“Deixa pra depois o que já não precisa esperar e tudo que não deu pra consertar por culpa do depois! Não tem jeito não, a gente sempre espera piorar, a gente sempre deixa de cuidar do que já tem na mão. Mas é sem querer. É sempre sem querer!” (Eu Não Tenho Um Barco-Cicero) 💔😥
Viva o hoje, ame hoje, perdoe hoje. O Ontem já foi e o amanhã pode não chegar… #livelovelaugh #hojeéodia #instalove #instamusic #brazilianmusic #cicero #oamoréimportanteporra

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Every so often I am grateful to find something that jolts me on how I live life…a kind of checks and balances on life. I love this piece :-) “I saw a throne in the sky and on it sat the Lord Jesus Christ as judge. Before his feet sat the Virgin Mary and around the throne there was an army of angels and an infinite multitude of saints. A religious, very learned in theology, stood on the rung of a ladder which was fixed in the earth and whose summit touched the sky. His gestures were very impatient and restless as if he were full of guile and malice. He questioned the Judge saying, "O Judge, I ask you: You have given me a mouth. May I not say the things that please me? You have given me eyes. May I not see with them those things that delight me? You have given me ears. Why am I not to hear with them those things that please me? You have given me hands. Why am I not to do with them what agrees with me? You have given me feet. Why shall I not walk with them as I desire? The Judge (Christ) who sat on the throne and whose gestures were meek and very dignified replied: "Friend, I gave you a mouth that you might speak rationally about things that are useful for your body and soul and about things that belong to my honor. Second, I gave you eyes that you might see evils to be fled and healthful things to be kept. Third, I gave you ears that you might hear those things that belong to truth and honesty. Fourth, I gave you hands that with them you might do those things that are necessary for the body and not harmful to the soul. Fifth, I gave you feet that you might draw back from love of the world and go to your soul’s rest and love and to me your Creator and Redeemer ” (St Bridget of Sweden). God loves you and I too much to allow us to live life in half measures! Blessed new beginning :-) #meaningoflife #livelovelaugh #happinesss #joy #truth #wisdom #thrivenotsurvive #thrive #thankyou #gratitude #godisawesome #godisgood #newbeginnings

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There was a very cautious man
Who never laughed and played;
He never risked, he never tried,
He never sang or prayed.
And when he one day passed away,
His insurance was denied;
For since he never really lived,
They claim he never died.

cc: @artfella •Hope you’re well. Inspired, motivated, and creative in your pursuits!👍❤️😊