I truly feel like I have a love affair with this Giant Old Oak outside our office. I may have mentioned a time or two on my other account that the tree is approximately 500 years old. It’s seen some things.
Sometimes I just go out there and sit underneath it and drown out the things in my life that perplex me. 

I love this tree and the one directly across from it. I will miss them so much when we move.

So in our office complex we have a tiny little dumpster that is meant to accommodate all the businesses here. There has been a huge problem with people coming here after hours and on the weekends when the majority of the businesses are closed and dumping their trash and filling our dumpster.I guess enough people complained so the complex owners finally hired a company to come out and remedy the situation. Today they came and our office is on the opposite side of the dumpster you see in the above picture so we had a full view of what they’ve been doing. I noticed today after they tore down the back wall of the dumpsters holding area, that they had placed two extended spikes into the ground with tape across. The spikes are dangerously close to the roots of the tree so it has alarmed us somewhat. We have come to the conclusion that may just be installing a new back wall that can be fitted with cameras on it, or that they are extending the actual dumpster site out onto the grassy area and installing a larger dumpster. If it’s the extension this concerns me because it could potentially damage the roots of this beautiful tree. I have loved this tree since the moment we moved into this office. For lack of a better word, it is magical. And wildlife absolutely thrives around it. Because of these reasons and the fact that the tree itself has been approximated to be around 500 years in age, my godmother and I went out and measured the diameter of the tree and guesstimated it’s height so I could contact our county’s local arborist in order to find out if it’s protected or not. Hopefully it already is, but if it’s not I’m nominating it with the county to be protected. It is a beautiful tree that has been around for several hundred years and in an area where forestry is constantly being knocked down to build new disgusting cookie cutter neighborhoods, it should be protected and appreciated for it’s great beauty and age. If it isn’t already protected I am going to do everything in my power to help it become protected. It is too valuable to let it die or damage it. Georgia and Atlanta are known as one of the greenest and most densely populated tree and forest states. It’s part of what makes my home so beautiful. I would just be so devastated to see something happen to this tree.