lives for profit

truth be told, when i saw the blood, the first thing my mind went to,

was syria. the bloodshed and people dying in syria. 

and then it went to even saying in s3 “not all muslims are terrorists”, and then jonas’ speech on capitalism. and now the header on the skam website. 

that we’re seeing people die, we get hit in the face with the reality of the situation through social media (the selfie stick), of people dying in syria. and we’re doing nothing about it. instead, we just go about our daily lives, capitalising on the profits we make.

and what was sana doing there? a chain of events started by her, that in the end caused that smack of reality in the face. 

that, wake up: this is what’s happening with the world. 

and who better is there that can relate to her about this entire situation, and understands her, than even? 

Arrow Moves To Thursdays

Woke up to this article today and my TL looked like:

Arrow is moving to Thursday nights at 9 pm next fall for their sixth season. Reactions varied from chill to… not. Do I think this is a bad thing? No, I don’t. 

Allow me to preface this post by saying this: I’ve been talking about Arrow’s ratings and The CW network since I started this blog. Long before there was ever a ratings drop, my opinion was that The CW has a different business model than the other networks. If you cannot accept that The CW’s profitability is not based on live ratings, then this is not the blog for you. You don’t have to take my word for it. Stephen Amell confirmed it at HVFF Chicago. Mark Pedowitz has spoken about it.  I’ve done my research on this folks. They are structured differently than the Big Four. It’s just facts. (X) 

Yes, I was surprised by the move mostly because I had grown complacent about Arrow on Wednesday night. Wasn’t expecting it. I am no expert, but I’m happy to share my thoughts. I’ll talk about what I like about the move. Then we’ll shift to concerns.

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Interesting how dan and phil went from telling us not to bother buying playlist tickets if it was for them cause they weren’t going this year - to having a meet and greet, and panel, AND hosting the opening show. Interesting how playlist live made $17.1 million in profit last year. Proud of my smart boys I hope they negotiated a high appearance price cause playlist live went from really low ticket sales this year to being completely sold out.

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Is health care a right and if so, how?


1) people deserve to live regardless of how profitable they are to society.

2) we have more than enough money and resources to dedicate to healthcare. it’s just among a small minority right now.

the whole argument for healthcare for all is that it’s unnecessary for people to not have access to it. we can afford it. having a healthy population is better for society as a whole.
Forget the Flowers. This Mother's Day, BLM Activists Are Posting Bail for Dozens of "Black Mamas."
Hundreds of thousands of people sit in jail right now because they cannot afford to post bail. They have not been convicted of a crime. If they had mon ...

And people call them a hate group! Well, hateful people, so…

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I'm so curious as to how they'll handle Gilbert's living situation! Like is he going to have money from selling the farm to buy his own little place? Maybe he has family nearby? Or the people of the town could all pitch in and help him in some way...

Right? So many options. I’m going to guess that he sells it and lives off the profit, maybe sends himself to school, etc. I hope that’s the direction the show takes, anyway. Although it could be VERY, VERY charming to see the town pitch in to help (however, I think we already sort of saw that with the Gillis’s fire, so maybe not). 

I’m just hoping he’s in the season finale. I don’t think that can be my last sighting of Gilbert Blythe until season 2.


intersection (fake movie): pairing requested by @queenofmahishmati

Saranya (Kajal) and Raghu (Rana) are two ambitious, strong-willed young people. Both have planned out a path for their lives: degree, job, profit, fame. But in the scramble to get the most out of their professional lives, their personal lives have fallen by the wayside. When their life paths cross, will their disagreements help them gain a new perspective on love and relationships? Or will the head-butting between them be too much and leave their lives in disarray? 

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Mushroom paradise INVOICE Ref. # 427\8888 To: Mister Scott Tracy, Tracy Island Description 560 boxes of various mushrooms GRADE A Quality ...... 64 567 $ 1 "I love mushrooms" T shirt ..... 30 $ 1 Mushroom poster ..... FREE Total.....64 597 $ Thank you for shopping at Mushroom Paradise!

The list of things that Scott hates is pretty short. He hates people who value their own lives and profit margins more than the lives of others. He hates those who never take responsibility for their own actions, and above all that he hates mushrooms.

They’re like chicken but not and there’s bad blood between those evil, lying mushrooms and Scott.

Thus the invoice that suddenly appears on his desk one day makes him recoil in horror. They buy certain things in bulk but mushrooms aren’t one of them. Did they get sent mushrooms instead of bagels or something?

Nope. The bagels are on another invoice. They’re the recipients of 560 boxes of mushrooms.

Well. Scott’s gotta laugh or he’ll cry. He’ll donate what the big guy can’t eat before the mushrooms begin to spoil and see if there’s anywhere to donate the other hundred boxes.


In what is being heralded as the biggest, boldest move in the franchise’s 57+ year history, Mattel’s flagship and household fixture “Barbie” announced today (January 28, 2016) that they would be expanding their Fashionista line to introduce three new body types that will be sold alongside their svelte “Original”. They are “Tall”, “Curvy”, and “Petite”.

In recent years, with the rising popularity of doll lines highlighting and celebrating the unique differences among people in our world (like Mattel’s own Monster High), Barbie’s popularity (and sales) have seen significant declines… enough so that, behind the scenes within the company, an initiative to revamp the legendary doll; virtually, from the ground up. Within the company, this push to redefine and rediscover Barbie’s essence and her place in the modern world was code-named Project Dawn. What you see above is the culmination of that work; 4 body types, 7 different skin tones, 22 different eye colors, and 24 individual hairstyles (to say nothing of face sculpts).

Anyone who’s followed us for a significant amount of time know that I (Mod Ren) am a huge fan of fashion dolls… So, naturally, I have a lot to say about this development…

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what's your opinion on people continuing to eat meat but only getting their meat from local farms that humanely raise their animals, instead of from factory farms?

this post sums it up pretty well

also, I think of it like this:

I’ve had a wonderful upbringing, my parents have been nothing but loving and supportive to me and have always made sure I was taken care of to the best of their ability and that I had freedom in my thoughts and actions - does that mean that it’s now morally acceptable for them to kill me for economic gain (or more like sell me to a stranger who’ll very violently kill me for economic gain)?

there is nothing humane about killing a living being that wants to live (especially not for profit)

Money distorts everything. Education isn’t about learning, it is about profit. Healthcare isn’t about healing, it is about profit. Housing isn’t about providing people with somewhere warm, dry, and comfortable to live, it is about profit.
And because profit is the driving goal behind everything, everything is done to maximize the profit, regardless of any adverse effects. Sick and injured people are left untreated because there is no profit in it, education is sub-standard because most people are only going to perform mundane and repetitive tasks for the rest of their lives, and housing for most people is cramped, drafty, unsafe, or non-existent because they can’t afford a habitable home.
—  Tom Joad
P Anon

Whichever way you look at it though at the moment it must be BC s money that is bank rolling SM  Apart from maybe a BBC advance for ACiT what other money do they have.? A Letters Live cut of the profits…

SM have an office in SOHO and at the VERY least AdA salary to pay,how many other SM “people” are in that office or on salary ? Rent and. Bills for that office ? Expenses ? Buying all these numerous book rights.

Off course in the long run if the stuff SM produces is successful then he’d get the investment back but it’s not guaranteed.Add to that a wife that seems to have a big fat zero in income of her own.

So many people dependant on him for money which raises possible conflicts of telling him the truth or telling him what he wants to hear.Manipulate him for your own benefit ?

He MUST Thank his lucky stars he signed that De Strange contract.


P Anon,

The Child In Time is the only movie currently in production by SunnyMarch.

What’s more, it’s not the only company producing (presumably in collaboration with StudioCanal+).  The BBC, Masterpiece and Pinewood Studios are also involved.  The movie is going to be shown on BBC One (so they don’t even have to worry about putting bums in seats, which is one less thing to worry about.

What’s more, if he can afford to throw money at SunnyMarch (which I’m sure isn’t a problem for him at the time), who’s to stop him?  So far, with the exception of The Fifth Estate I think, he’s made the studios involved in his past projects millions.

For the record, I can’t think of a single movie that made it to TV or cinemas that was self-funded.  

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What do you think of the Japanese Spider-Man series?

I love it!  No, seriously I love it as not just an important piece in the evolution of tokusatsu into what we have today but as a strange, mirror image of something decidedly American translated for a Japanese audience.

Instead of a meek High School geek named Peter Parker, our Japanese Spiderman starts out as a motorcycle racer named Takuya Yamashiro.  This played into Toei’s strengths as the Kamen Rider franchise had shown they could do some pretty impressive motorcycle stunts and made the character more appealing to the kids of 1970s Japan.

The radioactive spider bite origin was tossed out as well with Takuya getting his powers from an alien race from the planet Spider.  They also gifted him with a car called the Spider Machine GP-7:

And a giant robot called Leopardon:

This aspect would be the most popular of the show, allowing Bandai to sell toys based on the robot and turn a pretty healthy profit.  Giant Robots were all the rage at the time in Japan with Toei ruling the roost thanks to their animated offerings like Mazinger Z, Getter Robo and Grendaizer. Being able to merge that success with their already profitable live action division would create a template from which modern Super Sentai would grow starting with 1979′s Battle Fever J.

Now, not everything about the Japanese version of Spider-Man would be unfamiliar to American fans.  He still retained mostly the same costume.

And most of the powers including wall-crawling, his spider sense and most importantly, web-shooting thanks to the bracelet on his arm that functions as both a web shooter and a communication device.

The wall-crawling effects in particular are actually very well realized, especially when compared to the American live action Spider-Man series produced around the same time.  I would even say that the Japanese version was better in almost every aspect with more exciting adventures, better stunt work (courtesy of Sonny Chiba’s Japan Action Club) and more interesting plots. 

 While the American show was trying not to violate the audience’s suspension of disbelief (or their meager budget) and toned down the wild aspects of the comics, the Japanese version was going all out to create wild spectacles and colorful monsters.

Chief among these enemies is the series’ big bad, Professor Monster who looks like an early version of Doctor Doom.

He is responsible for the evil organization the Iron Cross Army and creates the Machine BEM monsters each week.  His chief underling is Amazoness, played by Yukie Kagawa who would later go one to play the very similar Amazon Killer in Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan 4 years later.

So yeah, I adore Japanese Spider-Man for being just similar enough to please my comic fanboy heart and so utterly tokusatsu that it makes me grin watching it.  Just check out the OP!

Heck, the series was influential and popular enough that Marvel Comics in the US actually canonized it as one of the alternate universes in their recent Spider-Verse storyline!

Now, if you are interested in seeing this show for yourself I know of two ways to do it.  Marvel’s own website streams the series here. If you own a Roku player there is also a free streaming channel called Cape Television devoted to superhero programming that has the entire series to watch.  I highly recommend it!

Hey, can you really live with yourself to miss the backstory behind this?

I don’t think so!