SM/HHNF by E-vay
Watch E-vay's SM/HHNF on Warm up drawing of Aurora as "Sailor Tiny Rose" then spend the rest of the time drawing panels from HHNF

Head’s up! I’m going to start the Livestream in about 30 minutes (12PM MDT). I’m going to start with a warm up drawing of young Aurora as Sailor Chibi Moon (aka Sailor Tiny Rose) and then will spend the rest of the time doing panels of HHNF.

one-true-lloyd will be joining me over skype for the stream to chat and talk with you all as well.

Stop by if you’re interested! I’ll be here for at least a few hours :)
MarkiArtists for Charity

Hi, followers! As you know I enjoy reblogging @markiplier things every now and then, and I’d like to introduce something else to you guys- it’s the
MarkiArtists’ August fundraiser for The All Children’s Hospital of Florida via Operation Extra Life

My friend @warfpower has asked me to try and boost this, as it’s very important and special to her and others out there. There’s going to be “a lot of special stream events scheduled with a possible podcast and selling of stickers and shirts,” so please, if you have some time now and then, check it out?

On today’s stream we have a wild luna gone rogue, will someone rise up to the challenge and stop her rampage? No? … Fine we’re all doomed to have perfect butts. On my side i will be doing a joke concept art of a certain crossbow lady that showed up for one panel years ago. And finish Lordpanther’s second commission of july about Quain and Zala. Kite? Kite will potato about. To watch, participate, win giveaway, set us challenges or eat potatoes then drop by our multistream!