You think Duelist Kingdom rules are bullshit? No, let’s talk about Season 0 rules. You just make shit up. ATK and DEF points are a *suggestion*. If you can convince your opponent that you should win, you win.


How many times has Tuxedo Mask rescued her already?

I mean, it’s the 26th episode, shouldn’t they have developed past that already? For a show that’s supposed to be about girl power, it lacks a lot of it in change for a “damsel in distress” formula that’s repeated over and over.

I wonder how much time does she spend not fighting, being attacked by enemies, and just how many times over this whole show is she saved by a guy instead of fighting the enemy herself. If I cared enough/had so little of a life, I would make one of those “CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS FEMALE CHARACTER SPENDS 20 MINUTES ON THE FLOOR DURING THIS SHOW IF YOU GO BACK AND COUNT THE MINUTES, SECONDS AND MILISECONDS THAT EACH TIME ADDS UP?”.

I’m not saying I don’t care about Sailor Moon, I’m just saying I don’t care about my own dislike of this one aspect of this specific version to do that.