at anime midwest in mappa q&a

fan: did mappa set out to focus on the romance between yuuri and viktor?

studio mappa: yamamoto-kantoku wanted to focus on the coach-student relationship and develop theirs into smth romantic. that you are here filling this room and asking this question shows yamamoto-kantoku has done what she set out to do and its very satisfying as a studio to see that.

Hey y’all! It’s @mushroom-cookie-bears here. I opened up a new sideblog for liveblogging cartoons and anime!

Now, a disclaimer for those who are going to follow: when it comes to catching up on shows I’ve watched in the past, I have a tendency to watch the episodes out of order. If something like this would bother you, then I would suggest not following this blog, because I’m going to be doing it with the very first show on my To-Watch list.

Here is my To-Watch list, as it currently is.:

- My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic

- OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

- Wander Over Yonder (season 2)

- Bee and Puppycat

- Sailor Moon (original 1980s anime)

- Osumatsu-san (is that how it’s spelled?)

This list is subject to change at any point, and it is not arranged in the order that I will watch these shows. I also can’t confirm that I will get through these shows all that quickly. This is just a fun side project that I wanted to start to relieve some of my stress from schoolwork and art projects, not anything big.

The first episode that I will be liveblogging on this blog is an episode from Season 7 of My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic, “The Royal Problem”.