtube stream was for the ladies’ SP only. The admins have been busy with work/school and couldn’t fix the link earlier. IdealwebTV on Youtube is streaming each event separately, please check the Youtube channel for new streams as each event starts.

The Lombardia/US Classic info post has now been updated with the link to the Youtube, as well as an updated schedule for US Classic. Remember to always open the permalink because reblogged posts may have outdated information!

On Facebook, where everyone knows I’m a photographer, “SO ARE YOU TAKING PICTURES OF THE ECLIPSE???”

Me, raised on Photography, “Nope, eating cold lasagna and watching it a 4K livestream because I don’t feel like damaging my $1,300 lens.”

Facebook, “Hubby showed me this neat app that let’s me take pictures and view the eclipse on my PHONE.”

Me, a Certified Professional and Licensed Photographer, “Yeah, that app is crap. You’re gonna burn your sensor with prolonged unprotected exposure.”

Facebook, “Nuh-uh Debbie Downer! The APP says NASA said it’s SAFE!”

Me, chewing cold lasagna like a cow. “Yeah. Okay, good luck taking selfies from here on, Karen.”

Highlights from Loby's Instagram livestream
  • Tanner popping into the livestream 😍
  • “Where’s Difo? That’s a good question…Difo’s everywhere, that’s where he is”
  • Loby and Max both pointing at each other and saying “THIS is the DUDE”
  • Loby and Matt Wieters looking like highly concerned parents when they learned that Robles was 20 and shouldn’t be drinking
  • Gio BREAKING IT DOWN on the dance floor
  • Difo finally making it to the livestream
  • I don’t know any Spanish, but from what I gathered, Loby said that Difo and Michael Taylor were “crazy”
  • Brian Goodwin breaking out the dance moves
  • Felipe fucking Rivero commenting on the livestream and tugging at my heartstrings
PAX West 2017-Jacksepticeye Hour Of Delight livestream!!!

Hey Guys! 

Don’t Forget this watch this PAX West 2017 Livestream…. 

@therealjacksepticeye will be appearing soon On September 1,2017 At 4:00pm in  Main Theatre..

Here is Check it out : 

Thank you!!! 

Please, check your calendar …. 

It was just Like this Last year I watched Pax East 2017 and Now, I can’t wait for this so much for this watch… I am so Sorry Jack.. I cannot go to Pax Again… But Maybe I go to Pax East 2018 Next year again…. 

(: PEACE! 

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Have you drawn Hannah before. I'm curious what she would look like in your style, since she's a pretty lady♡

I doodled her in a livestream for someone! I don’t think I saved it though bc i cant find her in my files :( i’m thinking about doing a series where i draw all the kuro ladies (so far i’ve done lizzy, grell, and sieglinde i think!) 

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do you have a link to niall's show tonight? i cant find one!

Hi! yeah, you can watch the livestream in these instas: link and link and link and then NJHNEWS2 in twitter said that some fans are taking over their snapchat to livestream, I don’t know their name in snap but I’m sure they posted on their twitter. Hope this helps, and enjoy the show!!!

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At what time is your livestream ?? I don't wanna miss it (I may have become a Jordyn stan ahah)

Around 2-3PM pacific time! :o I’ll post about it when it starts tomorrow :)