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This girl who lives next door to my apartment is listening to Bleeding Love repeatedly tonight and very loudly. I feel like I should be concerned. I’d try to bake her something like cookies to help her feel better, but piano is my forte, not baking. I’d probably light the building aflame with my sad attempt. How terrible of a plan is it to start playing Rihanna in hopes that she’ll stop? Only Girl (In The World) is a jam that no one can ignore.

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Oh god, what if Hux knows for a fact his cat vists Ben and gets spoiled, and one day he gets to the show early and spots his cats lookalike sitting on Kylo's lap wile he's happily talking to his customers. So Hux comments, he didn't think Kylo had pets, and he doesn't, Millicent belongs to his also ginger neighbor, she just comes to visit him. Picture Hux freaking out when he realizes who Kylo really is, and just how close his perfect omega is.

I can picture the realisation lighting up his face. Suddenly he realises that Kylo lives just next door to him and he can’t control his excitement. So it’s a small bit embarrassing seeing Ben the next day. He can’t picture him any other way then Kylo…it’s really, really hard to believe that this shy and timid kid that just brushed passed him could possibly be the person he’s seen on that screen. He wonders if Ben even has the slightest clue who he is. He’s never really thought about it.

So he goes down to the coffee shop and catches Ben just before he goes behind the counter. The kid turns bright red, it’s one of the most amusing things Hux has ever witnessed. Anyway, he explains who he is, tells him about his cat and Ben nods his head shyly. He’s so submissive, obviously he can scent the heavy musk of an alpha that radiates from Hux’s skin. So, then he dares to mention the name Kylo…that changes everything. Ben immediately shuffles away from him, pardoning himself and runs uncomfortably behind the counter, acting as if that conversation didn’t just happen. Hux kinda feels like an idiot but he wants Ben (Kylo?) to talk to him.

So that night they happen to bump into each other, Hux was coming up the stairs after a long day at work as Ben opened his door to let Millicent run out. Hux nearly dropped his briefcase. Ben was standing there, the cat by his feet, in nothing but a silky, translucent nightgown and his hair down like he had it for his show. They look at each other for an extremely awkward few seconds before suddenly Ben realises what he’s wearing and slams his door shut with a cute little screech. Hux flinches and Millie nearly jumps out of her skin.

Though, trust me, Hux has some very nice dreams that night

Anon: Could I get a fluffy 2p! Spain scenario where he and his fem s/o are on their first date together, please? Thank you!

As requested sweetums, the wonderful Spain is here! Although fluff didn’t seem to come out in this one, did it? Well, not in the way everyone expected. But it’s 2p! Spain, he does what he likes.

There were a number of times that you were unbelievably grateful to Lorenzo for being on your side. Un-bel-iev-ab-ly grateful. You were about ninety-six percent sure that no one in the universe had ever been as grateful as you for God having given this strangely upbeat Italian to you. And yeah, sure, he was a bit odd when his itching urge to make everyone appealing more than not left you being more dolled than you were used to, but you couldn’t honestly deny that he had a taste that could attract anyone (and none more so than the neighbor living next door to him. A man whom you had caught sight of with a longing you hadn’t realized was there inside you until Lorenzo had snapped his fingers and pronounced that he would aid you in the endeavors of love). So thinking it that way you were well on your way to living a comfortable life.

In fact, you didn’t know what could have happened if Lorenzo wasn’t there to have pushed you towards Andres. Perhaps you would have gotten the courage to face the man, but alternatively you could have also ended up falling down a ditch. It was a so-so chance really. But the beaming blonde had simply pulled you from his house with one move and had you facing Andres the next with a grip so strong you had no chance of running.

That had been five weeks ago.

Andres… was different, definitely different from what you expected.

He wasn’t very vocal about many things. In fact Andres was very quiet and had the same sort of aloof expression she had seen many times on Lorenzo’s own feline friend. But it wasn’t that much of an obstacle to work through. The silence was almost welcoming to the chatter of Lorenzo and the bustle of the lively people here in the amusement park. The very same location Lorenzo had stashed tickets into Andres mailbox for. The one you knew he had been cackling over the last time you had seen him.

You were very grateful to Lorenzo for many things.

But never have you been as ungrateful as you were when Lorenzo forgot that you were going on a date with his damned neighbor.

And yet here he was, you thought sourly. Waving Andres and you along like two small children lost in a crowd instead of two adults on a date. And it was your first date too! A proper-proper date and yet Lorenzo had to go shadowing both of you.

Andres didn’t seem to mind though. At least, you didn’t think he did. While you enjoyed his quietness like a breath of fresh air, sometimes you didn’t enjoy the calm gaze he projected twenty-four-seven. But it made him very distinguished, you thought, eyeing Andres with a critical eye. Even more so than the puckered dark scars or even the droopy eyes that never seemed quite to stay on a single color (brown, green, purple; an odd mix of the three). Still, you did almost wish he wasn’t so aloof. Even more so when Lorenzo had ended up being the one choosing all the rides and locations and even buying the snacks and making what was supposed to be a date feel more like a friendly get together.

Your shoulders slumped and you nibbled quietly on the corndog Lorenzo had gotten for. You just knew this date was an utter failure. The fact it was getting darker too and the crowds thinning just cemented it for you completely. There was no chance for the date to pick up again. Perhaps… it just wasn’t meant to be? Maybe Andres only wanted to be friends. What a sad thought.

“So… what ride do you want to ride?” Lorenzo asked.

Andres blinked and then pointed to you, with an utter seriousness that belaid the, “I want to ride that.” Falling from his lips.

Immediately you began to choke on the corndog. Face flushing red and practically dying from the shock of Andres words. Strangely enough though, despite the almost near death experience, there had been a small flutter in your heart filled with a surprising warmth.

…Although the words could have been less perverted.

everything I didn't say

dedicated to || @zephyoongist

genre: fluff / angst

characters: neighbor!yoongi

word count: 5594

a/n: it’s my fae bae’s birthday yesterday!!! happy birthday and I’m sorry this is late ;-; you are blessed to have yoongi’s mixtape drop on your birthday ahaha. everything I want to say to you is at the very end of this fic so!! I hope you like it and happy 18 ♡

warnings: swearing (ps this fic is an insight on my new writing style!)

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Living in an apartment with walls and ceilings as thin as papyrus has its merits, you suppose.

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to anyone who thinks mj has to be white...

i’m gonna give you a little history lesson: the original mj or 616!mj, is a young woman from philadelphia, pennsylvania. her mother and father were both struggling artists. her father (philip watson) was an author who would later develop alcoholism and her mother (madeline watson) used to be an aspiring actress until she got married. and gave up her career pursuits to raise her family and support her husband. her husband’s career failed and he took his anger out on his wife. she ran away from him after he slapped one of her girls. he hit mj’s older sister gayle because of the cost of her dancing lessons. 

she couldn’t support her girls on her own so they relied on various family members to house them. mj’s favorite family member they stayed with was her father’s sister anna watson. who lived right next door to her best friend may parker, her husband ben parker, and her nephew peter parker. because her family had to move constantly, mj found it easier to develop a shallow, bubbly personality so that no one could get too close to her. and so she wouldn’t get hurt. she became the life of the party and she loved the attention. mj’s sister gayle was an aspiring dancer but got pregnant with her first child in high school by her sweetheart timothy. they decided to get married and have another child. but timothy abandoned gayle because the responsibility was too much and mj’s mother moved in with her to help her older daughter. mj’s mother got sick due to a bad heart but she was determined to meet her second grandchild. unfortunately she didn’t make it. gayle tried to pressure a young teenage mj to help her raise her children at their mother’s funeral. but mj refused to give up her dreams and she ran away from her sister to move in with her favorite aunt. she was going to be an actress and no one was going to take that from her. 

aunt anna and her best friend may parker insisted on setting up mj and may’s niece a nice, smart, but reserved boy named peter parker. but mj knew something about that nice, smart, but reserved boy named peter parker. she knew he was secretly the mysterious and sexy hero called spider-man. she found out after the boy’s uncle was murdered tragically in their home. after ben was shot, may ran over to her best friend’s house for comfort. but because mj hated may’s crying she ran up stairs to her room and she looked out the window. she noticed peter talking to the police. he found out what happened and he ran inside his house. and out came spider-man from peter’s window. and since mj had developed a fear of commitment, she was worried that if she fell in love with this boy she would lose herself and her dream like her mother and sister. being the girlfriend to a superhero is too much responsibility. so she delayed meeting him until they were both in college and she could no longer ignore her curiosity for him. when they finally both agreed to meet each other, peter opened his front door for their date to see a flirty beautiful bombshell; who exclaimed, “face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot.” 

mj was taught to run from responsibility at the same time peter was taught to embrace it. 

where in that long block of text does it show that she has to be white? or a redhead for that matter? mj’s backstory is universal. anyone from any race can play her. her personality is not reliant upon her hair color or the color of her skin.

so, it’ll be alright

Apartment B23 (Skate Maloley) 0.0

“Could you ask them to turn down there music at least,” my best friend, Sahara whines to me.

“That’s just gonna make him turn it up more louder, dude.” I say, staring at floor of my apartment.

“Well maybe you should say something again, damn.” Sahara says, noticing that the music is getting louder the more we talk.

Hi, I’m Lola King, I’ve been living in LA for three months now with Sahara, my bestfriend. I love it here. Me and Sahara grew up in a pretty small, isolated part of New York. Not many people visited over there they usually went to the big parts of New York like Queens or Manhattan.

Sahara lived right next door to me and automatically we became bestfriends. We both have a passion for dancing, we have had one since we were 8.

When senior year came around, we started thinking about what we were going to do
because we both knew staying here wouldn’t really do us any justice. We found a small dance company across from a little apartment that was vacant.

Once me and Sahara graduated, we packed our bags and hopped the fuck out of there. Two weeks later, we bought the apartment on the 7th floor and have our jobs at the dance studio across the street as choreographers. The only problem is our neighbor. Nate Maloley, all he does is smoke, fuck, sleep and repeat. It’s so annoying, different girls come from his house almost every night. There is always a party going on over there. I got so sick of it, I decided to go over there to tell him to turn it down. Long story short,  I got a door right in my face. Sahara even tried, he wanted to fuck her though. Something that really pisses me off is that I went to the landlord to tell her the problem and these  are the exact words she said to me:

“It’s Mr.Maloley’s space and he is allowed to do whatever he wants with it.”

He probably fucked her too. 100% percent sure he did. I’ve learned to tune out the music but Sahara hasn’t. He thinks he can get whatever he wants and get with any girl because he is a hot ass rapper with sexy tattoos… What am I doing?

“Lola, you need to tell him to turn that shit down. Now.” Sahara says, I’ve had enough too.

“You’re right, he needs to fuckin learn some respect for the people around him.” I get up and put on my shoes.

“Yes, go get him!” Sahara cheers me on, pushing me out the door. Fuck, I sigh and start approaching Nate’s door, I knock loudly so he can hear it over his music.

The music turns down and I hear the locks on the door start to be unlocked, My heart begins to race as I see a shirtless Nate Maloley with tattoos and a gold chain around his neck, with a very amused smirk on his face.

“Yes, Lola?” Nate says, looking me up and down.

“Can you turn down your music for me? I’ve learned to tune it out but Sahara hasn’t so can you please?” I say hoping that he will corporate with me.

“Yeah, sure. Whatever,” he says not looking into my eyes. I sigh in relief.

“Thanks, Nate” I smile,

“Tell Sahara to come over whenever she wants to bang and same to you too,” he says winking and going in to his apartment.

I scoff and go back to my apartment.

“So?” Sahara questions me as I walk into the room.

“He turned it down,” I assure, not even including Nate’s message knowing that Sahara would never go up on his offer.

“Alright, I’m gonna go to sleep then.” Sahara says, yawning and stretching.

“Night Hara,” I reply, going to sit on the couch and turning on the tv. I hear Sahara’s door close I turn on The Office and my eyes begin to close as the episode begins and I drift to sleep.

                                                       ~Next Day~

“Hey Lo, can you help me get some stuff out of the car?” Sahara calls to me on my phone.

“Yeah sure” I say sighing. I have done nothing all day today, all I’ve been doing is eating and watch Netflix. I wanted to hang out with Sahara but she was busy doing shit, I don’t know, honestly. I put on shoes and start heading down the stairs to Sahara’s car. As I turn the corner, I see Nate standing there, looking around nervously.

“Hey Nate” i say walking towards him.

“Hi” He replies not even looking up to give me even a glance.

“Alright, nice talk. K bye,” I say turning the other way to start heading to Sahara’s car, which is across from us. As I’m walking over there, I feel a sharp pain in my head and I fall backwards.

“Oh shit, are you okay?” A guy with dark hair says, a very worried look on his face. Must I say, he was fine as fuck.

“Hello?” He says. As if he’s looking into my soul.

“Um, yeah” I say, starting to get up and wipe off my hands on my pants. He is still staring at me but more intensely this time. I smile and begin to turn around to leave.

“Wait,” I hear him say behind me.

“Yeah?” I question looking over my shoulder. “What’s your name?” he ask.

“Lola.” I say simply.

“John.” he replies.

“Well Lola, you’re very beautiful and i feel bad for giving you a slight concussion, so let me take you out tonight” He says looking down at his shoes and then looking up at me. I chuckle and begin to reply.

“As long as you don’t knock me down again,” He laughs.

“I promise I won’t knock you down,” he says, closing the space in between us and touches my arm. I feel a blush start to creep onto my face as he does that.

“Swazz!” Somebody screams behind us. I look to see Nate looking at Swazz and making a ‘come here’ motion with his hands.

“Swazz? Who’s that?” I question him, raising my eyebrow. He sighs.

“It’s a nickname my best friend gave me back in high school. I told him not to call me that when I was talking to pretty girls” he says semi-annoyed with Nate.

“It’s fine, John. It’s just a nickname and it actually sounds pretty cool,” I reassure him.

Wait, wait, wait… Nate is his bestfriend. GOD DAMN IT, LOLA WHY THE HOT BESTFRIENDS.
“You’re bestfriends with Nate?” I ask hoping to hear a no.

“Yeah, I am. You know him?” He questions.

“Yeah that’s my neighbor,” I chuckle nervously.

“Ohhh, so you’re the famous 'annoying, hot neighbor’,” he chuckles.

“Excuse me?” I say taken back. John laughs. So, to Nate I’m the hot, annoying neighbor? Wow, that’s not bad compared to everything else I’ve been called.

“So, where are we going?” I ask, referring to our date.

“Oh maybe we can just chill at your place, maybe watch a movie,” he says.

“Yeah totally” I smile.

“So about 8?” He asks.


We begin exchanging numbers and he kisses my cheek.

“I’ll see you later beautiful,” he says walking over to Nate and bro hugs him, I guess. I look over at Sahara’s car and she wasn’t there. Shit. I say running up the stairs to get to the apartment to see if she is there. I open the door to see a annoyed Sahara looking at me.

“Hello, Lola” she says harshly, sipping her coke, not even looking at me. I begin to whine.

“Sahara, I forgot I’m sorryyyyyyyyyy.” I say, acting like a two year old.

“Why should I forgive you, huh?” She asks, still looking away from me.

“Because you’re helping me get ready for my date that is in three hours,” I say acting like it’s nothing. Sahara’s face drops and then she just starts screaming like a weirdo.

“Shhhhh, he’s right next door.” I say giggling and putting my hand over her mouth. She licks my hand.

“Nasty.” I say, hitting her.

“So how did Nate ask you out” she says wiggling her eyebrows.

“No, no. Not Nate. His friend, John.” I say chuckling at the thought that if Nate would ever ask me on a date.

“Oh well, let’s start getting you fuckable.” She says grabbing my arm leading me into her room.

“Am I not fuckable now?” I question, looking down at my sweatpants and oversized tee shirt. “John found me fuckable with this on,” I mumble.

“No girl he saw that ass and said DAMN A BITCH PACKIN,” she says, grabbing my ass. I laugh and continue to walk to her room.

“Ok, where is this date” Sahara asks, looking through her closet.

“In our living room,” I reply. Sahara raises her eyebrows and gives me a look.

“Tell me this wasn’t his idea”

“It was.”

Sahara starts to shake her head. What’s wrong with him pitching that idea to come here? I don’t feel like doing my makeup or hair. Doesn’t sound like a bad night to me.

“Lola King.” Sahara starts, “ he wants to fuck you, for gods sake.” She finishes. I laughed,

“No, he doesn’t. We just met today”

“Doesn’t mean his weeny doesn’t want a go at you,” she says chuckling.

I shake my head. “Find me some clothes, hoe. Hurry up, he’ll be here in 2 hours,” I say as I look down at my nails and start to pick at them.  All of sudden, clothes are thrown onto my bed.

“Wait, where are you gonna stay?” I question her, feeling bad at the fact I’m technically kicking her out of her own apartment.

“Don’t worry Lo, I’m going to the studio to practice.” She says reassuring me.
I sigh, thank god she won’t be here or it would be so awkward.

After 40 minutes of picking out my outfit and Sahara giving me a talk about sex which was the funniest shit ever, she starts to get ready to leave.

“Remember. No fucking on that couch, it’s brand new.” She says, tying up her shoes and picking up her bag.

“I know, I know, Mom. John is gonna be here any minute now, leave.” I say rushing her. I don’t want him coming in and thinking she is gonna stay, that’s just gonna ruin that shit.

“I don’t want little Lolas’ running around in this bitch,” she says pointing her finger at me.

“Alright, just leave already.” I say, starting to push her out.

“Keep Lola Jr. in check, hoe. I know how you are when a dick is around you,” she says chuckling and closing the door behind her. I laugh out loud when she finally left.

I start to pace after 5 minutes pass. What if he got kidnapped? What if he lost interest? What if Sahara was right my ass was poppin and he wanted some? oh damn it, Lola. Stop.  As I start to  pace faster, there is a knock at the door.

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MONSTA X REACTION when he finds at home, on her table, flowers and a love letter

I don’t really know if ths came out as I wanted to but.. I tried my best! So I hope you like it!



Wouldn’t ask you right away what was that. But wouldn’t jump to conclusions either.. He’d wait the right time to ask or better, would wait until you come and talk to him about it.

“Oh I got these for my brother. He asked me to take it later for his crush that lives next door!”

“Really? Ok then..”


“Baby what are those? I didn’t give you any of these!” He’d ask straight away. For me he’s seems to be very protective with whom he loves, so he’d be a tiny bit scared of someone trying to snatch you from him.


“Are these for me jagi??”


“What are those?

“I got them from a guy at work today…”



“Wait.. I don’t remember giving you flowers, neither writing a love letter…”


“Hey little missy… Mind explaining what are these?”


“Who did you get this from baby?”


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~ADM Pandacchi


i did this in an hour please help me i’m really tired. 

4. “Who gave you that black eye?"   5. "You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?"  18. "It’s okay to cry."  28. "You’re still mad?"  HAPPY

Evelyn ‘Evie’ Lowman was the sweetest person ever on the planet.

I’ve lived next door to Miss Evie for nearly 15 years. I was basically her caregiver when her son Happy wasn’t able to do so.

Earlier in the day, Miss Evie called me, asking to stop by for lunch. I was usually gung-ho, but as of lately, I hadn’t been feeling it.

You see, I’d been having problems from my ex, Travis. I’d broken up with him nearly 6 months ago and was over him even before then.

He was coming around, causing problems, threatening me and I was told that he had found out that I had had an abortion.

Yes the child was his, but it was specifically meant for health reasons. The pregnancy was ectopic and extremely fatal in my case.

Travis didn’t see it that way though. All he saw was that I killed his baby.

He left a disturbing voice mail and it had been bothering me all day.

Miss Evie knew what was going on.

"You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?” She asked.

“Nothing Miss Evie.” I said, looking up at her and giving her a smile.

She saw right through it though, but she took pity on me.

“Happy is staying for the week.”

At the mention of Happy, my face did light up.

“That’s awesome! You deserve to have some time with him.”

I stood, gathering our plates and cleaning up our mess.

Miss Evie turned in her chair and watched me.

“Why is you and Happy never got together?” She asked, thoughtfully.

She wasn’t being nosy, she was just curious.

I’d known Happy just as long as his Mom and I always thought he was a handsome, intelligent man.

I also came to the conclusion that he was way out of my league. I wasn’t like the women that he was always with.

I shrugged while washing the dishes, “I don’t know. Guess he’s always been busy.”


The roar of Happy’s bike pulling into the driveway bounced off of the house.

“Help an old lady up. I wanna greet my boy properly.”

I laughed, drying my hands.

Happy came through the door. Miss Evie held her hand up, “Don’t move.”

“Ma,” Hap said, rolling his eyes.

I helped Miss Evie stand and walk over to Happy.

She hugged him, speaking to him in Spanish.

I turned away, about to go in the next room, when Happy stopped me.

“Hold up Y/N.”

“Huh?” I asked.

Happy came over to me, giving me a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek.

I know I blushed.

“How’s it goin’ baby girl?”

Baby girl… that’s new.

I shrugged, “Fine, I reckon.”

He watched me closely and it hit me where I’ve seen that stare before… Moss Evie.

He was trying to figure me out.

“Listen, I need to head on home. I have some laundry that I need to tend to.”

I hugged Miss Evie and waved at Happy as I left.
Happy sat on the bottom step of the porch, smoking a cigarette. The darkness concealed him, leaving him in peace as he kept an eye on Y/N’s house.

All was quiet in the neighborhood, seeing as it was 1 am.

His mother had told him everything about Y/N. He always asked about her when he spoke to her on the phone.

Y/N was everything he had ever wanted in an Old Lady, but his line of thinking was that she didn’t want a felon biker like him.

The Croweater’s just weren’t cutting it for him anymore.

He wanted Y/N.

All of a sudden, he heard shouting from her house. He crept into the shadows, listening.

“You’re still mad?” He heard a man asked.

“Yes, damnit! I told you to leave me alone!”

“Why you little,”

Happy took off in a dead run when he heard Y/N cry out as the man slapped her.

He football tackled the man, landing punch after punch to the mans face. When he saw that the man wasn’t moving, he ripped the guys shoelaces from his boots and tied his hands together.

Getting up, he went over to Y/N to help her up.

“You alright, baby girl?” He asked, breathing heavily.

She nodded, not looking at Happy.

Gently he gripped her chin, raising her face up to the street light.

Her eye was already bruising. He hit here with a lot of force.

Y/N’s chest was heaving.

“It’s okay to cry.” Happy said, as soft as he possibly could.

She bursted into tears, burying her head in Happy’s chest.

He held her tightly, rubbing her back, “C'mon, lets get you to Ma’s.”

Quickly, they cut through the shrubbery. One step up and his mother came rushing out, a shotgun in her hands.

“Jesus Ma!” He said, jumping.

Evelyn lowered the shot gun and looked at Y/N.

“Who gave you that black eye?”

Y/N sniffled, “Travis.”

“Ma, take her inside. I’ll be back in a bit.”

With no questions asked, both women went into the house.

Happy was going to be adding a new smiley face to his collection.

I haven’t moved on. The third guy tried to ask me out. He tries, Everytime I see him. He lives next door. He doesn’t understand that I haven’t and could never touch anyone else. Remember that promise we made each other? I wonder if you have kept that promise, too.
I keep it. Everyday. Just like I’ve never let go of my love for you. And never will.
I wish you would reach out to me. It’s all I’m waiting for. A sign. From you. I am so in love with you. It’s been months. Come home. To me.

“Then allow me to introduce myself,” he says, playing along as he gives me a low bow. “Alexei Volkov, at your service. I live next door.”
He nods out the window toward the Russian embassy.
Because that’s the thing about Embassy Row. The boy next door is probably Russian.
He is not supposed to be here.
“Then shouldn’t you be getting home?”
I ask.
“I’d hate for us to have an international incident. It’s only my first day back.”
“Actually, that’s why I’m here. You see, I’m the guy your brother put in charge of you.”

At this, I have to laugh. “Oh, he did, did he?”
“Yes. I am to … and I quote … ‘keep Grace from killing herself or anyone else.’
Especially me. He was most emphatic about that last part.”


Yes! Gabriel Dropout PV is here. I’m so shipping Gab and Win… or Vignette as the Pv calls her, guess the scanlators decided on a different name. Oh those Vs and Ws… 

The story is as such. Angels and Devils are forced to live among humans to learn more about them. Gabriel is the perfect student, or so everyone in heaven thought… 

The moment she gets to earth she becomes addicted to video games, snacks and TV, basically becomes a slob. She learns that in order to stay she actually has to attend human school or she’ll be forced to return to Heaven. She becomes friends with a friendly devil who lives next door, Vignette,

 who tries to get Gab to stop being so lazy, two others join them later, Gab’s unknoiwn rival the devil Satan, Satanichia,

And that sadistic Raphiel who likes to torture Satan.

The whole group is rather crazy and not your typical angles or devils. I can’t wait until this finally airs. the yuri is probably mostly in my head, but I still love it.