one day, historians will look back at the eurovision song contest and determine which song from the show saved music forever

itll be a long and extensive investigation, but at the end of the day only one conveys an important message to the next generation while still being relatable to all ages, and it sung in a manner that is not only emotional, but powerful. a song that will go down in history as the most iconic eurovision song of all time. this is the song

gwynn-ap-nads  asked:

so i don't understand all the people talking about the mystery of lions origin, in the first episode they showed that some gems could create beings that were at least semi living (the baby centipeedles), and we already know rose could imbue sapience on plants. so like it just stands to reason that she could create lion. what i guess i'm asking is there anything I've missed about lion in terms of origin?

No, that’s about all we know. I’m still working on a similar level of understanding- that Lion was created by Rose. Although I tend to think that he is in some way replicating the idea of “gem storage space” within his mane, allowing Steven to access things that were treasured and stored similarly by Rose



“Son of a bitch!  This can’t be happening!  I’m the prince: I’m supposed to be the best by default!  I’ll show that little bastard.  I’ll become the mighty Ōzaru and crush him into the…where’s the moon?  WHERE’S THE DAMN MOON?!”

-Vegeta, “DBZ Abridged”

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Hello dear! :) How would the nordics react if they saw Lukas (1p) smile? I'm curious about it!

(Lukas’ smile could make crying children beam tbh.)

Denmark|Matthias Køhler: For Matthias, seeing Lukas smile or laugh is not out of ordinary. He is usually both amused and ticked off by Matt’s stupid decisions. Although, Den always feels at ease when he sees his usual monotone friend finally smiling, because he’s finally showing how he really feels for once.

Iceland|Emil Steilsson: Oh no. If Lukas is smiling and that smile is addressed to him, Emil knows that he’s going to start again with his brotherly affection. Even if it ticks him off most of the time, Ice secretly loves seeing Nor smile. It makes him happy to know that his big bro is alright.

Finland|Tino Väinämöinen: If Tino ever catches Norway grinning, even if it’s the ghost of a smile, he will always return the gesture and gives a little enthusiastic wave. This is such a rare, but pleasant sight, Fin just wishes he could take a picture of his friend, but he knows better than to invade Lukas’ privacy.

Sweden|Berwald Oxenstierna: Berwald understands Lukas, he himself rarely smiles and if his bro does that, it means that he is in an incredibly good mood. Sve always was afraid that Nor is sad most of the time, that seeing him grin brings a small smile to the corner of his lips. He just wishes for him to be alright.

~Mod T-chan