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Everything You Need To Know About Erik Killmonger

Unless you’re living under a rock you saw the latest Black Panther trailer this week. Trailer 2 expanded on what we saw from the first trailer and it was awesome! For me, the highlight of trailer was Michael B. Jordan’s portrayal of Erik Killmonger. Physically imposing with far too much swag Killmonger appears to be a scene stealer already. If you’re new to the character or a hardcore fanatic like myself, here’s everything you need to know about Killmonger… Very few people call him Erik! 


Erik Killmonger debuted Jungle Action #6 during the Panther’s Rage storyline (Issues 6-8). T'Challa returns to Wakanda to find that Erik Killmonger has threatened his homeland. Killmonger, causes chaos throughout the villages in an attempt to get T’Challa’s attention. T’Challa confronts Killmonger and is met with dismissiveness. After dismissing the African Prince Killmonger makes T’Challa fight “Prey”, his leopard. After apparently snapping the jaw of the leopard, Killmonger advances, throwing T’Challa over a waterfall.


Born under the name N'Jadaka, he is a native of Wakanda. His family was exiled after his father died fighting next to Ulysses Klaw and his mercenaries. He would end up in Harlem, New York where his hatred for Klaw and T’Challa grew, the king that exiled him. He then changed his name to Erik Killmonger and studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, desperate to avenge his father’s death.

Eventually he returned to Wakanda and settled in a village that would later change its name to B”Jadka Village, in his honor. He dreamed of ridding Wakanda of what what he felt was “white colonialist” cultural influences and return to its ancient ways. While Black Panther was away on frequent trips to America he’d take advantage of that absence. He would eventually be killed & defeated… until being resurrected.

Resurrection & Wakanda Takeover

Mandarin is responsible for Killmonger’s resurrection. Killmonger would return to his lover and ally, Madam Slay and they plotted to kill the Black Panther and bring back the ancient ways of Wakanda.

Tony Stark would visit Wakanda and Madam Slay drugged Jim Rhodes and took him prisoner. Killmonger would blamed Rhodes and Stark after believing he had killed The Black Panther, convincing the Wakandans that he would lead them to vengeance in the process. The Black Panther would eventually return, revealing that he had faked his death using an LMD. The Black Panther would go on to defeat Killmonger. The Mandarin recalled his ring and Killmonger reverted to an inanimate skeleton. However Killmonger had garnered a following, a following that would resurrect him. He would clash with T’Challa for the foreseeable future. 

Killmonger would try to gain control of Wakanda once again, this time with its economy. T'Challa would stop him by nationalizing all foreign companies in Wakanda and cause a run on the stock market. The two foes would collide once again, but this time Killmonger would defeat his foe and gain the status of Black Panther. He would maintain control of Wakanda and attempt to inherit T'Challa’s Avengers status, but when he underwent ritual his body reacted to the heart-shaped herb that he was suppose to consume. Proving to be poisonous to anyone that wasn’t of the royal bloodline. T’Challa didn’t allow him to die despite it being easy to do so.

As Killmonger came out of his coma, he reclaimed his position as chieftain over Wakanda. Once again he went to New York this time to contact Kasper Cole, a police officer, parading as the Black Panther to help him with cases. Killmonger attempted to gain him as an ally, offering him a buffered version of the Panther’s heart-shaped herb. In exchange, he would have to drop the Panther identity and take up that of a White Tiger acolyte of the Panther cult. Also He’d owe Killmonger a favor. Kasper would agreed, but instead he’d use his new herb-enhanced abilities to track down the boy on his own to avoid owing Killmonger an unpayable debt.

T'Challa, once again the sole ruler of Wakanda while Killmonger resurfaced and took control of Niganda. Killmonger is killed by Monica Rambeau during another confrontation with T’Challa. Monica was previously captured and imprisoned. The son of Killmonger’s young swears to vengeance against the Black Panther, in an eerie callback to T’Challa who swore the same after the death of his father.


It appears that what we’ve briefly seen in the trailers is true to the characters comic book origins. Also, the jaguar suit looked amazing! I somewhat wished they would’ve saved that for the movie, but I’m excited nonetheless. Judging from the trailer Killmonger is going to be a fan favorite, show stealer, and complete bad ass! My calendar is marked for February 16, 2018!


If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 12 hours, or just been asleep, I have a new blog!!

It’s all about art!! And ARISTS!!! It’s a blog made just for furry artists on tumblr. I will reblog straight from the artists themselves and try to tag them to make them easy to search through (I’m really shitty at making tags lol.. if anyone has a method of tagging furry art, I’m totally open for suggestions).

Please check it out, and if you see anything you like, I suggest following the artist that posted it! Even if they don’t post regularly, you can always search their blog for art and it’s the coolest thing!

Artists are heckin awesome!




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in case u live under a rock and have never binge watched chinese ripoffs of american cartoons, this is ‘miracle star’, a rather well done ripoff of amazing world of gumball:

and THIS is a preview for a new episode of TAWOG:

i gotta say, bein an animator, i am RLY LIVIN FOR THIS KIND OF CARTOON-TO-CARTOON DRAMA

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celebrities read mean tweets: exy edition

  • neil reads all of the tweets with the most stoic expression
  • @/andrewminyard03: i don’t get why people hype josten so much, he’s an idiot”
  • neil: same
  • after a while he starts to answer in different languages just to piss the producers off
  • wymack is watching and asking abby why didn’t he let andrew kill neil with that racquet when they first saw him
  • twenty minutes into the show, neil looks up with bored expression and says “can i get some tweets that aren’t from andrew”
  • no, they’re all from andrew
  • andrew refuses to do it at all and asked about it aaron says that it’s because he’s got enough of nicky, the meanest bitch
  • nicky is so offended he doesn’t send aaron a christmas card
  • kevin always gets the meanest ones and he wants to fight everyone
  • @/nhemmick: kevin day can stick his racquet up his ass, he can’t play in a team for shit”
  • kevin: how ‘bout i stick it up your ass, hemmick? maybe if you’d play it like you mean it i would be able to play in a team you fucki-
  • the producer: mr day this is national tv, can you-
  • kevin: FIGHT ME
  • dan and matt do it together but they don’t get any mean tweets because nicky spams with praises about matt’s handsome face and alvarez spams about dan’s body to die for
  • renee and allison do it together too but it’s just renee reading the tweets with the nicest smile while allison talks about neil in jorts for the whole hour because what the fuck i know he lived under a rock but come one josten COME ON
  • (after the show all of the people that sent mean things about renee apologized because she’s a total sweetheart how could they ever tell her something like that also andrew threatened to break their legs so there’s that)
  • nicky fucking laughs at everything he reads
  • @/andrewminyard03: this isn’t hooker convention, this is nicky hemmick’s wedding”
  • nicky: get rekt minyard
  • @/kevinday: nicky hemmick is a brooklyn hipster piece of shit and i’m gonna fight him”
  • nicky: kevin day has a shrine dedicated to jeremy knox and he kisses the pictures before every important game
  • (kevin personally flies from new york to germany two days later and erik has to wrestle him to the ground to stop kevin from breaking an exy racquet over nicky’s head)
  • jeremy knox agrees to do it because he’s sure people won’t be mean to him
  • they are
  • (mostly his former teammates, read: alvarez)
  • jeremy: i didn’t win a team spirit award for five years straight for this
  • jean reads only two tweets
  • “jean moreau sounds llike he has a dick in his mouth all the time”
  • jean: what’s wrong with having a dick in my mouth?
  • jeremy cries behind the scenes
  • “jean moreau looks like this person who doesn’t deserve to be famous but he slipped thru the cracks and ppl were like ‘ok’, i hope he dies”
  • jean slides from the chair to the ground and gets so close to the camera you can only see his mouth
  • jean: god i hope so too
  • that’s it because jeremy drags him out of there
  • no one knows if he was joking
  • kevin calls him ten minutes later to ask if he’s okay
  • jean hangs up on him
  • the producers never ask exy players to do any of it again
  • wymack is glad
Cooking Prompts

- You don’t know how to cook more than ramen so I’m trying to teach you but all you have to eat is ramen and a single carrot. How are you alive?

- I needed you to go grocery shopping for me because I love to cook but you have no clue what you’re doing. Also, how do you not know what a radish is? Have you been living under a rock or?

- You are an amazing cook and just watched me eat microwave popcorn for all 3 meals today and I think you’re going to punch me.

- You just made what you think is a really easy dish but I’m actually crying at how good it is. No, I’m fine, I’m just in love with your cooking so much. Please, will you make me more food in the future?

- For my birthday you bought me 3 different cookbooks and I get the hint. You want me to actually make food for once. But dude, it’s hard and takes time to do that.

- We’ve stayed home all day so neither of us have changed but when you started cooking you put on an apron. Now I just realized you are in fact naked wearing a apron and wow you just made cooking sexy.

- “I tried to make you a birthday cake but it completely flopped so now your cake is just a plate of marshmallows. I’m sorry.”

- “I forgot that you’re allergic to (insert food) and I accidentally put some in your meal. Now our dinner date is spent at the hospital.”

- “We’re trying to cook a nice meal together but I’m really clumsy so I dropped everything on the ground. So now we’re eating pizza and watching movies together.”

min yoongi probably.....
  • Yoongi: hey namjoon teach me some english i'm bored
  • Namjoon: um okay
  • Namjoon: *in english* yaint finna steal m'bae
  • Yoongi:
  • Yoongi: i don't know what language that is but it's not english
More Foreshadowing?

Everyone who watches Voltron knows the writers enjoy throwing in hints whenever they can, and I may have just found another.

Remember this scene?

Of course you do.

It’s the iconic “Hey man” one.

And yeah, it’s a great scene, and the Klance is just prime, but something Lance said has me thinking there was more to it than simply a team bonding moment (and hella cool outro)

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