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Today is little Hanayo’s birthday !!! Happy birthday !

To celebrate, we took the kids to a huge greenhouse in which Hanayo can look at the flowers and plants ! She always had a deep connection with plants. She’s very excited since there’s lots of types she’s never seen before !

She took a bunch of crayons and a sketchbook along, and both Mari and Riko did the same too. The three artists will try their best to draw their favorite plants whenever they feel like it.

However, we should try to keep an eye on the smile attribute kids… They might want to step on the flowers and climb the trees. Especially the two orange leaders… Let’s hope they don’t cause havoc in there too…



I decided to stream a bit of BGC at 4AM. The new girls were added to the house and pulled up on Joanne the Scammer. It was a mess!

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