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The Arrangement Chapter 13

Summary: Dan is a spoilt, drug-addicted kid with rich parents who cut him off when they get tired of his ways, so he finds a sugar daddy to supplement his rich lifestyle.

Word count: 1411

Content warnings: drug and alcohol abuse, mentions of rape

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Been watching the great gatsby today, the one with leonardo dicaprio. It got me thinking of a stony fic based on that movie. The great gatsby is one of my favorite books, i ship nick and jay together. It would be a good idea for a stony fic. Rich eccentric tony stark and steve the artist living next door. And it all takes place in the 1920s style.

That would be lovely!  Makes me think of that period piece about the teardrop diamond that Chris was in.  

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Alayna had just moved to town and was already ushered out of the house to go make some friends. She went next door and knocked on the door.  “Hi I’m Alayna. My mum sent me over to make new friends.. My family is new in town. I live right next door.“

His Girls

By reddit user proudqueersister. Estimated reading time: 3 - 5 minutes.

This is a story about my sister and I growing up.

My parents moved into our house about 6 months before I was born. When I was four, my sister came along. It was an idyllic childhood for two young girls, and most of our days were spent in the large oak tree on our front lawn.

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Earlier this month we met an owl who’d been given his own library card at a university in England. Today we’d like to introduce you to a scholarly feline named Bubba who spends as much time as he can at Leland High School and Bret Harte Middle School in San Jose, CA. Bubba doesn’t actually live at the school, he lives in a house next door with Amber Marienthal and her family. But you wouldn’t know it, because whenever the school is open Bubba is over there attending class, roaming the halls, and snoozing in the library. He’s spent so much time at the school over the years that administrators have given Bubba his very own student ID card.

The family initially tried to make Bubba an indoor cat, but he let them know loudly and often that he was unhappy in his confinement. Their home sits behind both Leland and Bret Harte Middle School, and Bubba became a frequent visitor to both campuses. Marienthal says she still gets calls from staff and students who see him on campus and think he’s lost.

Marienthal says she’s gotten no complaints from staff or students at either school about Bubba prowling the campuses. Her main worry is that Bubba has come close to shaving off one of his nine lives on several occasions. She’s seen him lay down on Leland’s soccer field in the middle of practice and wait for one of the players to pet him.

“He waits for school to start, and he doesn’t come home until all the sports are done,” Marienthal says. “As long as he’s alive, I think he’ll hang out at the school.”

Marienthal hopes the school will invite Bubba to put on a graduation cap and gown and walk with the graduating class of 2017, who’ve been at the schools since Bubba first started attending. We hope they do and that they award him a World’s Best Cat Trophy and a Perfect Attendance certificate.

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#Angie just wanted to live next door #to her stunning and supportive best friend #while Peggy had to decline #because she cared for Angie too much #and didn’t want her to end up like Colleen #and then 7 episodes later #they’re living together #this is too much

I Wanna Be Yours - Next Door Edit
  • I Wanna Be Yours - Next Door Edit
  • Arctic Monkeys

Imagine living next door to Alex Turner and every Friday night him and his band rehearse in his garage, because the music is so loud you can hear it through your bedroom walls.

Really wish you lived next door, so I could go over at anytime and spend some time with you, cuddle, talk, watch movies and eat tons of junk food, take naps and just be near your, because I literally crave you 24/7, your presence, your touch, you.

💛 Yellow books + Hufflepuff feature 💛

Four Texas couples who’d been best friends for decades built their own neighborhood so they could live next door to each other forever. They have four tiny houses all in a row, plus a larger community cabin with a full kitchen where they can all hang out together.

They haven’t been able to escape their lives and permanently move in yet, but they plan to retire there. When the owners aren’t visiting, ‘Bestie Row’ is rented out to travelers. 


I realize this is just one of those throwaway jokes people tag you in on Facebook because they know you’re an English major, but I got really caught up in the implications of Frankenstein living next door to his monster and now all I can think of is an AU where Victor accepted the monster as his son and when he and Elizabeth got married their monster child followed them to the suburbs (buying his own bachelor pad, because he is an independent adult and probably makes more money than Frankenstein), and they all just pay each other visits and talk to each other over the fence and the monster babysits his little brothers and sisters and they have cookouts with Henry Clerval and all the other people who didn’t die.

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The first episode of EXO’s LINE drama will air today at 22:00 KST (April 9). There will be 16 episodes in total and the drama will air every Tuesday and Thursday at 10pm KST.


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