I'll tell ya what that Andy scene was

Right, so, Andy and Thomas are roommates and bffs by S6 and Andy’s rummaging the room for condoms which, out of desparation, Thomas has hidden in his second best livery, since Andy always keeps “borrowing” from his stash. Thomas walkes in on him and he’s like: “Bruh, get your own damn condoms, I’m having a guy over this weekend and I want you and your thieving little fingers out of the room, capish!?” And Andy’s like: “Bruh, just this once bruh, I promise. It’s urgent! And I’ll get lost when Ji…when your date comes round. Won’t even spy on you from the keyhole like last time or anything bruh!”


The Field Guide to Typography – Typefaces in the Urban Landscape

The Field Guide to Typography explores and explains the myriad typefaces that we see around us in our day-to-day lives, from airplane liveries to computer screens, from billboard hoardings to signage systems. It presents over 120 typefaces old and new, common and unusual with photographic references to help font spotters identify particular typefaces in the wild. Accompanying background information explains the origin, usage and key features of each typeface, and Field Facts provide little-known nuggets of information to expand your typographical awareness. Attractive and informative, The Field Guide to Typography is a unique visual reference for novice font fans and experienced designers alike, and a comprehensive celebration of our expanding typographic world.