livestream doodles


Art from this week’s livestream party! Remember if you miss them, they are recorded on my livestream channel!

1. Blaster Sans giving his bro a ride. This is actually how they got around before being taken in. Sans would just carry his bro everywhere.

2. People are like DRAW SANS FROM CHAPTER 4 OF TRUST. And I’m like, u monsters. Look how sad he is. It’s awful.

3. What made it better is that people imminently demanded a family hug picture after the sad Sans. Things get better when there’s people that care!

4. People wanted Grillby. So you get a BAD TIME © Grillby, Grillby trying to get Pap to stop trying to eat his shoes, and a NOT AMUSED © Grillby with a joke T-Shirt. Who got it for him? Nobody knows.

5. Someone requested during the week what the bros would look like grown up in blaster form. Sans is forever short. Pap is friend shaped.

Phew thanks for coming guys! 40 people stopped by, I never even expected that 8O Thank you all so much you guys are super awesome :)


Danny you’re not in frame back up
Fool’s Gold Spirit Week doodles from the stream earlier today! I couldn’t resist drawing those kaleidoscope yoga pants haha

Thank you to everyone that attended the stream! I had a lot of fun and you all were so nice! Hopefully there will be another one soon <3