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remember that one video you did with the man who had like the giant onion boy…. where did that every go? *I searched completely through your youtube three times and couldn’t find it*          

It wasn’t on YouTube, only on here as an audio post, but here’s a YouTube version for you. 

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i really like harry’s answers about equality. idk i’ve been at work, so if there was discourse i missed it and i don’t care lmao.

what he said reminds me of a argument i’ve been having with my parents since the presidential election started. i keep sending them links and info and quotes–things trump and pence have said or done, laws being passed that are going to fuck me over or fuck people who aren’t male or white or straight/–and they call it me being political. they’re like, “i don’t want to talk about politics with you,” or “i don’t want to let politics ruin our family,” and it makes me want to scream because it’s not politics to me, it’s my life. my daily life. my rights. it’s a lot of people’s lives.

yes, it’s still political, but privileged people will reduce something fundamental like equal rights to “oh it’s politics” to dismiss things they don’t want to talk about or think about when some of us don’t have that luxury. it equates arguing about what i can do with my body or who i can marry with like taxes, and it’s like… no?? it shouldn’t be like that. so i i get it and i love harry a lot.

Homeworld is going to regret kidnapping Onion.

No matter what facility they put that child into, he is going to destroy it and incite mayhem. He will push every button, open every door, and strike fear into the hearts of homeworld soldiers. Heck, he might even take a Ruby ship out for a spin. They aren’t going to know what hit them. 

And this will all take place BEFORE Vidalia shows up with a shot gun.

So because I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, it’s show and tell from my closet of unfinished shit. 

This one is from my “Fourteen year old Ben Skywalker travels back in time after the shitstorm of LotF” fic and ends up in 13ABY and finds his mom, except obviously his Mara Jade from 40 ABY is a very different person from Mara Jade, 13 ABY, which duh is what I’m 100% there for.

“Listen to me, Faskus,” his mother’s voice went into that low pitch that meant serious. “We’re going to the Jedi academy, I know–”

“No!” The word escaped him shrill and full all of the recoil he felt. His mom flinched at it and clumsily patted his other shoulder with her free hand. She didn’t speak for a long moment.

“I’ll go with you,” he half hiccupped. He’d go anywhere just not to lose her again “Just…you can’t….you can’t tell them I have the Force.”

“It’s a Jedi academy. They’ll know.”

“They won’t,” Ben said thickly. “I’ve always been…I’m good at this.” And he was. Even before Jacen had given him the technique he’d been able to hide in the Force.  Not even his parents had been able find him.  

“You can’t tell them,” he whispered. “Promise me.”

“Faskus.” His mother was again speaking in that choked voice. “They can help you. Maybe you do have memories it’s just–”

“No!  No one’s going into my head! You have to promise!”

She stayed silent for a long time again. “Fine.” She finally sighed. “All right.”

Ben sagged with relief. “Thank you.”

She patted his shoulder awkwardly, and he missed his mom so much it hurt like a real wound. His mom the one who would wrap her arms around him tight. His mom who hugged him with all ferocity and strength of a hanadak. She hugged like she could squeeze all that into you, like you’d need a taser stave to get her off.

But this version of her just touched his shoulder in a barely-there pat. “You don’t need to hide. Not from me.”

Please, Ben, don’t hide from me. Ever.

Ben shut his eyes tight. How much would she know if he didn’t hide?