Daily Monster 161: Amikiri

Region of origin: Japan

Literally “net cutter,” this flying shrimp-snake yokai does what it says on the tin: cuts nets; fishermen’s nets, mosquito nets, anything net-like it can get its snippers on. While not intentionally malicious on its part, its pathological behavior can still have devastating effects on the tradesmen whose livelihood it just sliced up.

About Reposting Art

Look, all I ask is that you receive permission from me first. If I say yes, awesome! Make sure to source and give credit.

HOWEVER, if I say no then I’m sorry but that is the end of it. I do not wish for it to be reposted. You should respect that.

Be polite. And reblog from the original source if you can. Plus, if this is Instagram PLEASE ask and receive permission first. This is someones livelihood and hobby that they love dearly. Don’t disrespect that. You’re not doing any good by spreading unsourced work I’m sorry but that’s just fact.

Was rambling with @spaceyquill about some of the over-arching stories in Rebels. Now, I’m really looking forward to a few certain, upcoming episodes to shed some light on the events between RotS and SoR, but in the meantime, had some thoughts to Ahsoka’s motives…

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anonymous asked:

How do you not feel guilty? Like how can you look at the products you're taking and think "shit, if I take this, could this affect someone else's livelihood?" Do you realize the store you take these things from has a budget they have to meet; scanning things out as LP comes out of that budget; being under budget affects payroll; low payroll results in people being let go. How do you not have a conscious? I hope you get caught for your own good.

I don’t feel guilty because none of those things you just said are true for the stores I bother. I don’t feel guilty for stealing $40 pants that a child slave is paid pennies an hour to produce because that child’s livelihood isn’t affected. Widen your world view.

Please Please Talk About This


I feel you really really really need to make a vlog talking about what’s going on with Youtube. The fact that channels are being taken down or losing monitization with no warning or answer and it’s nearly impossible to fix it. The fact that Youtube is ignoring people and basically not following their own rules. The fact that even YOU can lose your channel tomorrow.

This is something you and Jack and Pewds need to talk about since you’re some of the biggest Non-corporate channels. I really think you guys talking about this and making it known that Youtube can’t do this if it wants to survive.

This can effect you as it has effected so many others who are losing their livelihoods for no reason. Please bring some awareness about this in a video. I’m afraid it is the only way to make things right.



He was so genuine and gracious, and he did NOT say that he hated his time in the band and he didn’t say he hated the boys, he was just creatively stunted which must’ve been so so difficult for him since that’s his livelihood. Every day he had to get up and go to work for something he didn’t feel. But he talked about how the boys tried to be accommodating and he didn’t want to cramp their style since they were largely on the same page, and after five years, he had to take care of himself first. And that is so important, and if people give him shit for this that’s just selfishness talking.

The Eagle Huntress, a documentary film set in Mongolia directed by Otto Bell and starring teenager Aisholpan Nurgaiv, debuted Sunday at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. With its focus on a charismatic girl who has accomplished something other women have not in 2,000 years — she hunts on horseback with the help of a golden eagle — the film has earned standing ovations.

Aisholpan’s family members are nomadic Kazakh herders of the Altai mountains region who base their subsistence economy on herding cattle and goats. An essential supplement to the herders’ livelihood comes from the practice of training golden-eagle chicks to become their close partners in the hunting of foxes and other small mammals used for food and clothing.

This specialized hunting practice — woven into the fabric of everyday life and celebrated at regional competitions — has been an entirely male endeavor throughout its history, passed down in families from generation to generation.

Now, just as climate change threatens this way of life and as only 250 eagle hunters remain in Mongolia, Aisholpan is coming to the world’s attention as the first woman eagle huntress.

Teenage ‘Eagle Huntress’ Overturns 2,000 Years Of Male Tradition

Photo: Asher Svidensky/Kissaki Films

The Pacific is at the forefront of global warming and it is already too late for some atolls. Rising sea levels have already started to contaminate fresh water reserves. And, shockingly, just a 1 metre rise in sea levels would wipe out 15 per cent of Pacific islands.
#Pacific #climatechange #ClimateVoter #globalwarming #oceans #livelihoods #mitigation #Tuvalu #Polynesia #Micronesia #Melanesia #Oxfam #islands


It’s funny because in their video the very first image that pops up after googling ‘objectification of women’ is this

And about the same amount of objectifying advertising shows up for men if you google ‘objectification of men.’

This kind of feminist anti-advertising erases the lesbian and bisexual consumers that might actually like to look at beautiful female models, too. 

This kind of feminist anti-advertising is also trying to shame female models who make a living based on their appearance. It is a direct attack on their livelihood.

But let’s act like this is one sided.

Because women don’t objectify men at all.

I’m sure all those girls and women went to see Twilight because of the amazing story, right? pffthahahahaha

And I’m sure girls who plaster their walls with male singers, actors, and models aren’t objecting them at all. Clearly they like Justin Bieber because of his charming personality, like when he spit on his fans.

Now I know this is hard for stupid feminists to understand, but it is actually possible to respect, love, and appreciate someone as a human being while also sexualizing them. 

For example, porn actress Mercedes Carrera is very active on Twitter and with her fanbase. If you look at her Twitter, you can see that the vast majority of people are able to separate sexually objectifying her in porn and treating her with respect and appreciation as a human being in real life.

When Cytherea was brutally raped in 2015, it was feminists who ignored her and it was her fans who supported her.

And it was Mercedes Carrera who called them out on it.

Sexual objectification can be attributed to the successful careers of models, porn actresses, cam girls, Youtubers, and even Tumblr users. Lexy Panterra has made a living on modeling and twerking. She has 714,298 subscribers.

Many of these people depend on sexual objectification to put food on the table, to pay their bills, to put a roof over their heads and sometimes to pay for their children’s college. And feminists want to take that away? There are also those who profit from objectifying themselves because they really have no other redeeming quality. 

Exhibit A

And of course there are the dumb male models that aren’t worth anything beyond sex according to one woman:

If you think sexual objectification is bad across the board, then it most likely has something to do with you. Maybe you feel inadequate or jealous or perhaps you’re making it personal based on experiences you’ve had. 

From what I’ve seen, the people making a big deal about sexy advertising are people that look and sound like absolute killjoys. Y’know, those people who go to parties and in the middle of beer pong and everyone having fun suddenly wants to talk about feminism and rape culture. It’s those same killjoys who blame their gender or identity on not being invited next time around rather than understanding that they’re not invited or liked because they’re a fucking annoyance to everyone else.

Nobody likes you because you’re an annoying asshole, not because you’re a woman.

How ironic that feminists fought for women to have the right to choose their own paths and now that women are choosing what many would call an easy living making money for looking good, feminists are butthurt because those choices are “the wrong choices.”

As a man, I’m not bothered by the objectification of men. I’m not bothered by women being more attracted to men who have great looking bodies. I’m not bothered by advertising I see everyday depicting males as sexual objects. I simply do not let it bother me. I understand that while I may not like it, someone else does and it isn’t my place to ruin what others enjoy.

If you go around trying to control what other people subjectively and harmlessly enjoy 

REMEMBER: it is possible to respect, love, and appreciate someone as a human being while also sexualizing them.

Tips from your friendly neighborhood bartender:

1. When you walk up and I greet you, do not bark your drink order at me and then stare. I am a person. You don’t have to engage me in a huge conversation, but don’t act like I am a beverage machine.
2. Prices are not negotiable.
3. If I ask to see your ID, produce your ID. I don’t care if the door man checked you. The longer you argue with me, the longer it will take you to get your drink.
4. I will not serve you if your ID is expired. That is the law.
5. I do not cut you off for fun. If you are over served, I run the risk of losing my job, my license, and the liquor license of the establishment I work for. Your night out is not worth my livelihood and reputation, let alone the harm you may cause yourself and others by getting behind the wheel.
6. If you order something I don’t know how to make, be patient. There are a lot of drinks that are specific to certain regions and establishments. There are certain drinks that go in and out of fashion. There are A LOT OF FUCKING DRINKS. Although I am good at my job, I do not have encyclopedic knowledge of cocktails and, if you don’t know what’s in it either, you do not get to talk smack.
7. Tipping is up to you. It is considered standard in the industry to tip one dollar per beverage, but I will not bother you about it. Just don’t come up to me talking about your annual wage, bonus, raise, what you won at the casino, etc. and then stiff me.
8. There is no such thing as an emergency drink. We are all here to have a good time. Don’t tap your feet, wave your empty glass, or throw money at me when I am engaged with another guest.
9. I keep good track of who walked up to the bar first. I will serve you in order. See number eight.
10. I know the liquor laws for my state. You do not have as strong a grasp of them because you do not have to serve people on a daily basis. So when I tell you that you may not have more than a double in front of you at one time, you do not get to argue with me and tell me other bartenders/bars serve you triples all the time. That’s the liquor control board’s problem, not mine.
11. I don’t want your number. Nor do I want your son, nephew, friend, or grandson’s number. I don’t want your tattooist or piercer’s number. I don’t want your drugs. And I certainly cannot have a drink.
12. You are drunk, but remember, I am not. So what you may think is cute, I may find harassing. I can and will walk away from you and I will not be sorry.
13. If I see you outside my bar, I will not engage you first. I do not know your life and do not want to reveal to others where, what, or how often you drink as this may be embarrassing for you. Please do not give me the cold shoulder after I didn’t wave to you at WalMart.
14. If you are having a problem with another patron harassing you and I do not notice either because I’m busy or because you are far away, please let me know. I am here to help you in that regard, but coming up and screaming at me after someone was rude will not help either of us.

There’s a thousand more. I love my job, but people just have no concept of bar etiquette and it drives me nuts. You’re ordering a drink and at an ADULT entertainment venue and paying for an experience. This is not McDonald’s ya’ll and you aren’t just ordering some Happy Meal. (No shade to McDonald’s employees intended. I did my time in fast food and you have your own hell to suffer through.)
Teenage girl admits making up migrant rape claim that outraged Germany
Allegation by 13-year-old sparked far-right protests and anger in the Kremlin
By Ben Knight

For all those ~~”intersectional”~~ white folk who didn’t hesitate to hop on the anti-Arab/Islamophobic bandwagon not too long ago

“But when she was questioned by trained specialists three days later “she immediately admitted that the story of the rape was not true”, said the spokesman for the state prosecutor, Martin Steltner.

He said the teenager had been scared of going home after the school had contacted her parents over an incident at school.

Analysis of the teenager’s mobile phone records showed she had spent the night with a friend, who is not being treated as a suspect.”

A 13 year old’s first instinct upon getting in trouble at school was to run away to a friend’s house and tell everyone she was sexually assaulted by Middle Eastern/North African men.

Her accusation, racism, and cowardice has jeopardized the lives and livelihoods of countless Syrian refugees, and racist idiots on this site didn’t hesitate for a moment to hop on to it all.


Check out these beautiful recycled paper-bead necklaces I just got.  Made by a group of Ugandan women, Bead for Life is an amazing way to support fair-trade goods while beefing up your summer wardrobe.  With Bead for Life, you and friends host a party, select whatever items you want, then pay online (whatever is not purchased is simply sent back to Bead for Life).  Or you can just buy online here.  Either way, it’s easy, it’s fun, it’s affordable, it supports women’s livelihoods.  Win win win win.

No okay I see all your posts about damen and auguste being bros and laurent having the hugest crush on damen But! Consider this!
stupidly jealous of losing his brother’s attention to this half naked brute Laurent startinh the prank war to end all prank wars and Auguste Can’t Know
and Damen never tells because he’s not a snitch and also he’s rather charmed despite himself at all the ingenious ways this kid makes up to torture him
And then one summer he goes back to visit auguste and is greeted by laurent, who is now apparently older? And? Hot?
Cue Laurent figuring it out and the prank war takes off in a completely different direction

Learning opportunity: Introduction to cash transfer programming

The aim of the training is to raise awareness of the issues associated with cash transfer programmes and build knowledge of emergency managers who will be responsible for running cash transfer programmes in emergencies. It targets those who need to take decisions on the appropriateness of cash programmes after an emergency and those who need to plan and design a cash programme. The broad objectives of the training are:

  • To introduce cash programming as one of the possible response mechanisms to deliver humanitarian assistance, and describe different types of cash projects;
  • To describe how to assess and analyse data in order to decide whether cash is appropriate;
  • To explain operational elements & delivery mechanisms to be considered and planned for in a cash programme;
  • Consider how to monitor and measure the processes and impact of a cash programme. The course has been produced in partnership with CaLP, the Cash Learning Partnership 

To access this e-learning course on the Learning platform, please use this link. Free registration required.

Powerful and artistic video from UNEP TEEB Study