season 1-3 fic recs

i couldn’t edit the other post i made so i’m just making a new one. these aren’t in any particular order, just however i happen to read them! they’re divided up by season/arc that made sense to me lol please check the warnings, most aren’t that dark or anything but please check to be careful :)

please leave kudos & comments!! show the writers some love ❤️

“somewhere someone must know the ending” by maleficently

“love her like she’s leaving” by absedarian

“memory” by rae325

“possession” by sapphire smoke

“come hungry” by chilly_flame

“all my care and woe” series by writetherest

“queens die proudly” by fictorium

“through heaven’s eyes” by standbackufools

“revenge of the three little pigs” by mskezzles

“land and the sea” series by adventurepants

“small world” by livelovelikeme

“what good people do” by aurorstorm

“a trail of destruction” by starsthatburn

“lucid” by alittlepinkvial

“you run for cover (i’ll take the bullet)” by writetherest

“the clock stopped ticking” by random dice

“bitter” by aurorstorm

“through a rose coloured camera lens” by aurorstorm

“phases of the moon” by wily_one24

“the staircase” by red charcoal

“this great distance” by chilly-flame

“the worlds you never see” by writetherest

“this happens to all heroes” by fangirlinit

“monday” by echo_au

“some hope after all” by hunnyfresh

“burn the witch” by jane_bond

“let’s talk about sex” by jane_bond

“battle towards surrender” by fictorium

“halfway through the wood” by fictorium

“educating emma” by bond.jane

“a touch of magic” by lzclotho

“punctured soul” by skinnyprocrastinator

“the rescue blues” by icicleair

“the debt” by scribes and scrolls

“a ledger squared in blood” by scribes and scrolls

“savior’s shield” by aurorstorm

“thicker than oceans” by adventurepants

“soothing the distressed soul” by skinnyprocrastinator

“the stars that fade” by chelseadaggz

“safe in the arms of love” by jd4941

“saving mom” by skinnyprocrastinator

“polygraph calibration for beginners” by absedarian (bering & wells)

“of love and loathing” by sapphire smoke

“a fine line” by hunnyfresh

“flu love’s kiss” by sea-ess-eye

“curse you and your dinner” by highheelsandchocolate

“a glamour of truth” by sea-ess-eye

“my enemy’s enemy” by egoperceptum

“a dark ocean” by chilly_flame

“there will come a time, you’ll see, when love won’t break your heart” by inkinthepot

“a broken heart the world forgot” by writetherest

“the line” by chilly_flame

“a midnight dreary” by egoperceptum

“tattoo removal for dummies” by rebelbyrdie

“fade away with me” by selizabetha01

“a journey, in three acts” by coalitiongirl

“you do not have to walk on your knees” by dollsome

“beautiful” sgtmac

“family matters” by hunnyfresh

“sounds like something breaking” by strangesmallbard

“burn” by sgtmac

“broken” by rae325

“the monomythical adventures of regina mills and emma swan” series by maggiemerc

“death is just so full (and man so small)” by alinaandalion

“our hearts will make a fire” by bayloriffic

“fretting over the fate of dinosaurs” by harper_m

“the one with emma’s wedding” by aurorstorm

“the queen and her lady” by starvinglunatic

“whatever this is” by afictionado

“for henry” by adm_hawthorne

“our choices seal our fight” series by alinaandalion

“static” by hunnyfresh

“when the time is right” by deemn

“liar liar” by barbieshoes

“defenestration” be velace

“what i did for love” by korderoo

“nothing comes from nothing” by parakitty

“if the blazer fits” by flyyoufools

“the hard way home” by adventurepants

“addict fic” by fictorium

“the cellar” by lovingonce

END OF S2 (finale)
“mend these broken pieces” by highheelsandchocolate

“a safe place” by rebelbyrdie

“on the mend” by coalitiongirl

“you don’t need anything else” by rae325

“pretend” by sgtmac

“when the time is right” by negativeblue

“take this sinking boat and point it home” by mariathepenguin

“by the light of the moon” by bayloriffic

“fall” by sgtmac

“poppies” by SpookshowBabyx

“i am violence” series by darkersky

“we’ll make our home on the water” by bayloriffic

“two sides of the heart” by velace

“hide and seek” by absedarian✓&selected_id=2251464&commit=Go

“a kind of painful progress” by writetherest

“in the dark” by intensedreams

“you left me with nothing (but i’ve worked with less)” by fictorium

“gravity” by negativeblue

“do dream people like apples?” by skywideopen3

“new york serenade” by lzclotho

“incomplete” by negativeblue

“mine” by ellemae

“the wicked games” by black_knight

“keep me without chains” by swansaloft

“the demons from our past” by bythedawn

“chase” by fangirlinit

“many miles to avalon” by wistfulwatcher

“in the velvet darkness” by devje

“i met cupid (and he eats people)” by coalitiongirl

“maybe this time” by strangesmallbard

Reading List 6

Weekly reading list coming at ya a day late as usual! Enjoy!

What do you see? | nirky | ff | ao3

 When Free Thought Returns to Storybrooke | Of_Princes_and_Savages | ao3

A Swan’s Guide to Unrequited Love | misscantelope | ff | ao3

Magnum Opus | misscantelope | ff | ao3

Hybrid Vigor | Exquisiteliltart | ff | ao3

Forget Me Not | SQWriter | ff

Crisis | pcworth | ff

Lacey Stares | femphoenix | ff 

Over the Rainbow | Egoperceptum | ff

Strange Case of Dr Swan and Ms Hyde | Lex_Noctis | ff | ao3

When words fail let the heart sing | Rykeral | ao3

Do you Believe in Magic? | Michebellaxo | ff

Shucking Labels | hunnyfresh | ff | ao3

All Souls Night | Scarlette-Rayne | ff

A Pirate’s Heart | Alcandre | ff

The Art of Being Extraordinary | purplehershey | ff

Held in Stasis | Scarlette-Rayne | ff

A World of Difference | cautionarytale | ff

Don’t Let Go | rosesdancinginmymind | ff

Troubled Teachers | SwanQueenUK | ff | ao3

Calendar | SkinnyProcrastinator | ao3

Follow if You Lead | MaybeWeAre | ff

Time Warp | LiveLoveLikeMe | ff

Poison & Wine | SarcasticLesbian | ff

A secret for a secret | VioletScented | ao3

Static | hunnyfresh | ff | ao3

Big Bang Round Up/Master Post

Because we are so proud of our 32 amazing authors and our 31 incredible artists, we want to make sure that no one misses any of the fabulous fic and art that we posted yesterday. So we bring you The Big Bang Round Up/Master Post.

We’ve listed each fic, along with the author and artist for the fic. All you have to do is click the fic title and it will take you directly to the Big Bang post so you can check everything out all together.

Happy reading, looking, and listening!

A Storybrooke Carol by taintedidealist - art by reginamea
This Game We Play by kirkmills - art by jay-sanch
The Pirate Queen by GeekGrrlLurking - art by supernana494
Desperado by darkersky - art by helishdreams
Just By Looking At Her by BowlerHatGirl - art by fictorium
Artificial Nocturne by soldierannie - art by antisocialgod
Scour The Earth by MoonlitRamblings - art by chocolate-cream-soldier
Something That I Want by Ivanolix - art by kayryn
There’s A First Time For Everything by sheepyshavings - art by swanqueen-fangirl
Go The Distance by littlegreenfish - art by pancakeshio
How We Started Off by directi0n - art by bv-ray
An Easy Mistake by LiveLoveLikeMe - art by beegoddess
Darkness Rising by ByTheDawn - art by stuffy0ureyeswithw0nder
Many Miles To Avalon by wistfulwatcher - art by anursingdegreeinfeelings
The Fiery Mountain and the Black Witch of the North by anamatics - art by kjdawson80
The Evil Seed by BV-Ray - art by RizzoliOnIsles
Death Is Inside The Bones by just_liv - art by sketchydonuts
there is nothing in the world that we can count on by nirky - art by countrylobster
A hazy shade of winter by YellowOblivion- art by bowlerhatgirl
you are the moon that breaks the night [and may I never see the light] by sinandmisery - art by Drag-oon23
Counting Stars by rke - art by mippippippi
Feathers are meant for the sky by antisocialgod - art by lrbcn
Haven for this heart, shelter for this child by 222Ravens - art by wistfulwatcher
Metanioa by ariestess - art by boomboombooom
Invisible Heirs by SharksWrites - art by alinaandalion
Conquest of Spaces by dustywords - art by letoutthecrazy
Defining Home by Katherine737 - art by y0ungatheart
Complications of the Heart by calliopes_muse - art by cptnstag-xo-doe
A Kind of Painful Progress by writetherest - art by napfreak
Keep for me your sweetness by mariathepenguin- art by alinaandalion
All I Need by OfEndlessWonder - art by quisieraser
Miss United States by fictorium - art by saviorqueen

anonymous asked:

Do you have any more angsty oneshots? I've read the ones in the faq. Thanks!

None are in the FAQ or this post I just made :)

Day After Day | inkheart9459

Dear Emma | hunnyfresh

Worthy | SgtMac

Stay | Echo-AU

An Easy Mistake | LiveLoveLikeMe

A Broken Heart That The World Forgot | writetherest

When the Time Is Right | NegativeBlue

A Kiss In the Rain | KaySQ

A Little Closer | coalitiongirl

Things We Do for Friends | hunnyfresh

Believe in magic | Bond.Jane

A Rift in Time | SwanQueen4tw


“Hey, look at me,” Emma said, touching Regina’s shoulder to get the older woman to face her. “No matter what my Mom thinks, I’m not going anywhere. I love you and our family, and if for some crazy reason she had a problem with that, it would never be enough to change my mind,” she added firmly.


“Promise,” she said with a smile. “Besides, I’m pretty sure the odds are in your favor. My Mom likes everyone. In fact, I’m pretty sure the only person she’s ever openly disliked to me is her old step-mother. You’re much too young and beautiful to evoke any memories of whatever happened there, so I think we’ll be fine.”

Small World - a fic by livelovelikeme / art by anursingdegreeinfeelings


Emma was so excited– she would finally get to introduce her girlfriend Regina and their son Henry to her mother, Mary Margaret, and vice versa. She definitely never anticipated that her mother would start screaming that her girlfriend was the Evil Queen, who they had apparently escaped from 28 years ago. Oh, and she was the Savior to a bunch of Fairy Tale characters. Apparently she could have just about everything imaginable, except a nice family dinner. One-shot. Swan Queen


Here it is, my Big Bang story!

This is an AU where Snow made it through the wardrobe, but everything else is canon to the show as much as possible.

Special thank you to kjtgp1 for being a lovely beta.

Student/Teacher Masterpost

Teacher=Jane/ Student=Maura

Teacher’s Pet | LiveLoveLikeMe

Teacher=Maura/ Student=Jane

The simple life: Biology and Chemistry | ErnestoRodriguez

High School Romance | RememberMyName410

Fix You | angiesasharizzles

Finger tips | angiesasharizzles

Promise Me | RazzleDazzleN7

What if we met in high school? | AylGwen

Is there any hope for Jane Rizzoli | Harmon.IslesFan

The New Teacher in School | Softball38

Bad Timing | Hearrtonmysleeve

What is the Perfect Life? | cooper159

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you knew of fanfics that have Emma meeting the Evil Queen while time-travelling at the end of season 3 as a starting point? I'm sure there's a ton of those ;) Thanks!

Hello, anon! I know there have been a few of those, and probably more than we know of, but here are a few that hopefully fit what you’re looking for:

Swan Queen S3 Finale Rewrite by TheatreGeek6: The OUaT season 3 final two episodes rewritten with Regina having gone through the portal with Emma instead of Hook. [incomplete] (FFnet / tumblr)

Time Warp by LiveLoveLikeMe: Setting: 3B finale. Emma fell through the time portal on her own, but unfortunately, there were some unforeseen consequences. Her mother is a child, Regina’s still married to Leopold, and oh yeah, Emma has no memory of who she actually is. [incomplete] (AO3 / FFnet)

Dance With Me (We Haven’t Met Yet) by strangesmallbard: the dance scene rewritten with more dancing between Emma and Regina. [complete] (AO3)

Emma Meets the Evil Queen by thequeensspoon: She could have sworn that when her eyes crossed with the dark ones of the Evil Queen she saw a glimpse of recognition, but she was wrong. This Regina didn’t remember her, but she needed to make her understand. [complete] (tumblr)

EDIT: emmba suggests Follow If You Lead by MaybeWeAre: Season 3 finale SQ AU. At Midas’ ball, the blonde in the red dress catches Regina’s eye. And with no way home in sight, Emma decides that it can’t hurt to see what the Queen has to offer. Meanwhile, Storybrooke is reeling from Emma’s disappearance - especially Regina. There will be a little bit of Outlaw Queen, but it’s all about the Swan Queen. [complete] (FFnet)

If any of our followers can think of any more, please let us know! :)

art: beegoddess (give the artists their due as well, please! Everyone loves compliments and feedback!)

An Easy Mistake - a fic by LiveLoveLikeMe

Rating: G

Wordcount: 16k

Summary: Emma doesn’t think forgetting her glasses will be a problem, but that’s before she realizes the lips she’s pressed up against definitely don’t belong to Neal. To make matters worse, Emma then finds herself accidentally dating Regina Mills, unsure how to tell the lovesick woman of her mistake. SQBB Swan Queen, mentions of Swanfire at the beginning.

Banging All Summer: Master Post

Hello lovelies. As many have asked, I’ve decided to go ahead and post our Master Post of the Big Bang pieces. They’re organized alphabetically by challenge. If you click on the title, it will take you to our tumblr post. The fic link will take you to the fic on AO3 and the art link will take you to the art on AO3. We still have a few pieces that aren’t up yet, but we will update this list after we get them up. For now though, peruse, enjoy, and remember to leave feedback to authors and artists!

Unintentional Challenge:

A Fragile Line - a fic by onceuponanevilangel art by Dragoon23
A Make Believe World- a fic by writetherest / art by cookie45
A Pale Imitation - a fic by nycz / art by cfkaatje
A Promise Kept - a fic by tinglingworld / art by cbem
A Touch of Advice - a fic by anas_penelope / art by sheepyshavings
A World of Difference - a fic by acautionarytale / art by ditchingnarnia
Always Earned, Never Given - a fic by lextenou / art by dragoon-23
An Angel With No Wings - a fic by lightace / art by fenixnegra
An Impractical Affliction - a fic by kirkmills / art (fanmix) by meqhanory
Center Stage: a fic by monetfun / art by mippippippi
Cheating Death- a fic by michebellaxo / art by ruggedpencil
Come Into Being - a fic by Jaina / art by JoanaCTeixeira
Discordia - a fic by bonestrewn / art by ragless
Enter The Circus - a fic by celinejaneway / art by tonguegron
Follow The Lady - a fic by themillersdaughtersmistress / art (fanmix) by alinaandalion 
Future Legend - a fic by parakitty and Lain Stardust / art by ruggedpencil
Gifted or Cursed Memories - a fic by InBetweens / art by littlegreenfish
Home Between Worlds -  a fic by helebette / art by kjdawson80
I Can Feel It In My Bones - a fic by Quinnavyre / art (fanmix) by regIna
I Hate To Kill You (I Hate To Die) - a fic by inkheart9459 art by Lucy_Riot
I think I (don’t) love you- a fic by littlegreenfish / art by smallandsundry
it’s time that we grow old and do some shit- a fic by nirky / art (fanmix) by flutter2deceive
Like Gravity, Like Love - a fic by raug_moss  / art (fanmix) by ninastougaard 
Love Is Strength - a fic by Katherine737 / art by ShioriKaiou
Maybe in My Words - a fic by paradoxalpoised / art by JoanaCTeixeira
Nine Months to Love - a fic by lzclotho / art by yellowermine
One Touch - a fic by little_scribbler / art by blondie47
Right Through My Walls - a fic by fairytalearchetypes / art by tinglingworld
Slaying in Storybrooke - a fic by btvsobsessed623 / art by supernana494
Small World a fic by livelovelikeme / art by anursingdegreeinfeelings
Surprises Come in Multitude - a fic by thewhitestars / art by kayryn
Tethered- a fic by Habren / art by wherearemypants
That Good Something - a fic by chilly-flame / art by flutter2deceive
The Bitter Glass - a fic by standbackufools / art by mippippippi 
The Bridges of Storybrooke County- a fic by fictorium / art by napfreak
The Road Not Taken - a fic by amycarey / art by pintsizedprinter
The Shortest Distance Between Two Points (Is a Line From Me to You) – a fic by supermatiqueart (fanmix) by emotionalheimlich
The Touches You Leave- a fic by weareevilregals / art by jayke
The Truth Is In The Echo- a fic by taintedidealist / art by abandonedangel85
The Weight of The World - a fic by NegativeBlue / art by chocolate_cream_soldier
there’s a hole in my heart (but maybe you can fill it) - a fic by sheepyshavings / art by fuckyeahxanthe
Thinking Of Her - a fic by ReginatheQueen / art by Kayryn
time grabs you by the wrist - a fic by dustywords / art by reginamea
Worse Things Than a Shattered Chandelier - a fic by elison / art by reginamea

Forbidden Fruit Challenge:

A Change of Heart - a fic by paradoxalpoised / art by cookie45
Dead Hearts - a fic by sharkswrites / art by richardchateau
Deliver Me - a fic by wistfulwatcher / art by kayryn
Destroy Their Design - a fic by ByTheDawn / art by ragless
Doctor Mills, Medicine Woman - a fic by fictorium / art by napfreak
Find My Way Back - a fic by ariestess / art (fanmix) by fenixnegra 
Friend Like Me - a fic by onceuponanevilangel / art by kjdawson80
I Will Always Find You - a fic by PhoenixTat / art by helebing
I’m looking at the bright lights - a fic by fictorium / art by smallandsundry
Once Upon A Midsummer Fair - a fic by lextenou / art by cfkaatje
Only One Thing More Delicious Than My Lasagna - a fic by michebellaxo / art by blondie47
Our Hearts Are Wrong - a fic by littlegreenfish / art by girlplease
Pact of the Summerlands - a fic by lextenou / art by themillersdaughtersmistress
Pas de Deux - a fic by ninastougaard / art (+fanmix) by bowlerhatgirl
Progress of Regina - a fic by swanqueen_fangirl / art by Cbem
Slide(rs) - a fic by Jaina / art by supernana494
Smoke and Mirrors - a fic by taintedidealist / art by mippippippi
Stay With Me - a fic by Katherine737 / art (fanvid) by DitchingNarnia
The Oracle - a fic by Katherine737 / art by letoutthecrazy
Warriors and Witch Queens - a fic by acrocera / art by dragoon-23
Weary Dreams - a fic by celinejaneway / art (fanmix) by fenixnegra
We Will Not Grow Old - a fic by monetfun / art by reginamea