I promised to drive it like this until after the election.

Last month, I invited readers to spray paint my car. I told them I would drive it around in its spray paint livery until after the election as a visible reminder that oftentimes being an individual and standing up for what you believe in and living out loud means making choices that other people won’t understand. I asked everybody who spray-painted the Evo to consider their tag as a pledge to live according to their values, to make big and bold and brave choices regardless of whether or not someone on the other side of the street said, “Damn, that’s ugly.”

I ask everyone to do that again today.

I’m driving it like this until January. Maybe longer. I feel like being loud right now.

I can’t get over the fact that the chocobros are wearing Official Custom Couture Royal Livery.

Like, how did that tailor’s appointment even go?

Ignis requests a suit appropriate for meeting foreign dignitaries.

Gladio promises that he is absolutely definitely 100% is going to wear the shirt they make him.

Noctis is like, whatever, I don’t care, can I be fishing now?  Give me wading pants.  I’m a Prince, I do what I want.

Finally Prompto is herded in.  At first he’s uncomfortable.  Hesitant, even.  He’s used to shopping in thrift stores, you know?   But once he calms down, the dam breaks, he pulls out a magazine with some of my favorite fashion photography, and he is like, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT BLACK LEOPARD PRINT SKINNY JEANS.

They get their clothing five days later, and Ignis spends the entire afternoon screaming internally.
Uber Extends an Olive Branch to Local Governments: Its Data
The company, hoping to weave itself into municipal transit planning, unveiled Movement, a website that will allow outsiders to study traffic patterns with data collected by Uber vehicles.
By Mike Isaac

The company on Sunday unveiled Movement, a stand-alone website it hopes will persuade city planners to consider Uber as part of urban development and transit systems in the future.

The site, which Uber will invite planning agencies and researchers to visit in the coming weeks, will allow outsiders to study traffic patterns and speeds across cities using data collected by tens of thousands of Uber vehicles. Users can use Movement to compare average trip times across certain points in cities and see what effect something like a baseball game might have on traffic patterns. Eventually, the company plans to make Movement available to the general public.


The liveries of the Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde, both used and projected, as during her launch, she received 74 orders from 16 airlines. 

Sadly only two airliners, Air France and British Airways, would actually buy her, limiting her production run to only 14 units (plus 6 prototypes) with a grand total of 4 users throughout her lifetime, as for a short-while both Braniff International Airways and Singapore Airlines leased one aircraft each, where only Singapore managed to get their colors applied to the supersonic airliner, albeit only in half of the fuselage. 

Concorde was the last leap in commercial aviation, the last pioneer, as ever since we have sunk lower and lower into bland, insipid, uninspired designs that the only envelop they seem willing to push of how much fuel they can save.