After almost 1,000 years the population of a generation ship has lost the ability to understand most technology and now lives at a preindustrial level. Today the ship reaches its destination and the automated systems come back online.

snowflakettie  asked:

Ey Mana! Ehhh a question about Starstruck- I remember you saying something about how they live on different levels right? How does that work exactly? :O

Eyy Snowy! Yep! If you mean the levels of the Earth, Sky, and Space, then yep they’re levels! Although, Earth is a place the characters never heard of, because they never knew that anything was below them, only above!

Stella (originally), Eclipse, Dropillia, and Ozone live in the Sky~

Nuvola, Corona, Nebula, Penumbra, Umbra, Zenith, Parallax, Cygnus, and Zeke live in Space~

If this isn’t what you meant then ask anything else if u want! OwO 💕


In Shaw’s Mind |  When Root Is The 1st (& Only) Thing She Cares About

- at every waking moment, the first thing Shaw does is call out or look for Root

- Shaw’s innermost feelings (the truest because it comes from the subconscious level) about Root is laid bare in this episode


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