Rubber Band Jump Rope

Difficulty: Easy
Materials: Rubber Bands, Patience

  1. Start off by putting the yellow rubber band through the red rubber band. (The color of the rubber band does not matter; we only used different colors to make the instructions easier to follow)
  2. Pull up the two ends of the yellow rubber band.
  3. Put the red rubber band around your wrist to keep the rubber band rope in place.
  4. Continue looping the rubber bands through the two end loops of the previous rubber band. Pull the ends of the newly added rubber band together.
  5. When the rubber band rope has reached your desired length, put the red rubber band through the two loops of the last rubber band. (We used approximately 80 rubber bands for someone who is 5'4".)
  6. Tie a knot with the red rubber band.

Now you have an awesome handmaid jump rope you can play with!

- Mimi