Liveblogging the train, or 2

So, after standing in line for half an hour and not getting any closer to the ticket counter, they called that there was a new line and I vaulted the barrier to get my ticket! It wasn’t all that epic, but I feel Quidditch skills were used and it pissed off the less agile line waiters.

Then after buying a truly horrible coffee (seriously it tastes more like hot soy sauce), I got on line to board the train. I was then pulled out of line to have my bags checked in case I was a terrorist (they found out I am not) and boarded the train.

Now that the train has arrived, watch as the humans lose all semblance of control.
It really is amazing, Johnny
Yes, observe the small girl with large bags. Now, because these humans live in the sweaty palm of America, they will not attempt to help the small girl.
Indeed, Robert, they actually push their way around her, even though she is at the very front of the line, scrapping their way to the train. Remarkable, really.
That it is, Johnny, that it is.

You know what’s actually so funny
I’m using so much caps lock and freaking out like holy fuck this most be the most eventful train ride ever? When in reality I’m just sitting here so quiet and tiny! None of these people even know there is a shitstorm of activity in my head~ in which I skip down the aisles screaming snarky things with a British accent at everyone
Oh wow, these people are really missing out

Have boarded the train
Earphones are already in my ears in case anyone makes the mistake I came here to talk~
after helping a woman get her bag on the luggage rack (haha yeah that’s right I AM the best) she asks if I need help
No, obviously. This bag goes on the seat next to me so no one tries to sit with me (I’m looking at you, creep city)
I know this plan will get scarpered when all the seats get taken up

Omg we’re already moving can this be???!
GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH the train is not full my solitude remains!