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who are your favourite artists??

shriek this is my favorite question get ready for a WALL

this buncha workin’ adult pros:
shiyoon kimsachin teng, kaneoya sachiko, kevin dartelle michalka, jungyoun kim, fabien mense, natasha allegri, tomer hanuka, mingjue helen chen, bill presingjanelle fortes, victo ngai, joy ang, alexandre diboine, julian callos, nick sumida, em partridge, vera brosgol, dana terraceomocat

this buncha killer artists/fanartists i found through tumblr:
nargyle, genicecream, notmusa, kaisukes, 6-heures, acetactician (and all their other blogs), jenerallydrawingviivus, izzyabreu, gaulllimaufry, josiahfiles, boxingsocks, milkmanner, shingalas, jaymamon, epsee, ziggyzagz, crowskesibyllinesketchbloghappydorid, killertune, oxboxermobble, qeti, verticalseventypercentethanol, naruhodosannaxiin , wasongo, ploralbales, livertaker, lowlighter, jessicamao

my school’s terrifying/amazing faculty/classmates/grads like  babs tarrkali ciesemiersam bosmarebecca mock, dan krall, heather danforthleonard peng, erin lux, xanthe bouma, noelle stevenson, mickey quinn, alison george, andrea kalfas, jimmy giegerichrachel suggs, evyn fong, lisk feng, liz pulido, aaminah cole, boya sun, matt rockefeller, olivia hyunh, lasha tamae, jbillustration, astrarts, sigtryggr, elenabrunswickjacqlin-li, mattpearsonillustrationitstimeforcomicsmichaelshillingburg

my own disgusting tumblrfucker roommates: gascanhandsconnor-draws, chelseadrewthis, smallsalv, meexart (who squats in our basement)

(((aaaaaand here’s my illustration inspo dump blog which is full of even more artists i love (it’s a major mess))))

Comic Signing - February 17th @ Comic Book College!

sweet baby bananas it’s happening

Come to Comic Book College today and get some comics signed by us: Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, interior artist for Boom Studios’ Lumberjanes: Beyond Bay Leaf; and me, Maddi Gonzalez, voted Most Likely To Continue Looking Like A Microwaved Hot Dog in high school! (I also drew some issues of Munchkin but who’s keeping track at this point, certainly not me)

Pick up your weekly comics, and maybe grab some of our work, including Rosemary’s new cover for Lumberjanes #23! Get some stuff signed! Buy some original books! Get a sketch commission! Bring us snacks, perhaps! 

We’re both aiming to be there from 10:30am to around 5:00pm, but I’ll update both tumblr and twitter if plans change. 

Comic Book College
3145 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408
Hours: 10:30am - 7pm


Lumberjanes: Beyond Bay Leaf Special #1

It’s our first-ever Lumberjanes special and we could not be more excited to welcome writer Faith Erin Hicks (@faitherinhicks)  and newcomer artist Rosemary Valero-O'Connell (@livertaker) to our growing Lumberteam. This self-contained story perfectly captures the spirit of what the Lumberjanes are: hardcore lady-types who can fend for themselves, but also quick to help those who are in need! What It Is: In this special one-shot issue, a monster is terrorizing the Lumberjanes camp and the girls go to stop it. However, it turns out that the monster is being framed and now the girls have to figure out who’s doing it and to what end! Join April, Jo, Mal, Molly and Ripley as they earn their Beyond Bay Leaf pin!

Read Lumberjanes: Beyond Bay Leaf Special #1 on