I need everyone’s HELP! I am doing a big project for my english class over the aspect of HAPPINESS. I am exploring what happiness means to different people. I know tumblr is full of creative people who would be great for this! The way you can help is by coming up with something that makes you happy, what you think happiness is, how you describe happiness, anything like that in response to “Happiness is…" and decorate a notecard/piece of paper roughly 4x6 inches, with your response. It can be as extravagant or simple as you like, anything will work! You do not have to include "Happiness is…” on your notecard. Then with this card, please take two pictures, one a close up of you holding the card, the other with your beautiful smiling face included. The pictures above are examples. Other examples of responses are, “a cherry slurpee with a hot pink straw”, “being surrounded by people that love you” and “a room full of nike shoes”, just to help with ideas. Anything is acceptable! I will put all of these pictures in a video for the final product. In order for this to turn out as amazing as it can be, I need as many responses as possible. Any age, gender, race, anyone can help. Variety is the best(: In order to respond with your pictures, please either create a new post including them along with my name as a tag #livelaughlove313, or put them in my ask box, whichever is easiest for you! And also if you could, please REBLOG THIS POST SO WE CAN GET THE BEST RESPONSE POSSIBLE. Like I said earlier, tumblr is a fantastic group of people for things like this, and I’m counting on y'all! Thank you so much for everything, and I appreciate all the help!(: