Rubber Band Jump Rope

Difficulty: Easy
Materials: Rubber Bands, Patience

  1. Start off by putting the yellow rubber band through the red rubber band. (The color of the rubber band does not matter; we only used different colors to make the instructions easier to follow)
  2. Pull up the two ends of the yellow rubber band.
  3. Put the red rubber band around your wrist to keep the rubber band rope in place.
  4. Continue looping the rubber bands through the two end loops of the previous rubber band. Pull the ends of the newly added rubber band together.
  5. When the rubber band rope has reached your desired length, put the red rubber band through the two loops of the last rubber band. (We used approximately 80 rubber bands for someone who is 5'4".)
  6. Tie a knot with the red rubber band.

Now you have an awesome handmaid jump rope you can play with!

- Mimi


(Let me know if you’re enjoying the updates)

-he had a really bad headache today
-he burned himself on his hair straighteners last week
-the App
-he had to do some animal impressions
-the danandphilshop competition
-they see all the videos
-it took about 6 month to make the app
-he’ll do a panel about creativity with Dan
-and they’ll do a meet up (summer in the city)
-he lost his phone
-Cat is coming over for ‘Summer In The City’ (later)
-he’s on his old phone now
-Collab with Cat coming soon
-Asdf movie 9
-the 7 second challenge video was the important video
-they’ll play 5 Nights At Freddy’s,Dil and then Shelter
-the radio show
-spooky week might happen again
-PINOF in november
-promo for Dan’s video
-another 7 second challenge
-he’s watching 'True Detective’ as well
-he might watch Supernatural soon
-the YouNow llama
-tv shows
-'Buffy the vampire slayer’
-'Phil’s high school life’ is a topic in the book
-he has to go to the shops now before Cat arrives
-a lot of good byes

MENTIONED DAN: ||||| ||||| | [11]

send me a character and number and I’ll tell you
  1. How to soothe them
  2. Favorite color
  3. Favorite candy bar
  4. Favorite movie
  5. Best date night
  6. Best friend
  7. Favorite pizza toppings
  8. Personal style
  9. What they want in a SO
  10. Do they like roller coasters
  11. The song they dance their ass off to
  12. Something that always makes them cry
  13. Puppies or kittens
  14. Preferred weather
  15. First impression of this chara
  16. My thoughts on this chara now
  17. Best thing about them
  18. Worst thing about them
  19. THeir happiest moment
  20. Their worst moment
  21. Dream vacation
  22. How they hold a holiday dinner
  23. Which week they go home on bake off
  24. Are they a bad cook or a good cook?
  25. Signature dinner dish
  26. If they had one month to live
  27. How they’re mischaracterised
  28. How to hurt them

Inspiration Quote Wall

Difficulty: Easy
Materials: Construction Paper, Paper Cutter/Scissors, Double-Sided Tape (Puffy Optional), Sharpies, Quotes

  1. Measure paper to desired dimensions. (We recommend a 3 inch by 3 inch square)
  2. Cut the paper.
  3. Cut out as many squares as desired.
  4. Find your favorite quotes and write them on the paper squares. (You can check some out at
  5. Put four pieces of double sided tape on the back side of the paper squares and stick them onto any surface.

Now you have a beautiful looking quote wall that can help bring inspiration and motivation to you everyday!


Doggy Chew Toy

Difficulty: Easy
Materials: Needle, Thread, Sock/Fabric, Scissors, Toy Stuffing, Squeaker (Optional)

  1. Using the sharpie, mark where you want to draw the eyes and the mouth on one side of the sock.
  2. Using the needle and the black thread, sew in the eyes and mouth.
  3. Put the squeaker into the sock.
  4. Fill the sock with the toy stuffing.
  5. Sew the opening of the sock together.
  6. Admire your finished product!

Now you have the perfect chew toy for your beloved dog to play with!

- Mimi


Clothespin Toy Gun

Difficulty: Hard
Materials: Clothespin, Rubberband, Safety Goggles, Exacto Knife, Heavy-duty Scissors

  1. After putting on safety goggles, take apart the clothespin.
  2. Mark one of the halves of the clothespin with a pencil as indicated.
  3. Use the heavy-duty scissors to cut along the line drawn on the clothespin.
  4. This is how your clothespin should look if you place them together.
  5. Make an indentation on the first hole closest to the thin side of the clothespin in the direction towards the thick part of the long half of the clothespin.
  6. This is how the indentation should look. This is where your “trigger” will be.
  7. Place the two halves of the clothespin together.
  8. Wrap a rubberband around the thicker halves of the clothespin.
  9. Slide the metal spring back onto the long half of the clothespin so that the spring part is in the direction of the thick part of the clothespin.
  10. Move the short half of the clothespin on top of one metal prong so that it sits in the hole of the short half of the clothespin.
  11. Slide the short half back so that the holes of the two clothespin meet and the prong sits in between the large hole. The gun is now complete!
  12. To insert ammo, slightly lift up the short half of the clothespin.
  13. Insert ammo in between the short and long halves of the clothespin.
  14. You’re ready to shoot!

Now you have a cool, mini hand-made toy gun you can use to play and practice your aim with anytime!

- Mimi


Personalized Name Canvas

Difficulty: Easy
Materials: Paper/Newspaper, Cardboard, Glitter, Glue

  1. Using the glue, write out your name or your initial(s) on the cardboard.
  2. Take the glitter and generously sprinkle along the glue marks you made.
  3. Wait a few minutes for the glue to dry.
  4. Place your canvas on top of a paper or newspaper. Slowly tilt the canvas upright and gently tap it to get the remaining glitter off.
  5. Continue gently tapping the cardboard.
  6. Once all the loose glitter is off, your name canvas will be finished!

Now you have the perfect name canvas to put on the door of your room or in your dorm!

- Christine