liverpool sound

 torchwood one had hundreds of employees in london and what’s torchwood cardiff?? five (later three) nerds in a basement. 

a scenario: ‘captain harkness sir an alien literally just ate manchester. like. all of it.’

‘oh dear, if only i had enough employees to deal with that.’

‘sir. sir it’s headed for liverpool.’

‘that sounds like a you problem, not a me problem.’ 

TS Eliot Prize 2017 shortlisters
  • Rachael Boast Void Studies / Picador
  • Vahni Capildeo Measures of Expatriation / Carcanet
  • Ian Duhig The Blind Road-Maker / Picador
  • J O Morgan Interference Pattern / Cape Poetry
  • Bernard O’Donoghue The Seasons of Cullen Church / Faber
  • Alice Oswald Falling Awake / Cape Poetry
  • Jacob Polley Jackself / Picador
  • Denise Riley Say Something Back / Picador
  • Ruby Robinson Every Little Sound / Liverpool University Press
  • Katharine Towers The Remedies / Picador

Just a reminder that the TS Eliot Prize for Poetry winner will be announced on 16 January.


The 1975 perform NEW song ‘The Sound’


Matty singing the sound chorus acapella, Liverpool 11.9.15


The Sound, full, Liverpool 11.9.15

“No, not really. We don’t like to call it anything.  But the critics and the people who write about it, you know, they have to call it something. So they didn’t want to say it was Rock & Roll, because Rock’s supposed to have gone out about five years ago. And so they decided it wasn’t really Rhythm & Blues… so they decided to call it ‘The Liverpool Sound’ which is stupid, really, because as far as we were concerned it was just, you know, the same as the Rock from five years ago.” - George in an interview with Armed Forces Network conducted in Paris 24 January 1964 in response to - “Lets ask a question here of George Harrison. George, what is the status of Rock & Roll in England today? Is that what you call your music?”

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The Sound, Liverpool 11.9.15 [x]


Sir Paul singing…

Abe and Dave drumming together…