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@afterglowingassassin - This is the man we’ve given our hearts to, eh? 🤣

A definite gem from yesterday’s livestream - Troy Edward Baker being an adorable goofball.


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Aww. Darius and Misha on a plane! Probably flying to Italy for JIB con. I wonder where their connection is? (No direct flights from Reykjavik to Rome.. I know from tedious experience. My connection was Heathrow (London) but I think other options were Oslo, Brussels, Dusseldorf.. depending on the airline. I WONDER WHERE THEY ARE? England? Norway? Belgium? Germany? Are they shopping and drinking coffee in an airport lounge right now? I NEED MORE DARIUS & MISHA EUROPEAN ADVENTURES! :D

fingers crossed for a few livestreams!!! lets tulpa this shit!!!

you going to jib anon??


gentle giant 

gen·tle gi·ant (n.) a man who is tall and strong but has a quiet, mild nature. (my screenshots, please don’t remove caption/source)