Livestream on Instagram!

I’ll be livesteaming tomorrow morning at 10:30am in Sydney on my Instagram @emmastudiess. I’m hoping by doing it in the morning I’ll manage to get a few of my American followers since usually I livestream whilst they’re in bed! As a quick guide it will be:

  • 10:30am Sydney (31 Mar)
  • 7:30pm NY + Canada (30 Mar)
  • 4:30pm Los Angeles (30 Mar)
  • 8:30pm Rio de Janeiro (30 Mar)

It will include a Q&A, stationery walkthrough, desk tour, random tips and general chat/get to know me!! I really hope you guys can join me! I’ll be doing another one over the weekend, so even if you don’t get to see this one hopefully you’ll get the next one :-) x


Overwatch BUNNYCREW competitive-livestream from today! Had an awesome time with these guys!

Q & A Livestream

Hey there!!

So I did a little impromptu livestream last night just sitting and talking. For those of you who missed it you can find it here:

It’s funny cos I couldn’t see this link anywhere, it wasn’t in my video manager even though I set it to archive afterwards. Super strange but there ya go :D EDIT: the video being unlisted doesnt change anything, it should still show up for me regardless of its status



I can’t donate or buy a shirt because I dont have money for it but i will share the stream!



Join us! 


Have good time!


MATCH STREAM | Thorns FC host Chicago Red Stars in the Thorns Spring Invitational, presented by Tillamook

Kickoff is 5:00pm PT at Providence Park.