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they’re dressed as lions bc they’re the pride of the family

adding more to the tsukkiyama parent AU~


Moon in Aquarius 🛫

In Aquarius, the Moon ascends from atop Capricorn’s mountain to join blue and futuristic skies. The Moon is far away from home, and she’s never been to Aquarius’ airy territory before. Up here, winds blow in unusual currents, and the Moon feels uncomfortable electrical chains running everywhere and connecting herself to all of humanity.

Aquarius Moon people have an emotional need to feel original and innovative, distinguishing themselves from other people by the manner they nurture others and by what they feel. It is not unusual for Aquarius Moon people to find that they somehow don’t belong to their family, to their home or to any kind of group they’re in. The Moon is highly receptive, and so, in Aquarius, she becomes able to receive and understand subtle electrical circuits propagating through the air, blessing the individual with an especial gift to learn quickly, grasping hidden information from the air and, from that, creating unexpected kinds of knowledge that other people might find hard to understand because of its complexity. The individual feels great care for human kind, and thus has an instinctual need to nurture the collective through their ability to offer knowledge and experimental solutions for worldly problems. These people are blessed with the ability to emotionally see the world through kaleidoscopic lenses, and the way they nurture others never ceases to surprise us.

Because the emotional structure here is unique, those with an Aquarius Moon unconsciously change their habits whenever they feel they’re resembling someone else in their lives. They are eccentric, and their feelings radically change over time, changing their ways, style and belief systems. This is maybe a reflection of the unconventional home and family they had as children. The maternal figure might have been friendly and tolerant; someone who took the time to teach the child how big the world can be and how different people can be too, although this placement does not favour emotional nurturing and warmth, for Aquarius’ air is cold and blue. Encouraged to be inventive and liberal at infancy, Aquarius Moon adults have a broad and universal view of the world, understanding deeply the mechanics behind the functioning of societies as a whole.

Contrary to the Moon’s primary instincts, the Aquarius Moon holds no grudges and is a freedom-lover, for she is a servant of the future now. It should be important to find balance between these two poles, achieving the emotional security to live in the present time and to be true to one’s emotions, even though these feelings may be quite erratic or disorganized. The Aquarius Moon individual may also feel drawn to big groups of people, where they usually assume important and influential positions, acquiring great popularity and social valorization over time.

The Moon is up in the skies, filtrating Aquarius’ electrical shocks and pouring refreshing waters of revolutionary feelings and inventions on humanity’s forehead. The Earth is moist with reforming ideas; humanitarian flowers blossom in Spring.

I'm a free spirit. I do free spirit shit. So please don't look at me confusingly, just gaze at me in wonder and maybe you too, will draw inspiration from my eccentricities.
Uranus In The Houses

Uranus In The 1st House: unconventional appearance and attitude towards life; you may switch up your fashion preferences and hairstyle very often. you prefer to go with the flow and take everything as it comes

Uranus In The 2nd House: unconventional finances; you may find yourself bringing in an income through non-traditional manners and experimenting with different ways of making money

Uranus In The 3rd House: unconventional intellectual abilities; you may possess an intricate mind and you are always thinking outside of the box. your thoughts can potentially be perceived as shocking or unacceptable

Uranus In The 4th House: unconventional home; you may have a chaotic, high-strung family and you find solace in your bizarre home life. you feel as though you are the black sheep in your family

Uranus In The 5th House: unconventional creativity; your passionate streaks come in waves - some are high and some are low. you may rebel in an energetic way and create your own rules to life

Uranus In The 6th House: unconventional work habits; you may do things in an oddly specific way and you confuse others because you seem calculated, but you don’t necessarily know what your plans are beforehand. you have various routines

Uranus In The 7th House: unconventional relationships; you are either a wildly eccentric partner, or you look for a partner who lives up to your eccentric ideals - maybe both. you do not want to be controlled or dependent on approval

Uranus In The 8th House: unconventional profundity; you do not seem to judge anyone or anything, which makes you tolerant but also hard to read. you may find a safe place in darkness. you’re emotionally nonchalant and take care of your problems alone

Uranus In The 9th House: unconventional philosophies; you may rebel against the convictions of others and follow your own unpredictable journey, uncovering personal truths firsthand. you like to explore the weirdness of this world

Uranus In The 10th House: unconventional goals; you are intensely free-spirited and you refuse to conform to society’s expectations of what you should be. you may seek a career that is obscure or difficult to attain

Uranus In The 11th House: unconventional friendships; you give your friends the freedom to do as they please and to act as they please. you welcome unusual elements into your life. you bring people together and embrace your quirks

Uranus In The 12th House: unconventional spirituality; you may have a great understanding of the universe and you tend to have erratic fantasies/dreams, as well as artistic talents that are impossible to define

Monty Python and the Holy Grail inspired rp starters (part 2/2)
Feel free to change pronouns !

  • ‘‘He killed my auntie!’‘
  • ‘‘This is supposed to be a happy occasion!‘‘
  • ‘‘ Let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who.‘‘
  • “Is there anywhere in this town where we could buy a shrubbery?”
  • “I arrange, design, and sell shrubberies.”
  • “You must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest… with… a herring!”
  • “By what name are you known?”
  • “The entrance to this cave is guarded by a creature so foul, so cruel that no man yet has fought with it and lived!”
  • “What an eccentric performance.”
  • “That’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on.”
  • “What if you get a question wrong?”
  • “What is your favorite color?”
  • “What is the capital of Assyria?”
  • “What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?”
  • “How dare you profane this place with your presence!?”
  • “I burst my pimples at you and call your daughter an unrequested silly thing.”
  • “Walk away.  Just ignore them.”
  • “We shall attack at once!”
Fanfiction Recommendation

10/8/17: So I know that I missed last week and I’m so sorry, I had some difficult stuff come up with the closing of my show and I unfortunately had to fail a student. So yeah there were a lot of meetings and paperwork I had to verify and just a big mess of terrible stuff. I have two more weeks until my next show starts, so I’m hoping to get some more stuff written out for you guys. Also I usually don’t recommend my own work, but it would really mean the world to me if you guys could read If I Could Change Your Mind, I just spent a lot of time on it and I would love to know what you guys think. But I love you guys and I hope you enjoy!

Last Week’s Recommendation 

My Masterlist

Dean x Reader

  • No Place I’d Rather Be by @wonderfulworldofwinchester -  “ Hi!! I’m not sure if you do fanfic requests but if you, (I absolutely loved your dean x reader season 10 one) could you do one where the reader gets broken up with on a date and dean comforts her and confesses his feelings to her and fluff ensues? (Idk if you do smut, if you do I’d be cool with that too) 😂😂 love your stories bunches!!”
  • Rule Breakers by @luci-in-trenchcoats - “Could you do a Western Dean x Reader where Dean is an outlaw. He recently robbed a bank and hides in the Reader’s barn. The Reader finds him and runs to get help but Dean catches her and takes her hostage?”

Sam x Reader

Cas x Reader

  • I Love You by @queen-of-deans-booty -  Cas x reader where the reader says “I love you” to the Winchesters.. meaning it in a brother to sister way and Cas tells the reader “I love you” and he kisses her and everyone goes wide eyed but the reader loves him back
  • Castiel’s Trench Coat by @lucifersagents - No Summary, Castiel saves reader

Crowley x Reader

Jensen x Reader

  • You’re Biggest Fan (Series-Ongoing) by @queenkaywinchester -  You are an up and coming mystery/suspense writer. The newest addition to your popular series was just released, which means never-ending book signings all over the country. When your overzealous agent lands you a signing in Vancouver, you meet a fan you never expected to have. And, as luck would have it, you are just as big of a fan of them as they are of you!
  • Sunny Spain by @jayankles - Jensen decides that his work is getting to much for him to handle so books a spontaneous trip to Spain, where he meets the reader.

Jared x Reader

Misha x Reader

  • The Misha Slip by @plaid-lover-bay25 - A look back on yours and Misha’s relationship and all the little secrets he’s given away.
  • Salem (Series-Ongoing) by @d-s-winchester - The sleepy town of Salem, Massachusetts has always been shrouded in mystery and intrigue. The allure surrounding the Salem Witch Trials along with the beautiful scenery that surrounded the town had people pouring in from across the country, especially during the autumn months. Overall it was a beautiful place to live, albeit sort of eccentric – what with a large statue of Samantha from Bewitched in town and the House of Seven Gables – and that was why Ophelia Wilton loved it so much.The vivid visions that plagued horror writer, Misha Collins’ dreams had started at just the right time. He was between novels and searching for something – anything – to spark inspiration  and the dreams about the lavender haired woman and signs advertising the small town of Salem seemed to be just what he needed. When Misha arrived in Salem looking for more inspiration for his novel he wasn’t sure what he was expecting to find. He knew for certain, however, that it wasn’t Ophelia. The owner of the small occult store was the last person Misha thought would catch his attention, but she did. After the untimely death of her boyfriend Ophelia wasn’t sure she would ever be able to move on but then Misha Collins walked into her store.

Bucky x Reader

Sebastian Stan x Reader

  • Text Message Received by @i-dont-do-rpfs -  Sebastian receives an unexpected text from you.
  • The Perfect Plan by @giftofdreams -  Sebastian has a little crush on the new assistant on set, Y/N. But each time she’d come around, he’d clam up. Resulting in Anthony, thinking of the perfect plan to make him step up and ask Y/N out.

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Scenario of Aone being turned into an ogre by a witch and only someone truly loving him can restore him ( basically beauty and the beast) . He saves his s/o somehow and they want to repay him by working at his mansion.

Ah, I had so much fun with this request! I kind of followed the storykune of Beauty and the Beast, but changed up a few things (like names) ! I hope you enjoy this, it was enjoyable to write! ☺️

-Admin Lana 💫

There many tales that floated through your small town of an ogre that lived in the mansion beyond the woods, cursed to spend an eternity as a beast unless it’s true love broke the spell. Quite frankly, you hadn’t believed in such fabrications until you had crossed paths with the being itself. 

“Stop telling those stories to the children, you’ll end up scaring them!” You chided, laughing to yourself as the young boy jumped at the sound of your voice, a sheepish expression overcoming his features. “I’ll be back soon, make sure to clean up before you leave.” With those parting words, you left the small house behind on horseback, eager to find the ingredients needed for the night’s dinner.

It was a tedious trek along the dirt path, the trees growing thicker and the leaves less sparse, chilly air nipping at your back. You never did like going out too far past the town limit, especially as the days grew shorter. The task was simple, find the herbs for the stew and you’ll be on your way. At least it was simple until you found yourself lost and confused.

“This is the worst time to be directionally challenged.” You murmured to yourself in an effort to minimize the imminent feeling that you were completely and utterly alone in a forest with no source of light.  Your horse nickered nervously, moving forward slowly, almost as if sensing that something wasn’t quite right. A twig snapped and a growl resounded from the right, sending the horse reeling in fear. Your body seemed to grow light, the ground closer as you landed with a hard thump, air pushed from your lungs. 

Disoriented, you sat up, attempting to get your bearings. It was futile and seeing as how your ride had long abandoned you, your options were proving to be very minimal. You cursed silently, shuffling to your feet and moving forward. The animalistic noises only seemed to grow louder until it stopped right in front of you. A blur of grey shot at you, leaving only enough time to lift your arms to shield your face as the wolf snapped at you, it’s teeth dangerously close. 

“He-help! Someone please!” The screams tore from your throat, desperation laced in your voice with each breath. This was certainly not the way you planned on leaving the world. Far from it to be quite honest. You screwed your eyes shut, the flicker of hope beginning to die out like a burning candle until the weight disappeared and you felt like you could breathe again.The wolf, one who seemed so fierce and aggressive once before, was no scampering away with it’s tail between it’s legs. You could understand why, there was an eight foot tall monster snarling at it.

“So the stories were true…”

It was through some twist of fate that you found your life intertwined with the fabled ‘Ogre of the West’ as your town had dubbed him, but the reality of the situation was much different. Despite his somewhat unusual appearance and green tinted skin, Aone would be considered a hypocrite to the ogre species. He was not rude and foul like most of his kind, nor did he partake in cannibalistic practices. He was truly a gentle ogre with a heart made of gold. The poor thing wouldn’t even hurt a fly. Not even the wolf that threatened to make you his next meal on that horrid night. 

The tale of the Ogre was quite sad in itself. Aone was once a human man, content with living in the peace and quiet of the woods. He didn’t have many visitors, but late one evening a woman sought refuge at his home during a storm, and he was more than happy to help a person in need. He fed and clothed the woman with no qualms, allowing her to stay in one of the guest bedrooms until the storm eased up. However, during the early hours of the night, the woman snuck into his chambers in an attempt to seduce the man, but when he refused her, she grew angry. Little did he know that the woman was actually a witch with powers that far surpassed belief. She cursed him to an eternity as an ogre, knowing that there wasn’t a human on Earth that could look past the atrocities of a beast. Aone lost hope soon after that, accepting the fate that he would remain in this form for years to come.

You grew angry each time you heard the story, upset that such a kindhearted man deserved such a fate. There wasn’t much you could do for his situation, but in an effort to return the favour of Aone saving your life, you decided to work for him in the mansion. It wasn’t difficult work considering you had the household staff aiding you, those which were turned into common household items and furniture. You’ve been living with the eccentric makeshift family for months now, growing closer to them and the host of the house. Certainly a nice change of pace from the life you used to live in the town.

Early one morning, you found yourself in the kitchen, sipping at a cup of tea while you chatted with the small tea cup, Ollie. You enjoyed the conversations you had with the child, his innocence and carefree attitude refreshing.

“You like him right? Please tell you me you’re in love with the Master!” Ollie pressed, laughing gleefully at the blush that adorned your cheeks. 

“Wh-whatever would make you think that? Besides,  I haven’t even known him for that long, we’re only friends.” You protested, voice sounding weak despite yourself. Even knowing the truth behind his curse, you didn’t exactly give it much thought.

“Ollie, quit flustering the poor girl! What have I told you about asking the young lady personal questions about the young master?” Mrs. Potts said to which you silently thanked her for her well-timed intervention. The young boy mustered a meek apology before scuttling away. The teapot smiled at you in a motherly fashion, perching next to you. “But he certainly asked the question that we’ve all had in mind.”

You remained silent, hands folded in your lap. It was only normal they’d feel anxious, they were desperate to return to their true forms and you were the only human who didn’t revolt at the site of Aone. “Yes, I know. Bu-But it’s not as if he’d ever like me in such a way. He doesn’t seem the least bit interested.

Mrs. Potts perked at that, a bit of warmth birthing in her chest. “Does that mean that you have feeling for the Master then? I mean, you were questioning whether or not he looked at you in a romantic light.”

“No!” You murmured, flushing at your own blunder. “At least I didn’t think so until now…” When exactly had you begun developing feelings for Aone? Perhaps it was when he saved you from the wolf or when he showed you his private garden after opening up to you. 

The tea pot didn’t press any further, sparing you from more embarrassment. 

“Aone? Are you out here?” The ogre froze at the sound of your voice being carried through the garden, heart suddenly racing at the thought of you. There was no denying that he had fallen for you in the months that he had been graced with your presence, but he didn’t do much to display it considering that he was an ogre and you, a human. 

“By the roses, ______.” You followed the deep baritone of his voice, a delightful smile gracing your lips as you met his soft gaze. The ogre almost couldn’t breathe at the sight.

“I’ve been looking for you-” Falling short, you paused at the conflicted expression adorning his face. “Is there something the matter?” You drew closer, reaching for his late hand. He could feel his face grow warm at the contact.

“No, it’s nothing for you to worry about. You shouldn’t concern yourself with the affairs of an ogre.” At most of that was the truth, he was nothing but a beast and monster. Even if by some twist of fate he was able to be with you, he couldn’t offer you much in terms of the future. 

You took offense to that, absolutely despising his self depreciating comments. “What do you mean by that, Aone? Can you not see how much you mean to me and your employees? They care very much for you. I care very much for you!” His eyes widened, the truth behind your words not even reaching your ears. Could you possibly mean that…?

“_____, I didn’t mean to upset you.” He sighed, kneeling to meet your level. It was evident that you were emotional, eyes glossing over. He didn’t know such a small comment would send you off kilter.

“I-it’s not just that! I-I love you!” Your heart skipped several beats once the last syllable moved past your lips, the weight you’ve been unknowingly carrying lifting from your shoulders. It was there, out in the open. He had your heart in his hands. 

“But I’m an ogre. I can’t offer you the life you deserve-”

You leaned up on the tips of your toes, grasping his cheeks firmly, leveling your gaze with his own. “Listen closely, Aone. Whether or not you are an ogre or a human does not matter to me. Your appearance does not bother me, in fact it makes me love you even more. You have a heart made of gold and people that care about you, can’t you see that?”

He moved to open his mouth to utter his own confession when a burst of light nearly blinded you both. Aone’s body began to glow, his stature slowly shrinking in size, the green tint of skin vanishing into his usual ivory tone, and white hair adorning his head. The mansion itself sprung to life, his staff finally returning to their human state after years of stagnation, cheering and embracing one another in joy. The lot of them rushed through the courtyard doors of the mansions, pleased to see the greenery around returning to it’s prior glory. The flowers bloomed and gained color, the snow melting and the trees adorned in leaves. Life had begun anew.

The light began to fade as you moved your arm from your eyes, sight adjusting to the change in surroundings. Your gaze fell onto a familiar, yet unfamiliar face. It looked like the ogre, only much more human, but he still remained tall in stature.

“Aone…?” You gasped in amazement, wanting to memorize each contour and curve in his face. The man was devastatingly handsome, a fact he most likely didn’t know himself.

“I love you too, my love.” He smiled, the words tasting like sweet cream on his tongue. Never had he thought the day would come that he’d find a girl to love him for who he was.

Fairy tales weren’t exactly what you believed in as a child, but your love story was certainly going to be one for the books. You’d make sure to tell the town’s children this tale for years to come.

purely-dreams7  asked:

Favorite anime? (Aside from BNHA)

Me: My favorite anime? hmm..

also me:

Well, I really have enjoyed the following recently: Durarara. Crazy people and their eccentric lives in a city + supernatural stuff.

Overlord. It’s a dark fantasy the author created from his feelings of loneliness when his D&D group of good friends separated sometime ago.  It’s based on really detailed books (lots of world-build, character introspection) Also has manga & catchy opening. And it has some deliciously evil songs & themes (main cast are what you would see as antagonists in other series).

I like anime and manga, hunter x hunter is my favourite series. 

My favourite anime is Kaichou wa Maid-sama. TOO

Youjo senki was such a good anime <3

My favorite Disney character is and always will be naruto

Yeah I’m trash

Pick a struggle

Don’t ever forget (majority of)black men are the white people of black people. That’s why they always telling us we have to *“pick a struggle” and that *“the cause must come first, you can’t fight for both at the same time” because they know if we help them fight for “the cause” when equality DOES come(& it will) Black Cis Men will be chilling with white cis men not even giving us even a glance. Black women/ Black LGBTQIA/Black mentally ill People will still be fighting for their freedoms&equality…

But yeah, keep telling me it’s about unity and how you think Black Lives Matter. Lying ass fools.

Stop using Black Lives Matter if you don’t think ALL Black Lives Matter.

*Both of those quotes are word for word from some of the black men on this and many other sites.

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I have a question about FAWL (or L&V) what's Otabek's mom opinion about Yuri and their relationship? We know she supports her son, but I'm thinking it could be just because it's Otabek choice. I'd love to know what she really thinks about Yuri. Thanks for writing! I really love reading your work!

squeals I LOVE stuff like this oh my gawsh. 

So first of all FAWL-verse works under some of the assumptions we have about the YOI verse in general. People are not assholes. Human rights include same sex marriage, etc., and this is a really widespread thing. 

So, by the time that ch 5 angst rolls around. Darya knows something’s up. She and Otabek have probably talked about Otabek’s feelings to what ever extent two close, but emotionally repressed people can have that discussion. She asks “is this about Yuri,” immediately, and Otabek says yes. 

She also knows that Yuri is the only person that can make her stone faced son do strange and reckless things…To the extent that nailing a medal to a tree is strange and reckless. To the extent that inviting your “best friend” to live and train with you for two months is strange and reckless. So for Otabek, pretty fucking reckless. 

We also know that she legitimately cares about Yuri. She wants him to finish the heart and soul duet in LV ch 2 and leaves post it notes on the piano. I’d like to think she did that for both Yuri and Otabek’s sake. 

Above everything she wants Otabek to be happy. She’s dealt with a lot of pain in her own life and doesn’t want Otabek to experience any more pain. Otabek was her strength when she had none, even though he was really young.

Despite being really different people, she also sees value/is almost fascinated in the way Yuri lives. He’s loud and openly eccentric, and a little strange. However, she sees that in her daughter, and can appreciate it in Yuri too. 

Darya and Yuri will have some more moments together eventually. 

Thank you for the ask anon this was fantastic. If anybody else wants to send me FAWL asks go ahead. I ordered chipotle and Im just doing that thing where I pick over my burrito bowl for six hours and drink beer. 

Ko Pashon 

A sickly looking Twi’lek who worked for Saw Gerrera and his Partisans. She was a young girl of 17 but she knew her way with a blaster, and she had been meaning to make her skills useful for a just cause. Her lively, eccentric personality, while annoying to others, was also be a morale boost, and she was hardly ever in a bad mood.

Her faults only lie in her disconnect to observing severe danger, and what her comrades call her “unhinged” behavior. 



Compassion GET IT!?

In my ideal future, I destroy the property value of a nice white neighborhood by building a grand traditional Korean house smack dab in the middle of a suburban outer LA county cul-de-sac. It has those sloping pagoda roofs and a stone gate and fu dogs and a mailbox shaped like a dragon and they have to put the mail inside its gaping mouth. The door is red with ring handles, and there are two turrets I sometimes peer out of with suspicion. My neighbors don’t know anything about me. Sometimes they see me come outside to get the mail in my Ninja Turtles pajamas sipping juice out of my Ninja Turtles cup. Every week I get a package of turkey hot dogs delivered to my door and on Thursdays I shoot them out of the turrets from specially made hot dog guns into the street. I have a whole room just for lying on the floor and rolling around and being alone. I made gazillions from my films and novels and I spent them all giving my friends and remaining family comfortable lives, and I live like the neighborhood eccentric with blue and orange sparkly smoke emanating from the turrets at odd hours and Best Of Queen blaring 24/7 out of the fu dogs’ mouths. I drive a multichrome electric Hummer. I personally assassinated several former members of Congress and told no one. I’m paid heavy royalties for my multiple highly popular intellectual properties and I regularly donate millions to my favorite charities under the names Countess Boochie Flagrante, Mr. Amal Chakravarthy and Sir Toilet Roll, Esquire. I open a gallery where the only show is forty-three blurry phone shots of me kicking a dead leaf. Sometimes I sit on my pagoda roof, dripping in gold and gems and dropping Cheetos crumbs on my Ninja Turtles pajamas, reading a comic book and enjoying the sunset. The tanked white neighborhood hates me. I’m in my forties and I’m happy.

Hobbit Falls AU

Earlier this week I reblogged a meme that said:

1 - TAKE YOUR OLDEST FANDOM you know the one, that first thing you made art or wrote fic for, where you made all those really weird over the top OCs because you didn’t know any better
2 - TAKE YOUR NEWEST FANDOM yeah, that thing that you love and can’t stop thinking about right now
3- SMASH THEM TOGETHER like freakin’ conceptual play-doh
4 - MAKE SOMETHIN’ OUT OF IT make fic! art! a song! whatever!

And I remarked (in the tags): “if you think I wouldn’t do a Tolkien-Gravity Falls mashup, then you have another thing coming”.

My initial thought was more along the lines of, Ha ha, that would probably work really well with a DD&MD reference or something, Ford and Dipper as elves, etc. etc.

Then on the bus home, it hit me.  The Pines are totally hobbits.  Disreputable hobbits with a taste for adventure, of course.  But absolutely hobbits.  And after that, it wouldn’t leave me alone.

This got long, so… hit the link below for lots of thoughts, plus better views of the figures.

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