lives in another state

i don’t think i realize just how often i’m not present in life, like i constantly am living in a state of detachment, in another plane of life, but then i find myself having to talk to someone and i’m clueless as to if what i’m saying makes sense, because how do words even work again? I vaguely recall knowing how proper interaction works but it’s just a concept to me, am i doing it right? 

BTS as Things My Friends Have Said
  • Seokjin: Don't forget those fucking barbies.
  • Yoongi: nah bih I'm at work.
  • Hoseok: *lives in Las Vegas, Nevada* i THOUGHT Reno was another state.
  • Namjoon: I wonder what it feels like to be fingered. 🤔🤔🤔 interesting.
  • Jimin: I'm eating mint gum... this shit spicy
  • Taehyung: To busy fucking Minho daddy.bitch you already know 🔥👅💦
  • Jungkook: I just want to be #savage

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Hey so. For the first time in my life I have a regular well-paying job, and I've found myself buying things I don't need and I'm sort of ashamed- I'm wasting this money I have where there are organizations and individuals that need it far more. I already donate to a bunch of bigger-name charities, but do you have reccomendations for lesser known groups that need some help?

Honestly I would suggest looking at a more local level. Research what’s in your area that might need more help - homeless shelters, women’s shelters, animal shelters, health clinics, shelters for LGBT youth, etc. If you look in your area I guarantee you will find places that are struggling to stay open. They might need monetary donations, volunteers, or particular item donations so I’d suggest checking with the organizations to see what they need most. 

Locally, I’d also try to think about things that are more unique where you live. For example, I live in Arizona and there are groups that help those who are crossing the border by doing water drops in the desert. If you live in AZ, or another border state, you know how big of a problem this is. People die crossing in this heat and there are there are those who try to deny these crossers water by slashing open water supply stations and jugs. Groups that do water drops try to make sure there is always water available. I’m sure if you research you can find organizations that do more state-specific work that need help too. 

Late Night Shopping - Calum Hood

A/N: Here please don’t hate me *throws this at you and leaves crying softly*

You’re walking through the supermarket trying not to see anyone you know. At 11:30pm on a Thursday evening this is usually not difficult. However being caught in your worn, hole ridden pants and one of Calum’s band shirts, massacra and eye-liner smudged all underneath your eyes giving the effect of a panda isn’t something you were keen for.

You’d had a terrible day. Firstly you’d had early classes of your least favourite courses. Then worked for six hours of your usual shift, seemingly it was grumpy peoples’ day out and you were obviously not notified. You’d been given added overtime without notice because your coworker hadn’t turned up for her shift and despite the money being good you just weren’t in the mood. Finally you’d gotten home to a dark and silent house. A cruel reminder that your boyfriend was on tour with his band and wouldn’t be home for another two months. You’d had a small mental breakdown that had resulted in your mascara smudges and t-shirt thieving. Having settled down a little from your breakdown by now you were ducking into the grocery store to grab a bottle of champagne and a tub of ice-cream to console yourself. Unhealthy coping mechanisms but you frankly didn’t care at 11:30 pm.

You had parked somewhat away from the actual shopping centre despite the multitude of spare spaces; you just didn’t want to be right up close to everyone else. As you headed into the store you grabbed a basket and meandered towards the alcohol section splurging on some reasonable champagne. As a teenager vodka had never been a favourite of yours but you’d become a champagne snob after visiting the boys on their European leg of the last tour. It was something you’d not been able to let go ever since.

You grabbed the champagne before you could reassess your life and headed for the ice-cream aisle wandering down the chocolate asile on your way just to tempt yourself some more. A way to make the trip last a little longer not wanting to go home to an empty house.

You’re halfway down the chocolate aisle when running feet startle you as they round the corner and continue on pounding towards you, halting briefly the tall blur reaches a long arm around you to grab something off the shelf in front of you. ‘Sorry!’ The deep voice says hurriedly. You startle for a second time grabbing the tall blur, that has become a tall yet visible man now, by his arm. 'Luke what the actual fuck!’ You exclaim convinced you’re dreaming. 'Y/N!’ He responds just as startled as you are, you’re not sure why he’s so startled to see you considering you in fact live in this town and he is supposed to be in another state entirely. Luke squeezes you into a massive hug nonetheless, rattling the champagne against the basket and pushing all the air out of you. 'Woah I’ve missed you so much and so has your boyfriend that’s why I have to be quick getting this, I told him I couldn’t wait I needed some chocolate so,’ he kisses your head in a loving big brotherly fashion despite being two years younger than you, 'I’ve gotta go I’ll catch you some time!’ He pulls away as you roll your tired eyes. 'Luke!’ You say half amused half annoyed. 'Yeah?’ He turns jogging on the stained linoleum. 'Do me a massive favour please.’ You speed walk over not wanting to run to him should the champagne begin clunking against the plastic carry basket again. 'Pay for this and a tub of ice-cream and bring them back to the bus I’ll meet you there.’ You fish out two twenty dollar notes from your pocket pushing them into his hand. 'Get your chocolate too and keep the change.’ You give him a quick hug and thrust the basket at him. He rightens himself, beginning to protest the amount you’ve given him as you take off running through the store towards the car park around the back, the most inconspicuous spot to have a massive tour bus. You race down the aisles earning dirty looks from shoppers and employees alike not that you care in the slightest. Despite being dead tired and emotionally spent you sprint on through the doors and burst into the night air, fresh and cool. Your legs are tired by this stage, purely due to lack of sleep and extreme fatigue from your busy day, but you refuse to slow down.

Rounding the corner of the big concrete building that is the shop you let out a little squeal of joy. As you suspect the bus is parked inconspicuously behind the store, lights on inside engine running still, clearly expecting a quick stop. You race across the car park dodging the parked cars, there is no traffic due to the late hour luckily for you. You’re too excited to be salty Calum didn’t tell you he was coming. You don’t even care if it’s only for a day, you’re ecstatic to see your closest friend and boyfriend.

You pound once on the door and it opens automatically, the waiting for it to open wide enough for you to slip in causing you to jog lightly on the step.

'About fucking time Luke, that’s 10 whole minutes with Y/N I’m missing out on for your cravings!’ Calum grumbles from the lounge not looking up from his phone, the fact that this upsets him makes you smile a little, pleased your boyfriend is as excited to see you as you are to see him. He stands leaning against the back lounge wall next to the window.

You rush to him, smothering him in a hug so fierce he drops his phone, which thankfully lands safely on the wrap around lounge. 'Y/N!’ He responds with arms that engulf your shoulders as he buries his head in your neck. He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly as he pushes his face closer to your neck, stubbled chin resting millimetres below your ear. You rock from foot to foot still embracing him, much too excited to stand still. 'What are you doing I was going to surprise you!’ He says with a laugh breaking barely a foot apart at the torso, hips still flush against you arms sliding down to your waist hands resting gently on your hip bones. 'I was getting a few essentials that I have since persuaded Luke to grab for me. When I saw him race down the chocolate aisle I almost died of shock. I cannot believe you’re here!’ You reach up brushing a hand across his cheek with a feather light touch. 'I’ve missed you so much and your timing is impeccable! I really missed you today.’ You explain quietly cuddling back into Calum, determined to get in as many hugs as you can before he returns to the tour. 'Aww don’t you miss me everyday? Not just sometimes!’ He laughs faking offense. 'Don’t be silly you know I miss you all the time today just was a particularly terrible day in general and being with my boyfriend would have made it a lot more pleasant. But shocked as you may be I actually miss you most when it’s beautiful outside when I walk in the park, or when something great happens. Your my best friend as well as my boyfriend.’ You say into his chest somewhat shyly. He wraps you tighter in his strong arms. 'Same, Y/N same, I’ve missed you so much and I’m not here for long but I couldn’t not have the time with you.’ He says placing a gentle kiss on your head.

'Alright we get it but you can go home now before you make us all sick. Take your shit and get out. We’ll pick you up in a week.’ Michael says making shoving motions with his hands. Ashton laughs and pats Calum on the back. 'Go on mate.’ Ashton then rubs your back gently 'good to see you Y/N, take care of him and I’ll come pick him up when the breaks over, sorry it’s only short.’ He says sympathetically. You smile up at the curly-haired drummer, 'thanks Ash, it’s good to see you too.’ You briefly break away from Calum to give Ashton a warm hug. Embracing him you you close your eyes and smile contently, you’ve missed being with your little family almost as much as you’ve missed Calum.

Your smile morphs into a wicked grin, letting go of Ashton you march deeper into the bus. 'Your turn! I haven’t seen you in such a long time you have no say in the matter Clifford!’ You throws your arms around Michael as Ashton and Calum share amused laughs. You do a little dance as he pulls you into his flannel-clad chest. 'I’ve missed you all, even you Mikey!’ You joke but look up at him to make sure he knows you really have missed them all. He laughs loudly, 'we’ve missed you too, Calum particularly, the bus is pretty small mate, we can hear you.’ He winks at your blushing boyfriend. 'Be nice.’ You scold squeezing your arms tightly around his middle. 'And give me my girlfriend back.’ Calum pouts. You laugh letting go of Michael you walk back to Calum, sliding an arm around his waist. 'Come on let’s get your stuff and chase Luke down for mine then we can go home.’ You say excitement at the idea of a week with your boyfriend at home. He nods enthusiastically placing an arm around your shoulders gently he picks up his bag and presses the button to open the door. You call goodbyes as you walk towards a much calmer Luke, the tiredness that touring causes is showing on all the boys and Luke, despite his bubbly nature is no exception. He hands you your shopping and you give him a gentle hug as a thank you. 'Thanks Luke, take care of yourself, have a good rest.’ You say worried about how much of a toll this touring takes on them all. He nods and you walk off in seperate directions. Calum’s hand is nestled in yours as you walk to the car, having parked so far away from the few cars in the car park does have advantages and being able to reacquaint yourself with your boyfriend after so long in reasonable privacy is one of them. Although you’re both exhausted kissing in your car like teenagers before driving home and sharing a shower and then falling asleep I each other’s arms is an exhilarating idea. Now every time you go to a a supermarket you wish you did see someone you knew.

If Stars turns out to be a third version Alola game, here’s some things I’d like to see:

-More styles of clothing for character customization. Compared to all the styles the XY protagonist had–dresses, coats, stockings, different styles of shirts and skirts, hats, and various accessories–it doesn’t feel like we got as much this time. I mean, it’s not like a tropical region like Alola has much use for coats besides on Mt. Lanakila, but it’s kinda hypocritical of our protagonist to ask Kukui if he’s cold while running about in a halter top and capris.

-Bring back Supertraining, even if it’s something you’d only get postgame. Grinding for BP for Power Items can be a pain, especially since the Battle Tree seems to be a step up from the Maison, and the Pelago takes a while.

-Plaza/PSS hybrid. While I like the Join Avenue aspects, it can be annoying trading with friends who live states away or in another country, It took me and my friend from the UK quite a bit to figure out why we weren’t showing up on each other’s Plaza.

-Our two story-mode cameos, Colress and Grimsley, should get more of a role, likely helping Nanu do some investigating of Skull/Aether. I’ve already brought this up in a prior post, but Nanu’s very vaguely implied not to trust the Aether Foundation/Team Skull, but is supposedly a lazy dude–he didn’t want to be a kahuna, Acerola pretty much gives us the impression Nanu told Kukui to piss off when he offered Nanu a spot in the Alolan E4, and he lets Team Skull run amok on the island, even to the point where they’ve taken over an entire town. But the Acerola brings it up that he’s the one protecting the wild Pokemon from TS, and instead of relying on Aether for help, just does it himself. Maybe he might’ve suspected a connection, since we do later find out he knows about the UBs and was in the International Police. Maybe he could’ve used his connections and had them send over Grimsley (a E4-level trainer would be of use in battles) and Colress (having been arrested sometime within the two year timespan for abusing a legendary Pokemon, but worked out a deal to escape prison if he helped investigate? Also, he is a scientist, so he could’ve been useful investigating the UBs)? I imagine Unova is not terribly far away from Alola, as both are part of Pokemerica.

-Plumeria and Gladion accompany you and Lillie to the UB’s world, and have the four of you come across a possessed, unhinged Guzma. (However, I think Plumie should be the one to battle him, or be the one trying to get him to come back to his senses.) Just for the additional creepiness factor. :D

-Necrozma gets more of an explanation, and possibly another form. (The fact its idle animation is beating itself in the head implies there may be something wrong with it. Like, it’s….broken or something.)

-We get more of an idea on just what happened to the pre-Gen6 dimension, because Anabel’s being in this new dimension and muttering defending the Battle Tower is incredibly vague, but still pretty disconcerting. Seriously, even if the dimension wasn’t outright destroyed like a lot of people had theorized, I have to wonder just what the hell happened there and what the full outcome was.

-Also, the possibly additional Looker from ORAS? Is he a Faller? I would presume ORAS happened recently enough since we also get Wally in the Battle Tree and he looks like he hasn’t aged a day. What’s become of possibly-Faller Looker? Did I miss something? (…Or will we find that out in a Sinnoh remake/next Gen?)

-Guzma and Gladion get a role in the postgame. (I mean, the entire mess with the Ultra Beasts was Gladion’s mother’s fault. It surprised me that he never got any major plot scenes past the raid on the Aether Foundation. Also, Guzma’s a Faller too, and was even possessed at one point.)

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My boyfriend of 3.5 years broke up with me. We shared an apartment, a dog, a cat, a life. I thought we had a future together. I had to quit my job and move to another state to live with my parents. I got left with nothing. I've never been depressed. I've never felt suicidal. But I honestly cannot take this physical and emotional pain I'm feeling. He's just over me and I'm still in love with him. Do you have any advice?

Oh wow, I’m so sorry to hear that. I can’t even imagine how awful and confusing that must be, but things will get better. Keep yourself busy - read a book, start a new TV show, go out with friends, go on adventures with your dog. You could always consider therapy or anti-depressants to help too. Just remember that things will get better eventually and you’ll come out the other end stronger! 

I both do and don’t know what to do with myself tbh.
Motivation has flatlined cuz I spend it all on my work at school.

Any art requests/suggestions anyone wants to throw at me?
Need to break my art block.

I have no homework due tomorrow. I just have to see my doc and watch people do presentations so i’ll have some free time.

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For Coliver: “you are very endearing when you’re half asleep.”

also for @yesterdayiwrote because they wanted something cute and fluffy, hope this makes you feel a bit better :) 

For a few minutes, Oliver is reluctant to open his eyes and face the day ahead. But no matter how hard he tries to ignore them, the suns rays insist on caressing his face and beating down on his eyelids, preventing him for returning to a blissful sleep. 

Stifling an immature moan of protest, Oliver slowly blinks his eyes open. 

For a few seconds all he can see is a blurry haze of burning bright yellow, soft brown, piercing blue and pale pink but then his eyes focus and he’s able to see the view a little clearer. 

He doesn’t have his glasses on or his contacts in but he can still make out the brightness in Connor’s eyes that’s a lot more common now than it used to be, the upward pull of his lips and how his hair is perfectly tousled from sleep. 

Oliver can’t help but smile back, if he had to wake up then there’s absolutely nothing else he’d rather wake up to than Connor. 

“Morning” Oliver mumbles, pulling the blankets up over their shoulders so they don’t get cold. 

Connor’s smile only grows wider and Oliver can hear the sheets beneath then softly swish as Connor moves ever so slightly closer to him.

Oliver lets out a yelp that has Connor laughing mischievously. 

“Get your feet away from mine Connor!” 

“But yours are nice and warm!” 

“Exactly and I want them to stay that way!” 

And then Connor shoots those vulnerable, soft chocolate puppy eyes at him and Oliver gives up any pretense at fighting this battle that he will always lose. 

Connor grins as Oliver traps his feet in between his own and lets Connor steal all of his beautiful warmth. 

Oliver snuggles further into his pillow and just takes a minute to look at Connor. 

This is another one of those mornings where he still can’t believe he’s here, that they’re here. 

Oliver’s biggest fear when they packed up for California was that one day he’d regret it, or one day Connor would realise he’d made a stupid mistake. But that never happened. 

It wasn’t easy, uprooting their lives to another state neither of them had ever even visited, a state where they knew absolutely nobody but the names of celebrities that had one of their fifty mansions there but they did it. 

Some days were harder then others. They’d wake up tired and grumpy, Connor would go to his assistant job with a permanent frown on his face as he poured coffee for people who’d never say thank you while Oliver sat at a screen staring at line after line of code and it would take him a few minutes to realise they were all just jumbling together in his brain. 

But some days started like this. With a smile on Connor’s face that was brighter than any smile he wore in Philadelphia. With them inching closer to each other so their arms and legs and even foot touch because they never want to let go. With Oliver wondering how he could have ever thought this was a bad idea because this, this right here was everything he never knew he wanted. 

Oliver’s brought back to the present when he feels long fingers thread through his hair. Focusing his gaze on Connor again, he sees that Connor’s smile has inched back into that notorious Connor Walsh smirk. 

“You still with me?” Connor asks teasingly 

Oliver laughs softly and nods, “Yeah, of course.”. 

Connor’s fingers feel so good and soft in his hair that Oliver can’t help but close his eyes and lean into them. 

Connor’s silky laugh sneaks into his ears, 

“You are very endearing when you’re half asleep.” 

 Oliver raises an eyebrow but doesn’t open his eyes. 

“Are you just noticing that now?” 

Connor laughs again, his loud, genuine laugh this time. 

“No, no I’ve noticed it before…noticed it for years, I just thought it was about time I mentioned it.” 

Oliver hums and smiles, “Well thank you.” 

“No problem Mr Walsh” 

Oliver opens his eyes at the same moment he starts laughing. 

“Hey, we hyphenated remember? It’s Mr. Hampton-Walsh.”

Connor shrugs but his grin is still plastered on his face, 

“Walsh, Hampton-Walsh, it’s still my name stuck on the end of yours. It still means you’re my husband.” 

“Really? You’re my husband? God I just thought that was a fancy party Gemma threw for us.” 

Connor pushes his fist lightly against Oliver’s shoulder and mutters a barely audibly and not at all sincere “Shut up.” 

Oliver smiles and leans in to kiss his husband on the mouth, morning breath be damned. 

After a few seconds he pulls back, leans his forehead against Connor’s and whispers. 

“So…we’ve been married a month now.” 

“Yeah” Connor whispers back

“Any regrets?” 

Connor pulls away and Oliver searches his face to gauge whether that was the right question to ask or not. 

Then Connor smiles that blinding smile of his. 

“Absolutely none at all.” 

Oliver grins, leans in and just before he kisses his husband again he murmurs, 

“Me either.” 

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Travis sneaking back onto his house after being with Katie and his mom is sitting at the kitchen table waiting for him "I swear I made no noise how'd you know I went out?" "Travis I've been listening to you and your brother sneak out of this house since you were practically babies. Now tell me, what's her name?"

“I thought she lived in another state”
“…..she does”
“I’m gonna have to have a talk with your father about all these magical perks.”

The world has been stuck in a perpetual cycle of suffering from one generation to another, for humans have been living in a dream state of divine self-forgetfulness.


-Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)

Her First Apartment Ch.2

This is what resulted from last night. Here ya go:

Inuyasha snapped his head around the corner, “What the hell old man?!”

“Calm down, Inuyasha. She ought to know if she can just walk right through barriers as strong as mine. Besides. You already revealed too much. I can tell to what extent you’ve helped her.”

Kagome flushed at the memory. She stiffened nervously and stared at her hands on her lap.

“Keh! I wasn’t about to have her blood coating the air in here for all demons to freak out on you.”

“And I thank you for the favor, my boy, but there’s little we can do now.” He turned back to the charming young maiden, “May I enquire your name?”

She stammered at his formality, “K-Kagome.”

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Stuck with Me - Part 2

Catch Up Here.

Originally posted by canonspngifs

Words: 1,718

A/N: Sooooo part 1 went over really well. Like WAY better than I ever thought it would, which is so amazing. And a little fucking scary honestly. I really hope you guys continue to like it. (Please let me know I’m a slut for tumblr notifications) Thank you so much for reading!!! You’re all just delicious little confidence boosting nuggets and I love you.


“Do you want me to find her?”

Sam looked across the diner’s table at Cas. Nobody had spoken about the whole soulmate debacle since that morning in the bunker. Two days. It had been two days, and even though they were on a case it was all Sam could think about. Not talking though, was the Winchester way so he kept his mouth shut.

“I don’t know Cas,” Sam answered quietly, glancing over at Dean. “I mean, we find her, then what?”

Neither one answered.

“Guys I’m serious. I’m at a loss here.”

“Look, all I know is we need to make some kind of decision. I can barely think about this damn case. We’re distracted, Sammy. Someone’s gonna get hurt if we keep this up.”

“Dean’s right. You’re both very distracted by the whole situation. I will do whatever I can to help, no matter what you choose to do, but you must choose something.”

“Ok. Ok, we find her. Just where she’s at. Don’t kidnap her or anything. Maybe if we know where she’s at it’ll help us know where to go from here?”

It shouldn’t be a question, but Sam had no clue what would help and what would make everything worse.

“Well, you heard the man Cas. Go look for Sam’s baby mama.”

After Cas left, Sam and Dean both agreed to put a lid on that situation in order to finish the case in relatively one piece. It was a salt and burn that shouldn’t be taking this long. They knew that they had to put everything about Y/N aside, at least until the case was done. They also knew they were both completely full of shit, and there was no way either was going to stop thinking about it.

At least they were on the same page.

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Hello everyone,

I don’t normally get personal, but things have been pretty tough for the last few months. Since a period of unemployment drained my savings I’ve been living paycheck to paycheck, but a family emergency in another state has left me completely broke and about a week away from maxing out my credit card.

If you can send any money my way, I would really appreciate it. My PayPal is

I’ve calculated that about $700 (AUD) will get me to a more stable place financially, and if I receive any more than that I’ll pay it forward to the next post I see in need of money.

I totally understand if you can’t afford to send me any money, and if that’s the case, could you please send me an ask suggesting a cool animal to Google image search because I’ll appreciate that just as much.

Thank you everyone.

Virtual Friends | Dipper Pines x Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes. 

Characters: Dipper/fem!reader, Mabel is mentioned.

(Y/S) stand for “Your state”/(Y/UN) stand for “Your username”/(Y/C) stand for “Your city”.

Word Count: 1676 words.

Though many people don’t believe, virtual friendship is possible. People often say it’s dangerous or that you can’t replace personal interaction with that… But what if that’s what someone is looking for? Dipper never had many friends in real life, and also didn’t have much luck in the virtual life, although he met some nice persons online. But he had something else. It was there that he met (Y/N).

The two of them had met on a forum about games and quickly became friends. And eventually he developed a crush on the girl. But of course he had a problem. She lived in (Y/S), which was far away from where he lived, lowering his hopes of someday get to see her.

But he never stopped trying. In fact, he had talked with his parents about it, but they didn’t seem to take the idea in a good way. They started to talk about how dangerous it would be to find someone who he had never seen in his life. Mabel seemed to cheer up, making thousands of questions about how the girl was and if they would be good friends. Possibly.

After the negative reaction that his parents had about his friendship with (Y/N), Dipper was upset all through the time he was in school. His mood has not changed much when he got home, throwing himself on his bed. He had told (Y/N) the night before that his parents were cool people when it comes to send him on trips to other states. He practically has confirmed to her about his trip to (Y/S). Now he would have to take back everything he said. Dipper could not stop thinking about whether she would or would not be disappointed with him.

The boy crawled to his computer and started to get into random sites, trying to distract himself from the bad day he was having. Suddenly a notification appeared on his screen, letting him know that a new message had been sent to him.

(Y/UN) (16:43): Yo Dipitty-Dip.

A smile appeared on his face and his heart began to beat faster.

(Y/UN) (16:43): I’m happy to announce that my last test was today and I’m dead, thanks.

PineSplicer (16:43): It means that you are already on summer break.

You don’t know how much I envy you.

(Y/UN) (16:44): Don’t be fool, I always knew it.

But it will come for you soon.


Dipper stared at the keyboard for a few seconds and took a deep breath before he started to type.

PineSplicer (16:44): About that…

I think it will not happen.


(Y/UN) (16:45): Oh that’s okay.

My BioShock 2 Multiplayer will have to wait a little longer. :c

He could not define if she didn’t care as much as him about they getting to meet each other or if she was just trying to hide her sadness with jokes. One or another, Dipper felt reality hitting him hard. They probably never would see each other.

He was in love with a girl who he would never see.

A girl who he would never hold.

Or kiss.


He never felt bothered about it before, just talk with (Y/N) has made him the happiest guy in the world, but he wanted more. More from her. More of them.

Dipper threw himself on the bed once again, staring at the ceiling for some minutes. He ignored when the sound of a notification of a possible new message from (Y/N) filled his room. He remained on his bed, slowly falling asleep.

The boy didn’t know if it was just him or if it happens to everyone, but the more upset he was, easier for him to fall asleep at random times. And usually these naps ended up lasting for hours, causing him to lose most of his day.

And that’s exactly what happened. Dipper woke up and the Sun could not be seen shining outside the window anymore. Darkness enveloped his room and only the moonlight gave the place a bit of light. He rose lazily from his bed, glancing at his phone. 22:55. The boy growled. He had really lost all day.

He stared at the nothingness in his room for a while, then turned his attention to his computer, crawling for it again. The page he was before going to bed was still open, as his conversation with (Y/N).

(Y/UN) (16:57): Dip?

(Y/UN) (17:12): Dippy?

Are you this upset for not being able to play Bioshock? haha

(Y/UN) (18:29): Dipperrrr.

(Y/UN) (19:35): Did I say something wrong?

I’m sorry.



Don’t leave me alone in this dark and gloomy night.

(Y/UN) (22:30): Dipper?

The boy felt embarrassed while he was reading her messages. He was upset but he didn’t have the right to leave the girl talking to herself.

PineSplicer (22:59): Sorry.

Are you still here?

(Y/UN) (23:00): As the old saying goes:

The flower always springs at night.

Once again a smile appeared on his face. It was normal that only a conversation with her improve his mood.

PineSplicer (23:00): I’m 100% sure that this saying doesn’t exist.

(Y/UN) (23:00): Where did you go?

Dipper could feel his face heating up.

PineSplicer (23:01):

I guess I was a little upset that I can’t see you.

I wanted to meet you.

I want to.

(Y/UN) (23:01): Oh Dip.

Someday we’ll see each other, we just have to wait.

Meanwhile we live like banana with sugar.


PineSplicer (23:02): Seriously now, from where do you get these things?

(Y/UN) (23:02): Family xD.

PineSplicer (23:02): My sister also say some strange things sometimes.

(Y/UN) (23:02): TRUE!

PineSplicer (23:03):


You don’t know my sister.

(Y/UN) (23:03): ACTUALLY…

(Get ready for the biggest shock of your life).


~Plot Twist~

The possibility began to hanging around his head: Mabel could be (Y/N)? Both of them acted similarly sometimes. And he had never seen a picture of the girl, as he had always refused to show himself to her. A shiver ran down his spine. He could not be in love with his own sister.

(Y/UN) (23:04): Just kidding.

But I talked to her today.

Okay, Mabel have talked to (Y/N) and this could be worse than Mabel being (Y/N). His sister knew shameful stories about him and let her talk alone with the girl he liked could not be a good idea. Dipper held his breath.

PineSplicer (23:05): Don’t.






(Y/UN) (23:05): MabelDash.

Funny girl.

PineSplicer (23:05): I don’t know how to react right now.

What did she say to you?

(Y/UN) (23:05): Meh, she didn’t say anything important.

Finally his breath was released and he was relieved to feel the air filling his lungs again.



She send me a photo of you.

Okay, it was definitely worse than anything Mabel could have told her.

Of course, someday Dipper expected (Y/N) to see him, but it had to be on time. With the right photo. Why the hell did Mabel had to do that? What photo did she send? Did she just ruined every chance he had with the girl?

PineSplicer (23:07): No.



(Y/UN) (23:07): Don’t worry Dip.

You’re super cUTEE.

If Dipper’s cheeks were no longer hot after confessing how he wanted to meet her, after the girl’s compliment it must have been like two tomatoes. Then he saw his chance to get to see her too. And he used it.

PineSplicer (23:08):

We’re in an unfair situation here.

(Y/UN) (23:08): Hang on.

Didn’t take more than a minute for him to receive a photo, making his heart beat a little faster than normal. (Y/N) was beautiful, perhaps not the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life, but she has charm. A lot of it.

(Y/UN) (23:10): Gimme your opinions.

PineSplicer (23:10): You’re super cUTEE.

(Y/UN) (23:10): Learning huh Pines?

You love me so much.

Don’t deny it.

PineSplicer (23:11): I don’t.

(Y/UN) (23:11): Good.

Because your sister told me that you’re whisper my name around your house. c:

That’s enough.

First, Mabel had sent a photo of him to (Y/N) without his consent, then had told the girl about his crush on her? Why did Mabel had to talk to (Y/N) in the first place?

Dipper was lost looking at the screen. Then at the keyboard. Then back to the screen. He didn’t know how to react. What should he say? Admit it? Deny it?

(Y/UN) (23:16): Too quickly?

I wasn’t subtle.


But hey…

Look at the bright side:

You’re my virtual crush too. o/

Dipper stared at the screen, rereading again and again the words written by (Y/N), trying to take in everything that was happening. That day had already taken so many twists that until midnight he was sure he would have a heart attack.

(Y/UN) (23:20): Too quickly again?

PineSplicer (23:20): Nah.

You always say things on the perfect time.

(Y/UN) (23:20): Cheesy.

I like it.

Keep doing it.

Another smile appeared on his face, this being wider than the others. Nothing over his day could have prepared him for that, for their conversation, he had a chance with her and he wasn’t going to waste. Anyway, nothing could have prepared him for what was coming next.

(Y/UN) (23:27): My parents wouldn’t let me go meet a virtual friend who lives in another state either.

But I may or may not have some relatives in California.

And I may or may not have been able to convince my parents to go visit them.

Your sister may or may not have helped me to convince them to let me go there during the trip.

And I may or may not already be on my way to Piedmont.

PineSplicer (23:28): Don’t.





(Y/UN) (23:29): Going into a tunnel here. :c

See you soon Dippy ♥.

Heart attack processed successfully.


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anonymous asked:

Why can't they just put him in jail

Contrary to the videos he has where he argues that “the age of consent is complicated” due to 15-year-olds being fully developed, Onision is very, very careful about making sure that the girls he dates and has sex with fall within the age of consent for the state that they live in. Exhibit A: when he drove to another state to have sex with Shiloh, because having sex with her would have been illegal in the state he lived in. Exhibit B: waiting until Lainey was 18 before he married them. Exhibit C: carefully farming Billie, an 18-year-old girl, to be in a polyamorous relationship with he and Lainey out of thousands of other potential applicants. 

Alas, however, I’m sure that it is the dearest wish of many an anti-Onision blogger to see this man put in prison.

My favorite thing is when you’re talking to a friend and you say “oh I heard an odd noise” and they reply with “it was me,” when they live no where near you, like another state or country. I think it’s the best type of friend joke.