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I can’t unlove you.
—  (22: September 29, 2014)

I have watched every single Liverpool game ever since I left you. I sit my ass down for two hours in front of the tv every time, cheering for a team I don’t even support. I imagine you doing the same and raging when they miss a shot.

Doing these things make me feel a little closer to you. 

I know I don’t ever show it - I don’t answer your calls, I don’t reply to your texts/emails, I don’t act like I care - but I do still miss you. I still find ways to be connected to you. I just never let it become a two-way thing because I never want you to feel like we could be back together again. That kind of hope is cruel.

So until I learn to unlove you, I am stuck here. Until I learn to unlove you, I don’t know how to accept another man’s commitment.

I hope you are doing better than I am.