livelihood preservation

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So now, at this very moment, Kevin doesn’t have any assistants, staff members or whatever they’re called..? Every single one left him?!

It seems as though most of the people who made A LOT of money off of Kevin through the years have cut ties professionally. I don’t know if they’ve cut ties personally, although it goes to show you that many of these relationships are not necessarily friendships. People will do what they need to do to preserve their livelihood. I get that.


PVT. AJ: They were the biggest threat facing our new country. They seek ‘freedom’, but with that tyrant leading them, they live in a dystopia. We have always been at a stalemate, tied both in soldiers and weaponry for as long as we can remember. They fight to control as much terrain as they can, while we fight to preserve our livelihoods and our true freedom. Fortunately, we recently obtained the technology of the Great Engineer, which will tip the scales in our favour… Hopefully…

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