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Is There Somewhere: 8bit // live // another live video // original demo // rain + acoustic 

Ghost: acoustic // 1 mic 1 take // stripped down // live // live at radio station // lost kings remix 

Hurricane: Vevo DSCVR Live // arty remix // tjani remix // empty arena

Empty Gold: live 

Trouble (stripped): 1 mic 1 take // sander remix // live

B A D L A N D S  *:・゚✧

Castle: live

Colors: live // stripped // live at fonda // joel fletcher & nathan thomson remix //  sam feldt remix // blonde remix // audien remix

Colors Pt 2

Coming Down

Control: live

Drive: acoustic with lido // demo version

Gasoline: live


Haunting: live

Hold Me Down: live // acoustic 

I Walk The Line

New Americana: live // with fans

Roman Holiday: live 

Strange Love

Young God: live // instrumental // hidden message (this is creepy but rad)

H O P E L E S S   F O U N T A I N   K I N G D O M  *:・゚✧

Eyes Closed: stripped // live

Now Or Never: live

Strangers (ft Lauren Jauregi)

U N R E L E A S E D  *:・゚✧


For Ruby

Garden: live

Tilt You Back


Wasting Time


C O V E R S  *:・゚✧

Birthday- Katy Perry

Catch Me- Demi Lovato

Clarity- Zedd

Cold Coffee- Ed Sheeran

Don’t Let Me Go- Harry Styles

Drunk- Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran Mashup

Everything Has Changed- Taylor Swift

Irresistible- One Direction

Out Of My Limit- 5 Seconds of Summer

Sex- The 1975

Skinny Love- Bon Iver

The Sound- The 1975

Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood

Sweater Weather / Coming Down Mashup

Woman- The 1975

What Do You Mean / Often / Young God - Mashup

O T H E R  *:・゚✧

Slow- Lido Feat Halsey // live

Tokyo Narita ft. Lido

Closer- The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

The Feeling- Justin Bieber ft. Halsey

Is There Somewhere / Marvin’s Room Mashup (Fan Cover)

Halsey vs Melanie Martinez vs Troye Sivan vs Twenty One Pilots

Drunk (Zayn) & Control Mashup

every ‘fuck’ in badlands

Full Smoke and Mirrors Set

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[RvB Fic]

Title: 5 Deaths Agent Washington Never Lived

Rating: R

Characters: Agent Washington, Carolina, Epsilon, Locus, Dr. Grey, The Meta

Warnings: Death. So much death. Injuries, blood. Also suicide. 

Notes: Written for @rvbficwars Bingo Wars, for the glory of Blue Team. For the square ‘canon divergence’

Summary: Nothing is beautiful and everything hurts.


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magnificent seven spoilers - a rewatch with subtitles!
  • we find out some of the townspeople names - Phillip (who survived) and Gavin (who didn’t)
  • Preacher survives the fight at the end as well
  • the little boy at the beginning who Bogue calls up is named Anthony, his father is the one whom Goodnight calls “Schoolteacher” - he and his father both survive the battle
  • Bogue offers 20 dollars for each parcel of dust
  • The woman with the baby is named Leni, her husband Caleb was shot dead at the beginning of the movie by Bogue’s men
  • The one eyed guy at card table with Faraday is named Lucas
  • Sam wanted to order a shot of busthead but had to settle for a double
  • Daniel Harrison aka Powder Dan is the bartender who ran with an outlaw named July Bully who Sam killed
  • Sam was whispering/singing the following lyrics “bring them in, from the fields of sin, bring them in”
  • the people at the cards table thinks Sam is gonna kill Faraday for staying behind
  • Sam is a duly sworn warrant officer from Wichita, Kansas, also a licensed peace officer in Indian territories in Nebraska, Arkansas, and 7 other states
  • The two men holding Faraday at gun point were brothers Earl and Dicky - Earl was known as Wild Bill and also The Two Gun Kid - they believed Faraday cheated them out of 50 dollars in a card game 3 days past in Virginia City
  • The town had about 40 men - farmers, not fighters
  • Faraday’s horse is a stallion named Jack
  • Faraday refers to Bogue as “Bart Bogue, the robber baron”
  • Goodnight is a Cajun 
  • Vasquez is wanted for killing a ranger, the reward for his capture or death is 500 dollars (quite a hefty price back in the days)
  • Sam seems to keep track of Goodnight’s movements or else he wouldn’t have just magically known that Goodnight would be at Volcano Springs - which means the two keeps some form of contact
  • The man Billy is fighting is named Arcade, and the referee of the fight is named Eddy
  • Goodnight was serving a warrant on Billy for the Northern Pacific Railroad - found Billy in a redneck saloon in Texas and watched in awe as Billy took on a whole room bare-knuckled (basically he had a “oh no he’s hot” moment)
  • Faraday suggests they spend half a day drinking
  • Goodnight and Sam greets each other very warmly, implying again they do see each other often enough to form a closeness, not to mention a familiar greeting style - Goody: “sight to see you with the storm on our backs.” - Sam: “rain ain’t nothing but wet.” - “Goody: “what we lose in the fire.” - Sam: “we will find in the ashes.”
  • Sam and Goodnight doesn’t just hug - Sam also tugs very affectionately on Goodnight’s hat
  • Goodnight refers to the group as “me in my grey, Chisolm my blue, Billy a mysterious man of the Orient, drunk Irishman, a texican, a lady and her gentleman caller”
  • Goodnight’s grandfather died at the Alamo in 1836 during the Texas Revolution - “New Orlean Greys, long barracks, bayonets, blood, teeth”
  • Vasquez’s grandfather was one of those “devils” that was in active service during the Texas Revolution - Toluca Battalion - hence Vasquez commenting “hey, maybe my grandfather killed your grandfather”
  • Jack Horne was a legend, known for killing 300 Native Americans
  • Horne and Sam met up in Cheyenne about 6 years ago before the events of the movie, which would have been the year 1873
  • When Vasquez says he doesn’t trust anyone who would bury their dead above the ground, Goodnight comments “don’t call the alligator big mouth til you cross the river"
  • When everyone is awake by the campfire at night - Vasquez is the only one sleeping (i relate to this so much, nap is important)
  • Goodnight joins Sam and says to him “we have heard the chimes at midnight have we not?”
  • Goodnight asks Sam what they get out of this fight, a little cash money or diamonds? Sam afffectionately comments “you ain’t changed” - further showing that the show has a very established history and fondness for each other
  • Goodnight comments that Emma is about same age that Sam’s sister would have been if she had lived
  • Red Harvest states his elders told him he has a different path
  • Sam lies that Billy is his manservant, that he saved Billy’s life in Shanghai so Billy owes him a debt of honor and the like
  • Sam calls Blackstone Detective Agents “cowards, union busting, back shooting homesteaders and women”
  • Faraday and Vasquez shoot back to back
  • Horne at one point dodges bullets so gracefully and agile that it’s like he knows ballet or the quick step
  • Billy covers for Goodnight, saying that his gun was jammed - Faraday clearly doesn’t believe it
  • Billy gets 5 of Bogue’s men, Faraday at first says he got 6, but after Vasquez says he has 6 too, Faraday changes his count to 7
  • Vasquez calls Faraday “guero” - the spanish slang term for a fair skinned or light haired person
  • Sam’s home is Lincoln, Kansas 
  • Gavin is the owner of the Elysium Hotel where the seven stashes their dynamite boxes
  • the town has only 7 days to prepare
  • Horne likes beans!
  • “Fame is a sarcophagus” - Goodnight says
  • Red Harvest comments that white men’s food is for dogs in his native tongue, to which Horne asks Sam what he’s saying and Sam jokes that Red Harvest is asking Horne to “kindly stop staring at his hairline” to which Horne replies “as soon as he stops licking his lips over mine” - casual racism of the time period
  • Faraday, when he’s checking everyone’s guns at the line asks “who here fought in the war of northern aggression?” - likely referring to the Civil War
  • the townspeople don’t want to learn knives from Billy because it’s too hard
  • Goodnight shows his military experience in training the townspeople to shoot - also proving that he is a good teacher
  • Goodnight has 23 confirmed kills at the Battle of Antietam during the Civil War, dubbed the Angel of Death, and a member of Conley’s Confederate Sharpshooters
  • Goodnight shoots the dummy 7 times, hits all 7 in the same place with enough force to knock the fake head off
  • Goodnight gives Billy the water canteen to drink after he did, there’s literally no drops, Billy shoves it back harder at Goodnight’s chest who just shrugs
  • Vasquez refers to some of the seven as “cabron” - spanish slang term for asshole, fucker, bitch
  • someone is picking off the mining guards from across the river when they went to go get the dynamite - we don’t know who is doing the shooting but it could be Goodnight
  • Only two men on Bogue’s side survived the first fight at Rose Creek - the Sheriff whose name is Harp that Sam sent to deliver the message to Bogue, and McCann, Bogue’s enforcer who rode off as fast as he could once the fight started
  • the first fight was seven men against “22 of the best guns money could buy”
  • Bogue’s Indian warrior is named Denali - whom Bogue asks to recruit an army to come back to Rose Creek
  • Faraday comments to Emma that he has no father and implies he has nightmares about taking a life
  • Both Sam and Billy refers to Goodnight as “Goody”
  • “very smart, smoking” - Vasquez says to Faraday when they’re both setting up bombs and in response, Faraday tosses the cigarette at Vasquez’s arm
  • Horne rides in as Goodnight is checking the time at 3 minutes and Horne says it’s too much land to cover 
  • Faraday calls his two guns Ethel and Maria - Vasquez jokes he has three Marias
  • The owl followed me, I heard the voice, I pull that trigger in violence, I’ll die a ghastly death” - Goodnight says to Billy who tries to calm him down by giving him a smoke
  • Horne had a wife and some children, he doesn’t like comparing guns to women
  • a lady from the town stitched up Horne’s clothing, clearly showing interest to which Vasquez comments Horne should return the favor
  • Goodnight and Sam met when union soldiers were “kicking my sorry ass six ways to sunday” and Sam stopped it - “you asked me why I wanted to save a piece of rebel trash like you and I told you that the war was over”
  • Goodnight comments that the war isn’t over, not the killings and how it just goes on and on and on and he sees so much death
  • Goodnight tells Sam to “remember me as I was” and not as someone “faint-hearted” and a “coward” - someone who became everything he hates
  • Billy started to drink after Goodnight was shown to have left
  • Vasquez says he has no where else to go so he will stay
  • Horne says to be in the service of others with people he respects, he shouldn’t have to ask for more than that
  • Faraday is quiet, doesn’t comment, but does stay
  • Vasquez and Horne are both surprised that Red Harvest speaks English - cue sassy Red Harvest “so?”
  • Horne seemed to be someone who found religion later in life and looking for redemption 
  • Teddy ends up getting shot on the right shoulder and the gatling gun caught him in the leg
  • Vasquez basically calls McCann “motherfucker” in Spanish for shooting Faraday in the side and really pummels the other guy with a lot of bullets
  • Red Harvest actually runs out of arrows and switches to using a gun, which he has no problem of hitting his targets with either
  • Goodnight rides in 10 minutes late like the horseman of death (or angel of death) and warns “they got the devil’s breath”
  • Gavin, the hotel owner of the town, is killed by the spray of bullets from the gatling gun
  • Horne and Teddy drops to the ground and Horne shields the younger man
  • Vasquez gets hit by gatling gun in the left shoulder/arm
  • When the gatling gun is reloading, Faraday is the one to think of “the children!” and goes to help Sam move the kids out of harm’s way
  • Goodnight sends the Schoolteacher back down the steeple, tells him to get out - schoolteacher ends up joining his son Anthony and helps moving the kids away
  • Horne is pulling Teddy to cover, tells him to get something wrapped around his leg, find some ammo, and that Teddy did good
  • Horne’s death while Teddy watches is such a parallel to Boromir’s death which Pippin and Merry witnesses in LOTR
  • the second round of gatling gun fire may have knocked some debris into Billy’s left shoulder, he’s seen grasping it when the gun is being fired and he and Goodnight are ducked down
  • Vasquez says “andale, guero!” when Faraday gets onto his horse
  • Goodnight says “ride Faraday, ride!” as he covers Faraday’s run from the steeple
  • the gatling gun reloads for a third time and actually hits the steeple after Goodnight and Billy took out all the riders chasing Faraday - Goodnight actually gets hit twice first before Billy also gets hit
  • Billy’s last words are “oh Goody”
  • Faraday is shot at least 5 times, 3 on the right side, 1 on right arm, 1 on left leg 
  • Bogue enters the town with two other men who Sam lured into the undertaker’s office with the same song he sings at the beginning of the film “bring them in”
  • Bogue’s men attacked Sam’s family on October 14, 1867 - raped his mother, killed his two sisters then strung them up, and then tried to hang him too
  • Bogue thinks going into the church will protect him, asks if Sam is a god fearing man
  • Sam doesn’t actually see Bogue trying to reach for the gun in his ankle - Emma actually gets her revenge by killing Bogue
  • Vasquez tells Teddy to take care of Jack - Faraday’s horse
  • Red Harvest is leading along the horse that is carrying Horne’s body
  • Preacher, Teddy, Emma, Phillip, schoolteacher, Anthony, Leni, her baby and others lived
  • Sam’s eyes linger longer on Goodnight’s body
  • when our surviving three rides off, Red Harvest’s whooping can be heard 
  • 4 graves/crosses are placed side by side, likely on the hill/grassy plain where Faraday died blowing up the gatling gun - Goodnight’s cross has his flask, Faraday’s has one of his cards, and in front of Horne’s is red pinwheel - Goodnight and Billy’s names are next to each other

Oh my! You guys, what a wonderful, thoughtful and inspiring summer reading list you all put forth! I enjoyed reading everyone’s work! Here are the ones that I want to remember (hence this post) come TEA time…

NOTE: I have not seen any movies that make up the Anyelle Segment of our fandom and thus if you wrote Anyelle…It will not be a pat of the RCIJ. I know bramblebriarrose was working on her Anyelle recs so I would recommend you check her list out! 


Author: siesiegirl 
Title: The Accord
Rating: Mature
SummaryOne village has an arrangement with the Dark One: he leaves their village alone, if every year they give him a young woman. This year’s offering is Belle. 

Author: charlotteashmore13
Title: An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse
Rating: Explicit
Summary: On the day of his son’s wedding, crime lord Lachlan Gold has to uphold tradition and grant requests to those brave enough to ask. His heart’s desire, the lovely Belle French, turns the tables on him and gives him an offer he can’t refuse.

Author: spottytonguedog
Title: A Life Well-Lived
Rating: Explicit
Summary: (there wasn’t one so I hope Spotty doesn’t mind me making one up) Robert Gold lives a perfectly normal life, thank you very much. Until he meets the beguiling Belle French who makes him wonder if his predictable life is what he truly wants. Oh and a voice starts narrating his every moment, including his upcoming demise. 

Author: ramloth
Title: East of the Sun, West of the Moon
Rating: Teen and Up
Summary: (again didn’t see a summary so) When Belle agrees to come live with the Dark One to save her family, she doesn’t realize he hopes she can save him from a fate worse than death. 

Author: prissyhalliwell
Title: Four’s a Crowd
Rating: Teen and Up
Summary: Rumplestiltskin and Belle are tired of being interrupted during their dates. But in a small town like Storybrooke, it’s harder to find privacy than they thought – especially when they’re not the only ones looking for it.

Author: thescholarlystrumpet
Title: Wish You Were Here
Rating: Explicit
Summary: When the irresistible Miss French needed an extra chaperone for the class trip to France, Mr. Gold just couldn’t say no. He’s been smitten with her for years, but knows she would never see him as more than a friend. When there’s only one bed left at the bed and breakfast, Gold is in for a long, hard night…

Author: rufeepeach
Title: Any Excuse
Rating: Explicit
Summary: When the Mayor finds a reason to finally close the school library, Belle French feels a duty to do anything necessary to keep it open… even if that means finally facing her favourite student’s over-protective, endlessly critical, undeniably attractive father Mr Gold.

Author: justrumbelledearie
Title: The Bridegroom
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Cosseted by his maiden aunts and hated by his village, Rumplestiltskin believes he must be the loneliest man alive. When an unseen woman saves his life one terrifying night, he agrees to share her home and her bed in an attempt to free her from a cruel curse. 

Author: little-inkstone
Title: A Fair Affair
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Once a year Mr. Gold enters the local fair, always confident in the knowledge that he’ll be taking home several blue ribbons.  That is until a young upstart with eyes bluer then any ribbon he’s ever won ‘steals’ first place from him.

Author: ashadeofpemberley
Title: Hope Isn’t Meant for Monsters
Rating: Teen
Summary: (AH another B summary sorry!) When Rumple has to rejoin the Legion of Heroes under duress, he meets fellow Hero Belle French who may not be who she seems. 

Author: endangeredslug
Title: The Teacher
Rating: Mature
Summary: (another B summary…sorry!) Belle French comes to the small town of Storybrooke as the new school marm, only to find things are done differently out here. 

Author: thestraggletag
Title: Forgotten Lore
Rating: Mature
Summary: In a world quickly loosing magic an imp finds itself old, alone and forgotten. Luckily for him loneliness attracts loneliness.

Again, these are just my personal favorites based off story telling, writing, and characterization. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking to dive into RCIJ fics. 

PS- I would be happy to read any recs! If you think I missed a great one, let me know and I will read, reread or go HOW DID I FORGET THAT- accordingly. 

Again, thanks to everyone for participating this go around! Such a talented fandom!


Frnk Iero andthe Cellabration - She’s the Prettiest Girl at the Party Acoustic Live

If you talk then they hit you in the face with a doc marten I think

Dr Martens Store
Hit the Deck, Nottingham