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Soem sweet Livecastershipping plz?????

yoooo u got good taste anon this was the first ship i ever wrote for ! sorry its so short ! 

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Her voice was always silk in his mind, she was always his most favorite person. While he ventured the world for his job, he never truly saw it. She made him see it. He had never met a girl like her, well, mostly because if he ever did, they would fangirl or want him for his fame or money. She was different partially because she didn’t know about these things. Although she would have never cared if she did. 

That was why he admired her so much. She was precious, she was strong. Her bravery and kinds inspired him, she was still his muse. She always would be. Beautiful Rosa, he thought. A nerdy smile would plaster his lips whenever she penetrated his thoughts. He never had problems expressing how he really felt about her, while she struggled to learn how to love someone that way. He was patient. She was grateful for it. 

Moreover when she found the truth of who he was, she still did not care. She only cared for him. He only cared for her. He may have been a star that shone very brightly on the television, but she was his star. And his star shone everyday in his eyes. 


Our first guest is acclaimed playwright, performing artist, and Tony award-winning poet @lemon.andersen. (Livecast Monday 7/25 at 7pm EST)

The #BARS workshop is proud to announce our #BARS STUDIO series, where we invite a different master practitioner to the Public Theater each week to discuss their work in VERSE. Every Monday through August 29th, we will present a different artist in conversation with #BARS co-founder @rafaelcasal via Facebook live stream from the Public Theater, and we would love for you to join us as part of our online audience! Don’t have to go any further than your phone, our live stream will put you right in the room.

Ok, not ~strictly~ Daveed, but he cofounded BARS, so I’m rolling with it. Because trust me when I say watching this is 100% worth your time. They talk poetry, acting, writing, race, Hollywood, growing up in adversity, bridging the cultural gap, thriving while doing it, and so much more. You’ll practically want to take notes because a simple conversation between these two will take you to school. It’s an absolute masterclass in artistry. Please watch, please absorb, please learn.

Lemon Andersen: “So, I had a really crazy experience over the last 3 years in Hollywood. And I found myself around superior talents, young talents, people of color, who don’t have writers. And it takes a village; it really does, man. You gotta understand, man; you gotta step back and say, ‘How can I fix the problem?’ And I don’t want anybody crying on me no more because they don’t have a job, you know? And they have the skill to do it but no one’s writing for them because they shouldn’t be writing for them. You know? Because you don’t know how to write for that talent; you don’t know what to do with that. You don’t know how to take that great actor and give them the quality material that’s gonna make their work stand out. Cause you gotta go deep in a soul that you have no idea how to connect to. And that’s the majority of Hollywood right now. And so I quit.”

Rafael Casal: “That was a big moment for me for the last couple of years in LA. I was like, ‘Wow, all my friends are mostly all people of color, they’re all actors, and they can’t get any fucking work.’ And you’ll see these posts that are like, ‘Oh, we’re looking for scripts!’ You’re like, ‘So who’s writing them?’ Who’s writing for this friend of mine to not go out for Third Dude In The Back and get to have anything worth auditioning for.”

Lemon: “Yeah, I’m ready to start lifting these guys off the page; that’s it for me. I’m into the job-creating business…….. Understand that every role you write, somebody smiles. You’ve gotten someone closer to health benefits. You’ve gotten someone closer to, like, a career, a pension. This is real; look, let’s call a spade a spade. We are in show business and if you can step up and soak up information and be vulnerable to these producers, cause they own this business, and say, ‘Ok, how can I help you fix the problem? Since you can’t fix it yourself. And you shouldn’t have to fix it because it’s not your world; it’s my world and they are my world. So teach me how to do this well.’ And they’ll do it. You know, you find the right crop of people, take your baby steps in; this is what it’s been like for the last 6 months. You know, I work in television now as a writer. And there are so many roles that we’re writing and we’re gonna make so many people happy. And it’s just a one scene for this person, this actor, and then, you know, it’s a series for this actor for the next 2 or 3 years, you know? And eventually if you write it well enough, then you launch someone’s career and you can knock on their door and say, “I need you to help me fund these programs for kids.”

Rafa: “It takes a village.”

Lemon: “Yes, Sir.”

YouTube or YouNow?

Hi everyone, Mod Tobias speaking. 

The other mods and I considered possibly starting a YouTube station or doing YouNow broadcasts. We’re still discussing whether we feel comfortable doing this at all, but we wanted to have your input. 

1. Are you interested in transadvicegroup having a YouTube or YouNow account?

2. Would you watch the videos or interact with the livecasts?

3. If so, which would you prefer? 

Please reblog with your preference. You can just add onto this post; it makes it easier for us to tally. Thank you. :)

Q’s for our LIVECASTING A’s!

We’re going live on Mixlr in just a few.  Tune in and chat with us or send us q’s here to the inbox!

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Hey Sticky i'm having the worst day ever can you rec me some sterek or hobrien fluff/crack? :( Thank u babe <3

We’re gonna be doing a livecast in a few!  So stay tuned for that!  Also, I just wrote one where Derek and Stiles have sentient cocks!  So… that might help?


Feel better, bb!