liverpool love


Yours is a story of ups and downs.. but what your journey has taught us, is never EVER giving up.

Even in the darkest days you kept your smile and moved forward.

Happy 33rd Birthday Fernando José Torres Sanz.

You were, are and forever will be our Niño❤❤

My home town has recently received the honour of hosting the Dreamworks Christmas lights, so they’ve started to be put up. The building is known as St. George’s Hall, and is quite a famous building in our town. (It was actually used as a film set for fantastic beasts!) The first, and currently, only decoration is a large inflatable Shrek, peering over the roof.

They really decided to Shrek the Halls this year.

  • BOSS: why didn't you show up for work yesterday?
  • me: because i don't work on holidays
  • BOSS: yesterday was July 6??
  • me: uh yeah, yesterday was the day John Lennon met Paul McCartney, July 6th, 1957.
  • He and his Quarrymen skiffle group were playing at the garden fete of St Peter's Church, Woolton, Liverpool.
  • One of John's mates was mates with Paul, so this mate introduced Paul to John. And he asked Paul to join their group, which later became wildly known as the Beatles. With the company of George and Ringo of course.
  • BOSS: .....
  • me: National Mclennon Day, duhh!

Thank you for everything, Captain ♥