Playing live has been something we have been the most passionate about from the beginning. All we want is for our fans to come to the shows, rock out and have one of the best times they’ve ever experienced. Also when a room is full of you guys from all different walks of life, you can let it go when you come to the shows and be free to be yourself.

Our live album ‘LIVESOS’ is now available to preorder on iTunes or our webstore in the USA, Canada & Mexico. Everywhere else can from midnight this Sunday 23 November. It has 15 tracks recorded in different venues around the world :)

Anyways we love you, this is us live… You rule..

Deluxe bundle:

In music, there’s not just one moment when you Find Your Magic.

It’s endless basement jam sessions.
Riffing with that badass drummer at open mic night.
Practicing your act in the mirror. Again. And again. And again.
It’s nailing soundcheck at SXSW.

Get ready for the journey of the AXE Collective. Our five hand-picked musicians are off to Austin this week to perform onstage and show the world what they’re made of. Follow along for the ride.

| Panic! At the Disco | 

| Taken for 106.1 The Underground (WZRH New Orleans)

| |


Here’s the lyric video for What I Like About You, one of the songs off our live album LIVESOS !!


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Deluxe bundle: