Quite long head. A6, 2016.

We sat in the garden a Monday afternoon. The grass hadn’t been mown for a month or so. The Pie focused wholly on a little yellow dandelion flower a minute beautiful, before crushing it in his fat caramel hand. In the evening we watched videos of people falling over in the street and maiming themselves on various gymnastic apparatus. Everybody laughed. We would drive to Liverpool the next morning.

“I think Liverpool have a great chance to qualify this season. It reminds me very much of the season when we finished runners-up, 2013-14, where you want to be in Europe, but if you don’t have European football you have the possibility to work even more on the training field and work with the players much closer. You have less games, you can train them more and practise more and then hopefully that allows your performance to improve. I think Liverpool this season have made some good signings and that, along with the possibility to work more, gives them a great chance of qualification for the top four.” - Brendan Rodgers believes Liverpool have every chance of making a top 4 finish under Jurgen Klopp this season. 

football tag 

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Rules: have fun, tag ten! 

1. Favourite club(s): liverpool fc. also i love as roma a bit (or not a bit)

2. Favourite coach(es): all you need is klopp, klopp is all you need. (also antonio conte seems cool)

3. Favourite striker(s): ings, studge, origi, muller and totti

4. Favourite midfielder(s): gerrard, xabi alonso, de rossi, james milner, hendo, lallana, florenzi, kuba

5. Favourite defender(s): AGGER, lovren, riise, skrtel, nat clyne, 

6. Favourite goalkeeper(s): pepe reina, dudek and buffon

7. Favourite captain(s): stevie g, totti and del piero

8. Favourite stadium(s): anfield

9. Favourite retired footballer(s): AGGER, del piero, beckham, zidane and craig bellamy

10. Favourite trophy(s): champions league

11. A moment that made you smile: anytime lfc wins, de rossi does a great tackle, milly scores or assists.  most recent is when ben woodburn scored 

12. A moment that made you cry: stevie leaving lfc, italy lost to spain in euro 2012 final and when kuba missed penalty in euro 2016. thats all

13. A player you used to dislike and now you like: this cant happen, if i dont like the player, i dont like him

14. A player you like from a rival team: dier, basti, gigi buffon. and… also… maybe……. just a bit…… ryan giggs…. you saw nothing, i just respect him. 

15. A player you respect for his talent: um all of them???

16. A player you want to hang out with: james milner, kuba and de rossi

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On this day in 1938 Liverpool FC signed William Beveridge Liddell from Lochgelly Violet for £200.

Two hundred and twenty-eight goals in Red make the Scot number four in the list of our all time goalscorers. Not bad for a winger.

A stunning player who - according to my Everton-adoring and Liverpool-hating Grandad - made Lionel Messi seem like Carlton Cole. He’s one of only two Liverpool players my Grandad ever said anything positive about, the other being King Kenny.