liverpool fc [2]

Jurgen Klopp and his 20+sons prt1

ok so i saw this being done for other teams and i thought oh hey dork fc needs one of those thus this happened, inspo taken from those posts 

jurgen klopp aka kloppo- manager dad to all the lads at lfc 

  • cuddler
  • angry bean
  • everyones fave
  • the meaning of passionate
  • loves his sons more than life
  • celebrates like a mad man
  • everyone wants him to be there manager tbh, u cant have him hes ours
  • will defend these boys better than they can defend 

Jordan Henderson aka hendo

  • captain
  • will fight u and win
  • a good man 
  • liverpool is his fave city and his face was priceless when he said it, fans died 
  • bosses the midfield like he invented the midfield 
  • captain dork, he takes after stevie, its a thing 

james milner aka the purest man alive

  • vice captain 
  • can play everywhere; has played everywhere
  • got hate but is our best player
  • underappreciated
  • scored from on his ass one time, it was glorious 
  • a smol

adam lallana, aka llama

  • resident fluff ball
  • award winning sarcastic clapper
  • need ripped jeans??? call adam 
  • quick feet lallana
  • celebrates by clinging to u, aka koala adz 
  • kloppo’s fave son and neighbour 

Philippe Coutinho aka lil magician

  • E V ER Y ON E 
  • will score worldies and celebrate like theres no tomorrow
  • hes a smol w a child
  • P U R E , 
  • not pure on the pitch tho he will end u before u can even blink 
  • samba dancer

sadio mane aka supermane

  • u think ur fave is good till u see mane and u realise they dont even compare :DDD
  • will destroy ur team
  • literal superman
  • one time we saw him cry and our hearts still arent healed
  • will save u and ur dumb ass team 

robeto firmino aka bobby or angel :)

  • had a magical ponytail that had scoring powers which he cut off  
  • he then lost those scoring powers (im lying he still has them)
  • will defend better than ur fave defender
  • blinding white teeth
  • is still a child w children
  • loves to party, all the time
  • samba dancer 2.0

Georginio Wijnaldum aka the brightest star in the universe 

  • blinding smile, its so beautiful
  • bosses midfield
  • will save our ass
  • hes so pure and sweet
  • sang 3 lil birds w a child, it was great
  • neighbours w klavan, gets in trouble for playing loud music

steven gerrard aka captain fantastic

  • in my head he isnt retired 
  • what even is retirement
  • is prolly kloppo’s fave
  • dad to the u18′s
  • we all still cry over him
  • shush he still counts ok

daniel sturridge aka dancing queen

  • dance dance dance all the time
  • u think u kno cool but ull never reach studge’s level of cool
  • won the hip hop battle twice , is v proud of it 
  • a good man ok
  • deserves more 
  • and by more i mean no fucking injuries

lucas leiva aka sunshine leiva

  • the epitome of sunshine
  • been here forever
  • had a party for it
  • tried to score v everton and made kloppo laugh 
  • he finally scored after 6789 years and it was GREATTTTT, highlight of the season tbh
  • dad to the brazillians and the spanish puppy

joe gomez aka jomez or the tiny prince 

  • when he came here he was so good
  • then he got hurt smh, 
  • a puppy
  • did the hiphop battle w studge, came 2nd, 
  • an actual baby 

link to part 2 

Liverpool FC as Cakes part 1

#thecakeseries in honour of my genius and wonderful anon who deserves the world, all credit goes to them bc they literally came up with all of this and they are amazing, thanks for talking to me and being the founder of this amazing thing yall better appreciate this post for them istg 

disclaimer ive tasted like none of these cake i dunno what the fuck im talking about, dont take it serious, its not meant to be 

aight so kloppo is banoffee 

  • the banana fits w his bvb side 
  • and the toffee is obvs lfc cus we get ourselves stuck in all sorts of dumb situations
  • im lookin at u defence 
  • plus it matches his hair colour

emre can is toffeeee

  • “cus we all wanna get stuck him”- ancient proverb by anon the literal genius 
  • thats it, thats the main reason
  • hes sweet and delicious as hell, i mean i dont actually kno but he looks it
  • who doesnt want a piece of emre can is the real question here 
  • the cake is tan, he is tan, thicccc afff

Sadio Mane as Black Forest 

  • do u literally see any difference??? no, me either
  • both badass and sweet as hell
  • literally no one can resist 
  • supermane is literally the cherry on top of this team and its so good

Ben as Chocolate Cupcake 

  • tiny and smol, so good and hard to resist 
  • full of all the good stuff
  • both actual babies too good for this world, too pure, 
  • seeing ben play is like enjoying a chocolate cupcake its totally fitting 
  • both babiessss just like a cupcake to an actual cake, and ben woodburn in the senior team


  • cus he my life and a sunshine and the brightest thing and he needs all the love
  • AND HES UNDERAPPRECIATED prolly like rainbow cake 
  • rainbows are full of love, and im full of love for him, and he is perfection, 
  • he needs more love

James Milner as Red Velvet (this all started cus of james milner, it is entirely his fault)

  • i literally see no difference between him and the cake 
  • he was born to play in red, he looks the best in this colour
  •  i find red velvet a lil bland which totes fits w the ‘boring james milner’ persona
  • plus some people love him some people dont, totally like red velvet
  • both very pretty to look at 

Trent is Charlotte Cake 

  • because HE IS TOO IS SMALL AND FILLED WITH AMAZING THINGS (im talking about talent) 
  • He is also v pretty like the cake 
  • if anyone deserves a good cake its trent, cus hes the best bean and we all love him 

Momo as Ginger Spice

  • have u seen him play
  • this dude got something in his locker bruh and its full of spice and magic
  • i would die for this man, look at him hes an actual angel on earth, 
  • the icing represents his beard, 
  • ginger cake is warm and fluffy and good just like him, 

Studge as Chocolate 

  • studge is cheeky just like when u eat chocolate cake and make sure no one sees
  • uve heard of cheeky nandos w the boys,now get ready for cheeky chocolate cake and a slice of daniel sturridge ;)
  • literally no one can be chocolate cake cus its studge and no matter what we will always love him 

Couti is Chocolate Mousse (this happened before he fucked us over)

  •  bc he’s tiny, delicious and makes everyone happy, 
  • also high key magical and fluffy
  •  smol but magical and everyones guilty pleasure,
  •  everyone wants a piece of couti (ykno back before he stabbed us in the heart and make us all sick,
  •  we had to much chocolate mousse and this is our punishment 
  • good enough that to give us a heart attack 

loris karius as angel cake 

  • hes an actually looks like a fucking angel goodbye
  • like bobby, why isnt bobby angel cake idk
  • is angel cake as pretty as loris??? no it isnt
  • i would chose to eat loris over angel cake anyday who said that not me
  • im to distracted by that picture to even write a description bye

adz is strawberry

  • like we often forget about stawberry cake but when we have it we love it
  • a bit like adz not playing and then surprising us w his cruyff turns again and his quick feet
  • if lallama was a fruit he would literally be a stawberry, so smollll

s/o to my anon, they came up w literally all the cakes, give them all the love

link to part 2 

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This was at 0-0, just after the crowd groaned at a misplaced pass from Jordan Henderson. In his own way Jurgen Klopp told the supporting Reds to shut up the down-beaten noises and support the team. They did. The players responded. We won 2-0.

Further proof that Klopp is well on his way to being the most important single individual this club has had since Bob Paisley. Doesn’t just manage the players, he manages us all.

Liverpool FC as Cakes Part 2

#thecakeseries also in honour of my anon, i have too much love for them

disclaimer ive tasted like none of these cake i dunno what the fuck im talking about, dont take it serious, its not meant to be 

Buvac is Fruitcake

  • traditional 
  • old but gold
  • needed in life to survive and appreciate all good things 
  • idk if fruit cake is needed to survive but zeljko defo is 
  • i love zeljko

Bobby as Baklava 

  • SWEET AS HELLLLLLL is baklava sweet??? ive never eaten it
  • weirdly shaped like all those dumb haircuts bobby seems to get 
  • apparently baklava in english means diamond and bobby is the brightest diamond in the world
  • baklava is a diamond, bobby is the shiniest diamond, its perfect 

Joe Gomez tiny prince charming as Pancakes 

  • who wants to pour syrup on jomez???? i do
  • tiny prince and pancakes, life is great 

Dejan as Cremeschnitte

  • this cake originated in croatia
  • if it was gonna be anyone it has be dejan
  • totally fitting
  • very thicccc
  • made w custard, for that time he beat the bees 

Marko as Ice Cream cake

  • literally who else but my tin y smol son as the cake everyone is bound to love 
  • full of all the good stuff just like marko
  • crazy and messy and too good 
  • prolly overlooked 
  • ice cream cake is for kids, and marko is a child, its totally fitting 

Gini as Raspberry 

  • sweet and good
  • but not when he scores on u, thats the sting of raspberries 
  • actual cinammon rolllllllllll, i mean raspberry cake 
  • the brightest star in the universe and v beautiful 

Alby as Carrot Cake

  • i mean that hair come on
  • the cake and his hair are practically the same colour
  • xabi alonso’s son, is of course carrot cake 
  • cant shake the ginger hair and beard 

hendo as lemon and coconut cake 

  • tough on the outside, dont mess w a cocunut cake @diego costa he’ll take u down bruh 
  • cocunut is bit of a rough texture???? idk what im saying at this point ive lost my mind 
  • sweet as hell on the inside 
  • yellow for sUNSHINEEEEEE

Migs as a Creme Puff

  • this is so funny i canttt
  • that kit and the puff, like theres no difference 
  • sometimes migs gets so angry at his defence that he too burts like a creme puff
  • idk if he has cream pouring outta him and tbh idont wanna kno goodbyee
  • someone shoot me in the face 

Dom as  Merveilleux

  •  sprinklessssssssss
  • sprinkles are so good and so is GOAT AND WORLD CUP WINNER DOM
  • chocolate goodness which we all wanna eat *wink wink*
  • he is also bursting w cream
  • i could get down w that
  • imma stop now
  • this post is not going where i wanted it too i hate myself  

Joel as Pound Cake

  • i mean ididnt even kno that was a thing
  • pretty sure joel feels like pounding a few people in the head when hes defending 
  • yhh the word pound is distracting me imma move on now 

the entire team is hazelNUT cake

  • they all nutworthy goodbye 
  • they are all beautiful and perfect 
  • and i would die for them all 
  • i love them all too much
  • the team is just hazelNUT bruh
  • lets be real i just did this to make a hazelNUT joke :DDDD

and that my guys is the end of thecakeseries, hope u enjoyed it, 

link to part 1 

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"Anything Is Possible For Those Who Believe"

This is brilliant by Jurgen Klopp. I’ve already seen some criticising him for this, saying it’s only a draw with West Brom, but that isn’t the point. He’s making the players thank the fans, making them closer to us, making sure they’ve got nowhere to hide after many of them failed to perform for the third game in a row. Brilliant.

He’ll be ripping a few of them apart in the dressing room right now too.


This is a place where i feel at home // It’s over then. The story’s over. All this time that we’ve spent watching him, devoted to him, obsessed by him, believing in him, trying to get inside his head, trying to figure out what makes him tick. Millions of us, worldwide millions, invested in a complex man; a man at the top of his trade, a man that leads others, inspires, creates, solves, stands above everybody around him. A complex man with apparent insecurities that sit strangely alongside talents and a life that the rest of us can only dream of. All this time, over. [listen]