Gogi Berries: Superfood & Snacker Friendly

Love to snack, but don’t want to ruin your waistline? Perhaps you get the munchies and want good healthy snacks but not sure where to start.

Gogi Berries are a wise option for you! Considered a “Superfood” they are packed with antioxidants. They are not recommended for people with diabetes or those allergic to nightshades (tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, etc).

Great straight out of the bag, in trail mix, in cereal and oatmeal, yogurt, salads, the options are endless. Their texture and taste is similar to raisins, but a little more tart.

Purchase at Whole Foods or a local health foods store.


livelovemanja asked:

If you're having a reaction to non gluten oatmeal, try eliminating yeast and refined sugars. Also soy (xanathan gum) is used in many gluten free products as a substitute. I have a severe allergy to tree nuts so please feel free to ask me anything :) Manja

i didn’t realise til I’d eaten it but it said on the packet that the oats might have had traces of nuts, soya or eggs so it may be one of those im reacting to, its a long and slow process this allergy testing thing….


Kate Hudson is Co Founder of new athletic wear apparel brand, FABLETICS.

For those who appreciate the laid back Cali lifestyle and stylish, well fitting, trendy workout clothes … we think you will adore FABLETICS.

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Girl, 13, dies in her father’s arms from peanut allergy reaction |

Heart Breaking story of how a 13 year old girl dies in her fathers arms at Summer Camp, after eating a bite of food containing peanuts.

The camp issued a statement saying “let this be a lesson to us that food allergies indeed are a very real and serious issue".

Exactly why we do what we do, and will always continue to promote food allergy awareness and honest reviews.

Loving and healing vibes to Natalie’s family during this painful time. She is now an angel, with the angels, and forever we extend this post as a tribute to this amazing being.


LiveLoveManja Launches CocoaPlanet at Rainbow Grocery, San Francisco

Ashley Nicolei of LiveLoveManja is delighted to team with CocoaPlanet (fair trade, organic, gluten free artisan chocolate) at Rainbow Grocery Co-Opp, San Francisco.

CocoaPlanet prides itself in using organic, non-gmo, and gluten free ingredients designed to capture the true taste, texture, and aroma of chocolate.

Founded by a French-American who resides in Sonoma County, CocoaPlanet is not only local but is also gluten allergy/ celiac disease compassionate.

The artisan grade chocolate also offers two vegan flavors. Flavors sampled at the launch include Salted Caramel, Dark Truffle, Mint, Vanilla Espresso, and Mandarin Orange. Chocolate can be baked with, melted down into a hot cocoa, or enjoyed alone. The options are endless.

Check out CocoaPlanet here:


Sunday Fundays are for Friendships! LiveLoveManja Creator, Ashley Nicolei (center) with two of her best friends, enjoying the beautiful summer preview weather in San Francisco on Haight Ashbury. Where do they go for coffee? STARBUCKS of course. But when on Haight …. Beautiful and super DELICIOUS Squat and Gobble Brunch Hot Spot or Coffee on Haight is a must.


LiveLoveManja Creator, Ashley Nicolei, on her way to Womens Startup Lab and Procopio Emerging Growth & Technologies Conference, Menlo Park, Silicon Valley.

The conference is focused on empowering women entrepreneurs through resources, advising, guidance, networking, incubators, referrals, legal advice, and much more.

The speaker was absolutely fantastic! Inspirational, bright, and sharp. Involved in EBay, Silver Trails, and has little ones at home. Superwoman! Yes ladies, it is possible!


Ways to Enjoy Meals Dairy Free

Just because you’re choosing to eat dairy free doesn’t mean you need to give up the foods you love. 

Here are a lists of subsitutes you can use to still create your favorite foods/meals, without consuming dairy.

  1. Vegan Cheese
  2. Vegan Sausage
  3. Hemp Milk (use with cereal or in shakes)
  4. Almond Milk
  5. Rice Milk
  6. Coconut Oil (in place of butter or other dairy)
  7. Olive Oil (in place of butter, on salads instead of cheese)
  8. Avocado (in shakes in place of yogurt, to make thicker and creamier)
  9. Soy based products (not recommended for men, hormones)
  10. Tempeh (in place of chicken, with stir fry, bbq option)
  11. Tofu
  12. Egg Whites (if you are a lacto vegetarian, yolk triggers digestion issues)
  13. Honey (baking, vegan cookies)


LiveLoveManja Talks Business: The Value in the Establishment and Maintenance of Networking & Connections

The more time we spend in the startup world and social network, the more we realize how incredibly valuable a solid connection is - in business, in relationships, in life. As the saying goes, “it is not what you know, it is who you know” (anonymous) and this fact of life becomes more prevalent and more obvious as our consumer market becomes more and more over saturated with product. The competition to innovate, create, and profit is UNREAL. A true, authentic, and established connection with those a person does business with is more valuable than ever.

Consumers (the public) are exhausted by a surplus of options. Investors are bored with repeated products and pitches. The world is not craving something shinier, something flashier, something so INSANE that it trumps all others. The return to simplicity is what this world, the consumer, the public, and the purchasing customer is craving. Wake up business world! How to obtain such a simple yet difficult return? The more simple, the more powerful, the more skilled, the more intellectual. Quality over quantity, originality, and the human aspect is the “TRUMP” card investors and businesses are on the hunt for.

And how to make such a connection or simplicity of product/pitch? Return to simplicity, your most original self. What inspires you? What is the change you wish to see in the world? If you could fix the market or a product on the market in one way, how would you go about doing so? Share these questions, these concepts, these dreams, and these visions with your network, with your community, with your friends and loved ones, with your colleagues. The connector is here. The value is here. The bonding over ideas, dreams, and manifestations IS the personal connection that makes all the difference in this overly materialized, overly pitched, overly saturated economic market.

Be the change your network, your community, your people wish to see. You. You are the difference.


Safe Food, Food Allergies, and Buying Discernment

Safe foods for those with food allergies can be very expensive, especially with food allergies being on the rise (in the USA) and marked as the American Emerging Health Epidemic.

In regards to buying discernment (what we want vs. what we need) where does a foodie with one or more severe food allergies draw the line? A few MANJA Tips should help with buying behavior and buying discernment, save the bigger purchases for the food substitutions you truly need to maintain a healthy and sustainable (financially successful) diet and food allergy friendly lifestyle.

A few things us foodies with food allergies cannot skimp on when it comes to Safe Foods …

Tree Nut Allergy
1. Breads: Breads are one of the tree nut and other allergen cross processed goods in the market.
Refuse to skimp on more expensive (food allergen safe) bread brands. Not only will you need the
carbs, sugars, and calories from the bread with a tree nut free diet, nut free bread serves as a
solid breakfast (toast) or lunch (sandwich) staple for the young business professional with
food allergies, the commuter with food allergies, and the adult with food allergies.
2. Oils and Dressings: Find a nut free dressing or oil that works well with your nut allergy? Invest in
it! Oils and dressings along with other sauces are a breeding pool for cross processed allergens.
3. Coconut Oil (FDA Pending): Some people with tree nut allergies can tolerate coconut oil and
others cannot. If you are in the percentage who can, do not be afraid to splurge on the purest
and least processed coconut oil. The oil serves as a great source of fat and can be used in
cooking, baking ,and for at home DIY beauty product projects.

Stay tuned for other savvy savings and Manja Tips for additional top eight food allergy groups.



Manja Creator, Ashley Nicolei, featured as a Guest Blogger with and Dio Deka!

The article posts live today. Manja!


Barista’s Coffee House and Cafe (Tracy, CA): LiveLoveManja Review on Yelp!

We had such a lovely experience at Barista’s. The cashier’s sister also shares a nut allergy. So the cashier was knowledgable about what blends were safe for us to order as well as what dairy free options to stay away from (almond milk and silk soy milk which contains almonds and is cross processed with tree nuts).

Wide assortment and selection varying from mouth water Gourmet Hot Drinks, Blended Drinks (coconut craze, frosted lattes, white chocolate symphony, On the Rocks Drinks (iced white mocha, iced Sicilian latte, iced caramel sensation), smoothies, Hot Chocolate, Teas, and Iced Chai’s.

Read our full review on Yelp! at




Gluten Free Lipstick by Red Apple Lipstick at GFAF Expo, San Francisco

Ashley Nicolei and LiveLoveManja attended GFAF Expo, San Francisco at the San Mateo Convention Center last month. Pictured above, is Ashley researching the expo and the vendors attending the faire.

It was a pleasant surprise to come across Manja Friend and Twitter Follower, Red Apple Lipstick, a brand specializing in gluten free lipsticks and makeup. Ideal for those with gluten allergies, especially the business professional with gluten allergy or intolerance - adults have much more of a need for lipstick and make up than gluten free children (lets be honest). Often the adult demographic is unconsidered or ignored when it comes to the food allergy micro niche and the food allergy aware customer.

Ashley could not try on the makeup or lipstick personally, because it contains almond oil. She has a severe tree nut allergy and the almond oil would cause anaphylaxis for her. However, she is connected to a few make up artists in the beauty industry who will have great use for this fabulous, practical, and ethical makeup brand. She connected one of the artists to the vendor rep at the expo. We can’t wait to see the beautiful collaborations they come up with.

To check out the brand, company, and makeup line please visit the brand’s website @

We hope you enjoy as much as our Manja Makeup Artist friends have.


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Digg startups? Startup Showcase exclusive feature from the Bay Area’s largest showcase of the year - StartupMonthly & StartupSocials #growyourcause #growyourbrand #incubator #accelerator #developers #investors #vcs #social #networking #startupculture #showcase #techlove #sanfrancisco #bayarea #siliconvalley #2013 #panel #demo #events #press #media #livelovemanja #contributor #guestblogger Read our article NOW @ Manja!


LiveLoveManja teams with as a Shop Affiliate

Frustrated when shopping for groceries with food allergies? Depending on your food allergy specifics and the desired item(s) you may have to grocery store hop to find everything you need.

Narrow down your search with LiveLoveManja shops Amazon. Find pantry basics, raw food products, and health food products in one place. Will be posting live in two weeks.



LiveLoveManja & Ashley Nicolei featured Guest Blog with and BlendAbout Blog

Dio Deka at Hotel Los Gatos, Fine Hellenic Cuisine

210 E Main St  Los Gatos, CA 95030

(408) 354-7700

  • Tree Nut Friendly
  • Vegetarian Options
  • Food Allergy Sensitive
  • Michelin Awarded