[INFO] SM is directly requesting fan song request for Kyuhyun fanmeeting~ please submit in google form below if you want!

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 DO NOT enter many entries with the same content.

Deadline: May 6 2017

Form Translation:

1. Enter your name (or username) and birth date. (eg. Balladkyu / 880520) 

2. Name just one song (by Super Junior or Kyuhyun ONLY) that you want Kyuhyun to sing and why. (eg. Dorothy / I really want to listen to ‘Dorothy’ with only Kyuhyun’s voice)

3. Name just one song from other singers that you want Kyuhyun to sing and why. (eg. Jason Mraz / I’m Yours / I want to hear this song in Kyuhyun’s voice)

Source: trans by kyud03 via OurGyuhyun

In the future, Mizuki Nana will be a bothersome mama!?

…^^;;; that is if she gets married lol

so back to Ultimate Top 7 where she reveal rank 7 
ranking of What you want to do when Mizuki Nana (you) becomes mama
1. Walk with Keitan
2. Travel
3. Learn English together
4. Cooking
5. Cosplay
6. Storytelling

and 7th is~~~ Koibana? (google~~) ohh… love story
basically is like mother and daughter interaction, mostly people say (on twitter) this suited if the child is a girl but if boy hmmm… up to you to think about it lol

the rest she talk about sugafes
during her rehearsal she use the 2nd floor studio while suga use the 1st floor studio (so they can speed up the rehearsal)
and how she got invited by this event, ryutan pass a butterfly seal on pink  envelope O.O oooo

then she talk about TM. Revolution 20th anniversary LIVE where she the surprise guest and also said this year she will perform 7 times in SSA ^^;;
TMR20th anniversary
Animelo summer live
FC event ×2

speaking of 20th anniversary
nana would like to do it during/at Iyosai Festival (ehime’s fireworks festival)
she also would like many different voice actor artists to come also~