livelaughpractise replied to your post:The Big Bang Theory or New Girl, Ian Somerhalder or Dylan O'Brien ( i can ask that haha), sketching or painting, Nick or Schmidt, Tv shows or movies, fruit or chocolate (haha), cats or dogs, a month in one place you most want to visit or 3 days in different places for a month? :)

yay o’brien is for me (mineeee)lol..i actually like New Girl better heh,I hate painting but love sketching! and yeah schmidt,and yeah i meant tv series.yeah fruit i could eat more than chocolate, cats and dogs 4me haha, i agree with ur last answer :)

We should totally hang out!!!!!!!!!!!!

noceux asked:

lady grey, peppermint, bubble tea? :)

eee thank you!

Lady Grey: Favourite Outfit: I have a black knit dress that I love to death - that’s definitely my fave :)

Peppermint: Favourite Holiday: Christmas!  I love the food, the films, the music and family time

Bubble Tea: Amusement Park Ride: Eh I’m not a heights person so maybe the bumpers or a water ride



livelaughpractise replied to your post:Thank you fittybittybody for tagging me to answer…


LOL it’s not like i’ve eaten a fried (or alive for that matter) cricket or something, no, i have not. But girl do i ever eat tiny mosquitoes or something whenever i walk/run through a cloud of mosquitos and only realized that when i’m in the middle of those tiny creatures. And once i almost ate a slice of cake full with ants, i actually took a bite and chew it, my god it takes awfull, don’t ask me how i didn’t see it before picking it, i’m not sure i know. So i guess that counts ahahha

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A, B, I, Q aaand .. Z

A. WHY MY LAST RELATIONSHIP ENDED. Long time ago. Not getting specific here but he wanted something i didn’t, i didn’t like his atittude (basically being imature) so i just took off and never look back - best decision ever. B. FAVORITE BAND. Linkin Park will always be my favourite, i think, but only the first 2 albums. I. HAVE ANY TATTOOS OR PIERCINGS? No tattoos. 6 piercings in my right ear but i haven’t use the actual piercings in a long time and actually i want 3 more. Q. RELATIONSHIP STATUS AS OF RIGHT NOW. Single :( Z. HOW ARE YOU? I’m good, thanks for asking =D