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Small reminder that I love u n believe in u n want u all to know I am proud of u and all ur efforts kissy kissy hug hug good vibes gn✨

I just gotta say why I feel that the crewniverse is writing Lapis and Peridot as a couple rather than just as roommates, and it’s not very scientific: personal life experience as an Adult™.  Let me break it down:

1.  I’ll start by saying I have had a LOT of roommates.  We had relationships ranging from cordial to friendship- we would hang out, do some stuff together, but ultimately go our separate ways.  We lived in the same apartment, but we had separate lives.  But from what we’ve seen, it appears that Lapis and Peridot do pretty much everything together.  In the ONE post-Barnmates episode they are apart, we are still reminded of Lapis half-way through the episode.  Their *togetherness* is reinforced over and over again throughout the show.  They are connected on SO many more levels beyond the fact that they live together.

2.  Second, the level of intimacy and closeness between these two reflects a deeper relationship than one between roommates. We can see that Peridot has made it more or less her personal mission to take care of Lapis.  She’s protective of her physically and emotionally, supportive of her emotions and healing process, and is generally invested in making her happy.  I’ve always experienced and observed relationships between roommates as being friendly- being there to listen, doing a few favors to help out- but supporting them in almost every aspect of their life and prioritizing their needs in your life?  THAT’S a couple.  

3.  They got a dog together.  People who aren’t dating don’t do that.  If you’re just roommates, or even best friends, there’s an understanding that you will most likely part ways at some point in the future and getting a dog *together* wouldn’t work. Adopting a pet together is a VERY couple-y thing to do because it implies a long-term commitment to stay together for the duration of the pet’s life.  Idk where we’re at on pumpkin’s lifespan specifically but symbolically, adding a dog-baby to the picture is a pretty clear sign that they are at least a family unit.

4.  As far as the jump between Hit the Diamond and Beta goes….To me I just saw that Lapis didn’t like Peridot at first but they quickly realized they liked each other A LOT….U-haul lesbians anyone? I don’t use this to justify a Lapidot relationship but it’s what I thought of when suddenly they were all domestic and getting along really well.  Don’t think it was done on purpose BUT whatever makes me laugh works.

So, it’s official - Aaron likes to mock both his fiancé’s fashion sense and his weird interior design tastes.

Poor Robert, all he wants to do is reconcile with someone who has the same passion for floral shirts, door handles and catalogue inspiration as he does THIS IS THE BEST DOMESTICATED BLISS WE COULD ASK FOR !!!