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Nov 18, 2010 - Marina live Cologne, Germany at Gloria Theater

I’m rewatching the first episode of Stranger Things and I’m like damn, the Byerses used to have a dog!  I can’t remember seeing the dog in Stranger Things 2, did something happen to it in season one and I’ve forgotten?  Or did it just disappear between seasons?

and then I was like “They got Bob”

and I was like “Oh yeah.”


Hoseok’s sister was seen near the Jimmy Kimmel venue by ARMYs. She flew all the way from S.Korea to support her brother and the boys. Yoongi’s brother was also spotted in L.A by ARMYs and so is Namjoon’s sister and Jimin’s brother.  It seems they invited their families to attend. Also as reported HERE all BigHit’s staff came to help and assist the boys too. 

Dianakko week Day 6 - AU (years later - no magic AU)

Au where Diana is an excellent doctor in her prestigious family clinic, while Akko is a freelancer in the entertainment field and can work at home


boy i hate when villains kill their own guys, word’s gonna get around and you won’t get any henchmen applications in the future. give me bad guys who revel in how evil they are together, raze a village to the ground, but will set aside day on their calendar because it’s Morgog’s (in Decaptations) bday and they wanna see her utterly destroy all 239 candles with her cool flame breath

Attract the right kind of people into your life. Those who are uplifting, inspirational, or wise. Those who encourage you, not drag you down. The people who we spend time with have more of an influence on us than we often realize, so we must ensure that these influences are good ones.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin