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Dumbing Down Aspects Between The Sun to Jupiter and Saturn

Aspects between the Sun and Jupiter

Sun Conjunct Jupiter
If unafflicted by other planets such as Mars or Saturn with hard aspects, this is seen as a very positive aspect to have. It attracts optimism and joy in one’s ego. Provides protection and ease around financial, spiritual, and most health aspects in life. Approach is strong and vital, but in a gentle way. It attracts curiosity to religion and good morals. Love of children and animals. Likely to travel quite a bit if their crave for knowledge asks for it. Overall a person with this aspect could easily be labelled as a “good” person.

Sun Trine/Sextile Jupiter
Quite similar to the conjunction as it applies ease to areas listed. May not be as direct as the conjunction, but it still there, especially when activated. Likely to have carried over religious/spiritual knowledge from past lives to continue to grow and expand in this life. Love of children and animals, the individual believes they can learn from them and nature.

Sun Square Jupiter
The square appears in people’s charts to test them and build strength in this area. Jupiter always provides too much ease, so as this is an inharmonious aspect, what can be learned from it can become beneficial. An individual with this aspect may carry blind optimism or over exaggerate. Unless other aspects show responsibility and maturity, the individual may see big losses due to immaturity. This aspect shows the individual may gamble too much and should also watch their diet. Look to a harmonious Saturn to neutralize a lazy Jupiter.

Sun Opposite Jupiter
Similar to the square, but a lot more must be learned from it. There is feelings of self entitlement. According to medical astrology, a person with this aspect should be very careful with their diet, especially with age as their liver is sensitive. Must learn not to over-do the gambling, the eating, and the relaxing. Too much giving in, needs to learn to restrict. Perhaps a good aspected Saturn can be helpful.

Aspects between the Sun and Saturn

Sun Conjunct Saturn
Organized and Disciplined. Comes off as cold and lonely. May see many limitations, but will only make them stronger and make the individual more persistent. Hard work and patience is what brings in rewards, opt to see material success later in life. May see many disappointments in life, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, especially when the chart holds a good aspected Jupiter. Very determined character. May be issues with the father figure in this person’s life; either too prominent, neglecting, or not there at all. If Saturn overrides the Sun completely, childhood may have been very somber and disappointing.

Sun Trine or Sextile Saturn
Practical with good drive. Ambitious and easily directed towards goals. High integrity and morals. Willing to work for success. Individual likely to have strong bones and teeth; good genetics. Again like the conjunction, may have issues with the father figure in their life.

Sun Square Saturn
Unfortunately this aspect makes the individual have sort of a “Scrooge” attitude. Gives selfishness and bitterness to the personality. Again, childhood may have not have been very happy. Possibly not a strong connection with the father figure. An individual with this aspect finds it’s hard to be loved and the coldness seems to grow with frustration. Look for and embrace harmonious aspects to the Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter to sort of “cure” this hard aspect. It also depends on how the individual views this aspect; the more they dread unwanted events, the more they show up. This is why we look to Jupiter for optimism in hard aspects to Saturn. Past life karma usually creates fates like this one. The reason for this is, in a past life, the individual may have been too lazy or had not really put their ego to work properly. It is to balance the karma, it is the stars giving your soul a push.

Sun Opposite Saturn
Actually not quite like the Square at all. According to Isabel M. Hickey in her book, Astrology A Cosmic Science, she mentions that oppositions tend to be forces outside of ourselves, meaning the forces of other people and nature whereas a Square is an inner struggle. So with an aspect like this, the individual is likely to meet a lot of difficult people in their life. Again, it has to do with karma; either in a past life they were like these people or in a past life they had unresolved issues with these people. Likely to see these difficult personalities in men of the individual’s life. Compromise and understanding is key to overcoming the outer forces.

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