I shipped Levi and Hanji on accident, like I didn’t ever really think about it when I read the series the first time at all. I really only started because generally artists (at least on pixiv) who ship Eren and Mikasa put Levi and Hanji together and I got a bit more cute art of them than I was ever expecting. I still never thought much about it in canon, but there are moments like these between them that I love. (I also apologize because I consider Hanji a female; I always did before Isayama said there was no specific gender, so I mean no offense to people who disagree, but that’s just how I see it so I do refer to Hanji as female.)

Levi is never really great at talking or expressing himself, I think that proves itself time and time again. Even here the reason he is trying to explain is because Mikasa got upset what he was saying to Eren, but it’s still looking like its falling on deaf ears. Hanji is the one to step in and translate what he’s trying to say and it makes more sense haha Levi even thanks her for it because I think he knows he’s not the best at this kinda thing (even if he doesn’t want to admit it). That’s why I like them as a pair, because they complement each other and they understand each other in ways that I don’t think most do.